There’s always at least one Jackass in every group.

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There’s always at least one Jackass imagesin a group, on Facebook. So many are yapping about how bad life is, or finding fault in too many things. Just slow down and enjoy, why pester someone? Of course its not just anyone, its some buttwipe from Mountain Home. That always seems to creep up and bite my butt. I spent one helluva lot of money in Mountain Home, as well as Goon’s Ferry. I didn’t bother anyone, except some young seatcover on a frigging pogo stick, that’d keep me awake during the day when I tried to sleep in amongst flying ants, two dang dogs that barked all the time upstairs. Oh and that girl? Well talk about being frigging rude. As it was, that same young one, was out bouncing on that damn pogo stick, I was out enjoying the sunset, and planning on helping a badly need of improvement airport. Okay so yea, I snitched on some idiotic city council member who was storing his lawn and garden equipment in a round house, from railroad days, that he wasn’t paying nobody rent for. Then came that fateful day, when between finding a new place to live since the landlord got foreclosed on by the bank for. I had a helluv cold, so was checking out a bottle of cold meds, phone rang on a house in Boise I was looking at, so walked out to use the phone not thinking. Got popped for shoplifting. Me? After spending much money in that store? The lies and such, that’s why I drive right past both going to Boise. I would rather die than ever setting foot again in either Goon’s Ferry or Mountain Home ever. Oh and that $4k, that I gave the city to help upgrade the towns Cable access channel, through the Knytes? Never has been repaid. Then this jerk was yapping about my involvement in towing. Excuse me? Been at it for near 46 years now, in fact Highway Hooker Toewing has been hooking Idaho, for near that long, and is but one of 5 still family single owner same owner towing companies in Idaho. Period. What an idiot. But like I said, there’s always at least one imagesin every group on FB, plus as far as I’m concerned the guy can just; images (1).

Finally got the card problem fixed and refunds to a heap amount of things, still waiting on some software, from some mickey mouse, software company , Going to call em come Monday to get that back. As far as the radio studio, since I didn’t take it apart, some offspring of Kathleen’s did it, so now I’m trying to figure out how the desk went back together. Then its locate everything that was on ole Bessie, and install on the new one. Should be up fully by mid March, in the meanwhile its court on the old equipment still being held as a slave by the jerx that I rented that bad shop from. We’ll get there. Was going over to the new shop, Friday, but when it snows I got to go tow.

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L8R Hookers & Haulers.

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