A new year, new horizons, and still the only radio on any station in the nation for those of us trying to make a buck owning and driving a tow truck.

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As they say, another day another carrot. Seems as though I stirred up a nest, by commenting on a rig I saw several times in some magazines as well as on FB. The colors are right for all we rather I plan on, for Cooter’s Toewing, and of course LexiBelle. See my LexiBelleLexiBelle LexiBelle todaymeans more to me than all the treasures of Averase. She is what I started with and with a blessing this past week right where I started going towing, full time. With that lets ratchetjaw about, KTOW. When KTOW was conceived it was not even to be a station of sorts, we started work on producing a weekly program on towing and our industry. But since it was a bit wyld, we billed it as:toew tag 2 with Peggy, shortly after we got requests for those in heavy rescue recovery. So we created a overnight show, called Heavy Hooker Radio, all about Heavy Rescue towing. With that it gave birth to Dixie Diesel Radio, that became : Maxo Wyngz Inverted 2 then switched back in a combination of Dixie Diesel Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio. All with keeping focus on the issues and concerns of towing and us behind the wheel of a tow truck, regardless of size or class. But it was only to be a syndicated show sent to other radio stations. Nobody wanted it much and the few that did, used it as filler programming. We said enough. So we created, applied for and got license to KTOW FM 105.7, based out of Buhl Idaho, 15 miles west of where I reside now. In 2009 we suffered a great loss in our accounting department of the Hazzard County Toewing Association. As such we were evicted from a studio location in Gooding Idaho. Along with countless pieces of equipment. Then as now we rebuilt. In 2011 I was turned onto Webcasting. Now understand most people especially then did not have a full understanding of a online radio station, much less a network. Few website builders and all, had no idea. Then in 2012 I stumbled on a outfit that helped construct to a degree, what is now one of our core networks HazzardAyre Radio. All things Hazzard County-aka- Confederate heritage and all, combined with vintage military aviation enthusiasts programming. All along its been at its very soul, KTOW is thee, station as we say, The only Station in the nation on radio for those of us who tow. And that’s a fact. But then p to us, nobody ever thoughted we’d get this strong, and our critics didn’t think so either. Who cares about towing and tow trucks? For the average peep, out there a tow truck is like a bit of medicine that you don’t want, but need to live. For us in this business something a bit more in-depth was required. Guys and gals who drove tow trucks were greasy, unkempt and dreaded. The industry was crowded by con people in rigs shaking down people to rip off their rides. In 1984, in Idaho a conference was held at the Twin Falls, PD, with of all people the main legal services director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, aka, Idaho State Police. In that Jay V Bates, from Rigby was there. We met, he welcomed somebody from the industry to get involved in penning what is known as the Idaho Vehicle Lien Law, which elevated the professional standards for the towing industry of Idaho. The law was authored in part, by myself and a sub committee of the Hazzard County Towing Association, The Idaho Towing Professionals Association, and written by Jay V Bates Esq. This made as set forth tow trucks as limited authorized Emergency vehicles, and us as owner drivers, first responders with limited enforcement authorization. This gave us the ability to use emergency turn around on the Interstate, but more over clear vehicles that were impounded out of our storage yards. It meant if someone, didn’t pay and claim through legal process, their vehicle after 3 certified letters in a 120 time frame, we could scrap the vehicle for metal and parts. We couldn’t sell the vehicle whole, but at least we could make up for lost investment of time and expense. KTOW was instrumental in carving out this understanding and uniting tow pros from all over Idaho. Followed by Utah, and then finally Wyoming. KTOW is not really the new kid on radio on the air or on the block. We have been through the ringer, we stumble, we learn. Women in the studio was a result of tuning into an old syndicated show called the Interstate Trucker Radio Network. It was satellite fed to radio stations overnight from coast to coast. They had 4 honeys in studio. One working Interstate traffic reports, nationwide, one working trucking news, One working nationwide trucker weather, and one with the main guy in studio, acting as a sidekick. I thought, shit this could work for us. Of course in time although I knew of him, never really gave him any thought, but caught his movie Private Parts, aka Howard Stern’s story. It grabbed me in several ways. It was a rebel no bull radio, coupled with a uninhibited co anchor Robin Quivers. I thought again, throw out the politically correct standards of radio, enter in a as Bo & Luke Duke said it in the theme song to the Dukes-of-Hazzard, fight the system. The system is broken, dang it fix it. So we started doing that. Today from HazzardAyre Radio, to Heavy Rescue Radio and this new show, Heavy Rescue Phootenotes we have made a serious disruption in broadcasting. As far as PhooteNotes is concerned.

I first snagged a copy of PhooteNotes in Blackfoot Idaho, from a fellow toewer, now a Toew Bro, there. This was a great little read. It was funny, told going towing fictional stories, and informed us all about regs and such. More on this, in the morning. Need sleep.

L8R fellow hookers and Haulers.

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