Is it just me or is it that everybody else like female human, butts?

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Is it just me, or does it seem, that every male corpuscle outside of a few of my Hazzard County brethren, love to look at the human female behind? While nice , I suppose and all and to every guy to each their own. The thought of what REALLY goes on back there, I’d rather play with their feet, toes, or hair. Same goes when its meal time at the Y café, your nose is only millimeters from her anus, where she does her feces movements. Yes women do poop. And for those who think it don’t smell atrocious, trust me when she poo’s it really is pee-ewe. Really more than the smells or ammonia, as in pee, more like, well, poop. So what’s the big fascination with a woman’s hind end? Now to canines, smelling behinds is a process to determine if the female canine is ripe for breeding. It’s called being in heat. There’s the slight scent of iodine or protein as in blood. Do women smell that way? Of all the times I been there ain’t never noticed, but, further butt research is required.

Well everybody was doing the Thanksgiving thing today, to the few of in my crew, that are hunting the forests of life solo, and thank you to the lazy bastards at SSA and such , as got my SSA check early as in this morning. There’s more due me, and of course PoohBear’s dues money, but Christmas is going to be tight. Sure we made great money, and if the cover girl thing works out so we can get more eyes on our shop, to where riders and rodders have us work on their rides and pay us to do so, we’ll be making more. Yet it’s going to be a long drawn out December. Ordered parts for Mini Wolf, so I can have a truck again. Mini Wolf, and its companion Silver Wolf, that I’m eyeing just west of the shop that’s for sale, and while I’m not much into anything Ford, that tiny Ranger looks good. Simply put I need another little work truck around here. It’s like lots of other things, you take em for granted whilest they is there, but wunts they’re gone, you sure miss em. Oh and yes I found out what’s gumming up Mini Wolf. Someone in two locations decided it would be a jolly bunch of fun to put sugar in his little fuel tank. Once at the Wentworth, and over in Wendell. Look if you have a problem with me, let’s fight it out, but don’t punish, a helpless little truck. It ain’t right little trucks are defenseless. Unlike Utah and Wyoming, in Idaho, I can open carry without a CWP, or restriction, meaning if you mess with my rides from now on, the question I will ask you is:

Our Code of ethics I seldom miss.

This messing with my rigs is just stupid. That happened in Wendell, Idaho. The Ingles family that lived next door to me, their kids were out farting around one day with a pellet gun. Well you can guess what happened to my front tire on Mini Wolf. That meant buying two new tires. Too bad my two pop guns were in the pawn shop, otherwise the Ingles family next to me might be a kid or two less than they have now. Church members and all that. Bullsbreath. Preach out of their mouths, blow smoke the rest of the week out of their ass.  See not all things nice and rosé comes out of female’s butts. Even with all of that , I forgive them, as Jesus said to our Father in Heaven, Forgive them father for they know not what they do. With that, its been one helluva ride. I now have a decent place to live and for once I am living. I have my shop. And in a month LexiBelle rebel LexiBelle will be back home here. The radio op, is getting there, but unlike I did in Wendell and Jerome, I’m in no big hurry. Its going to be done right, with new gear, as well as the right kinds of on air honeys, to host the music, and groove as you do your trucking and toewing moves. Putting REAL personality back into radio, even though it is Online radio. We don’t do a simple podcast we do online Radio, and there’s a heap amount of a difference. Wonder how much luck, I’d have in getting past the feet and toes with our interview go go girls Friday, and see if I can get a whiff of their behinds to report what it truly smells like, minus the dung smell. This is what kind of research we do, at Hazzard County –U-.

L8R T8Rs.

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