Bewitching the twitching.

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Went to bed and as sleep had just about started, from under the blanket I farted, so I woke up and here I am waiting for the essence to be departed.

First of all I’m pissed, Was barking at that dillweed, that’s holding the rest of our radio gear, and up came this URGENT message from Plenty of Fish. The bastards were deported to Canada, for fraud, and why me now I have no idea. Fortunately my bank snagged it, and stopped the transaction, but now my card is frozen. Meaning no eating until early morning when I can unfreeze the card. The lady at the credit card monitoring station wasn’t too nice either. Especially, when I explained that I had trucks needing fuel, out away on long haul transport, and that not only would they have no fuel, but no heat either. Not to mention, but I will, I starve. Bullsbreath. Might be time to finally change banks. Given the fact that the chances of me EVER returning except to fetch LexiBelle, to Evanston Wyoming is extremely remote. The only major economic impact thing going on there is a immigration, deportee holding station. What Evanston has a immigration problem? Heck not even the entire area of Uinta County has a immigration problem. Mostly Native Americans, but not Hispanics. It just don’t number any amount that’s that big. Any mile, so looked over my emails and FB, which has little anymore as far as any serious news. And Heaven forbid you place a article up there from another source. You can put it up on Facebook, as a newsfeed post, or one at a time to a associate or friend, but not via PM. So flipped a cookie, and asked the few on a tow driver owner, page, group, had any of them ever seen or remember the publication PhooteNotes? Yes that’s where we got it from. Only we expanded it. As I was exiting the InterWeb, I posted a question to Google search. As I am curious, and many of you other male corpuscles, on such things, but I asked; what does, a woman’s hootchie smell like, after wearing tight leather pants? Does it smell raunchy? Or something else? No real answer. The only reference I have to this is a gal, named Denine Phile, who worked for us for a short time in Tooele Utah. She’d wear those kinds of threads, so I asked one day just what does IT smell like after she wore those leather britches? He response was surprising, as she unbuttoned and said to me, “ Take a sniff”. It was kind like smelling an old leather work glove. The thing with all these leggings and all so tight you can nearly see her, redlipslike one I saw down in Evanston once coming out of Smith’s Foods there. Since this style along with everything trying to be substitutes for pantyhose and such, are there deodorizers , for the goldto make them smell not foul? If not should there be? More research needs to be done regarding this at Hazzard County U, but suffice to say, 77071353_2435042960087147_3822208726626992128_nwhich is why I’ve always said having a lady on air in studio, co-anchoring our gigs, would be great, then you could really ask a lady, wuz up with that? Nothing like asking the gift Blue Mule 2imagesand not feel like a mule’s arRRKqN which with such questions I always seem to feel like that. Of course at those times I just want to say, “ images (1)“ .

Any myle got a few auditions showing at 11:00 hours(we see) so need to hit the rack, but does female butt, cute lil buttstink, after wearing tight britches, 346e7752e6bd842ab0c72f54820047b1? Let you know this afternoon. More on KTOWFM as well.

L8R T8rs.

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