So wuz Up with all the radio media thing any way? And on auditions of models give me your size. One size don’t fit all.

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One of my Toew Bro brethren asked me earlier at dinner. Glad someone up north here in this freezing tundra knows how to cook Dixie style. Any mile they asked, with your aviation company and the towing company add to that the MC shop, why are you doing a radio station? Even if it is online? First ours goes beyond the simple podcast. We are but only one of two Interweb radio stations in the nation. The only other is in Ohio, in Cleveland . , but it goes beyond that. I realize and over the last two years its manifested itself quite strongly, that with my type two diabetes and all, and the reason, I have the near migraines I do, besides PoohBear, is my eye sight will leave me. What then? If I can’t drive to go towing, if I go blind wont be able to fly much less twist a wrench, how will I make extra cash plus serve the MC and all? At least with the radio gig, albeit by brail , I can at least be on Interweb style radio. The first time this kicked my butt was in Evanston Wyoming, at the Wentworth. Between Nikie, pissing and yapping about all the bad stuff I was doing in my apartment(what bad stuff?) the heat I was going through over both shops, and of course PoohBear, when she took off, after we had one of those knock down drag it out fights, I went down to fetch the title and all for Rick, for my old Cousin’s silver Chevy, and when I got back, I collapsed in the shower. At one second I was fine, the next minute I was waking up with my hand up to my wrist in the toilet, and the water just gushing. Fortunately Sydney showed up, didn’t bat an eye, lifted me out of that tub, put me on my bed, gave me 02, called the meatwagon, and stayed with me until they showed up. Then baby sat me for two days while I gained some strength. There was three things I could do, one sit on my chair watching the seagulls off my porch, two do radio, and three watch TV. Of that the radio thing gave me purpose once again. So at that point, I shifted my priorities to radio, towing and LexiBelle 2nd, and serving the Dixie Nation, 3. Mainly radio. So that is my main gig, second only to flying and eventually back into towing once I retrieve LexiBelle, once I resurrect her, from all the vandalism, and all she’s went through. I don’t fault, Rick any, but where she was stored all too many made off with too much of what made that truck her. Add to that the prick, who tried to steal it, and stripped the clutch and all its going to be yet another year before all of that in towing is going again. So I do radio in winter, fly dusting crops and all during the summer, and that’s how that flows until once again I can tow. But even then the fear of going blind is something I really fear. And its getting worse. My eyes are nearly always bloodshot, and I strain to see small type, and since the pricks who stored the radio gear and still have the majority of it, that gets fixed this next month, but still they munched my reading glasses. I can’t hardly read scripture any more. I had a big print version and the rest of our gospel, in Evanston, but that along with a lot of other things got wet then trashed cuz I couldn’t get back down to Etown to fetch it, since the Stratus was leaking so bad, looking back, when Sydney offered for me to go with her to Salt Lake City, and room with her there, I should have, but that’s a subject for another time, but this mess with Shelly would never have taken place, nor anything much Idaho. Although now its starting to heal. Things are going in the right direction and all, so that’s that on that.

Okay then: Hazzard County Gazzette Knytely News1On the subject of models and such. Look I’d like to not have to mess with that any more too, but to get more of you to tune into what we do online radio, since we are not yet over the air, I need to advertise. That means TV at least locally as well as in print and on select Cable/satellite TV networks. Granted a simple ad might work, but if your spending $4k a month plus on ads, you best have something to look at for those that might be keen on what we do on air. Same goes for in studio. The list of video projects in the works for the next 24 months is rather lengthy, but it involves much female honeys in front of the camera. When it comes to threads for those models its like buying parts for a rig or car. You need the Year, Make and model(no pun intended) of what your buying the part or parts for. These days, you can buy just about everything online. No more having to spend hours at the mall  going from store to store, finding the right get up. That is if you have her sizes, that means everything darn near from pantyhose to g-string and all in between. Yes the toew smooch is important, but if your shooting a feature on a custom shovelhead, a gal in really tight leather pants, boots, and halter does wonders. Same goes for jeans if your doing up a feature of a Kenworth or other big truck. But you need to know what her size is, and have a basic idea of what she really will look like. Hence the initial meet and greet, basic interview. Sure she might look great in Yoga spanx, but that don’t mean her hind end is going to have that rodeo cowgirl Wrangler Jeans e34235ce5651c83e4bc75395e8872bd5Butt2butt. It takes a great dairyayre to fit in Wrangler Jeans. That said you had better have all your things together, once the videographer, shows up. At minimum your paying $200.00 an hour for your model, then another $300.00 an hour for the videographer, That can be as much as $5k, or as little half that, if your model and videographer get their thing together. That requires a heap amount of rehearsal , and mapping things out. And now that I’m laying out $800.00 a month for a shop, the dang thing is going to pay. Not just cost. That means getting the word about it as well as HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio. Any mile, that’s that. But I want to quickly roll back and go over a time that the rehearsals and all didn’t take place, where the model couldn’t read her script, much less read period, and where the threads did not go with what we were doing. That in my next entry here, but let me just get ya’ll wet with this; snow boots, over cotton socks, over nylons, really dew pee-ewe. Try that for a 9 hour session that should have taken only 3 maybe 4 hours.

L8R T8Rs.

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