Things many forget, especially that I’m married.

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Every day whilest cruising over social media, and such I see a lot of and befriend many a lady on there. Some thing I’m attempting a otherwise romantic get together. So if I greet someone say a good morning they run off. So lets be frank and clear here. The first big reason I’m not looking for a mating here. In fact if truth be known and it should be and is by many who have read this and all my blog posts for the last 4 years knows, I’m very intently and happily married. I love my Shelly aka PoohBear more than life itself. The only two things I love more is first Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, the second is my tow truck LexiBelle. Then enters my PoohBear. The only reasons she is still in Florida and not here, is, she’s dealing with a mother who is near death, and until she joins the Church and we get married in the Temple, yes I’m Mormon and happy to be so, and the gospel says we can’t live together until marriage. Which I’m going to do. I have married three other times outside of that gospel teaching and have paid dearly for it. But the fat is I’m with someone, and will not be detoured by or with anyone else. Yes I befriend many a lady on FB, and other social media, mainly looking for candidates for our modeling/talent crews, but outside of that I’m friendly and kind to all women, I see and greet on the street, but not wanting to meet to mate.

Slept really great last night, although the Filet o Fish I had last night didn’t settle very good, disturbed by some guy trying to fix a miss match at McDonalds. apparently due to some homeless woman, trying to find a shack up. I have been near homeless, and only by the Grace and love of our savior I’m not, it got right down to it prior to me finding this oasis here in Twin Falls, and the kindness of the folks who own it, renting to me without a need to see my financial pedigree. So I thought of reaching out to that lady last night saying she could snooze at my place until she could find something elsewhere. But then I thought , PoohBear would have a fit and I’d be violating that trust PoohBear has in me, not to do such things, so I didn’t.

Tried to catch some TV last night as well. Caught a short of Total Custom, on Motor Trend TV, but got bored quickly. That’s when I headed to McDonalds. Was going to have them deliver it, guess what? Could not find the take out number to the McDonalds just down the road apiece.

In any case, to Lissa and all the rest, just know that I befriend you on FB its for business, and business only. I’m happily involved with my PoohBear. Not looking for love or romance anywhere else or with anyone else.

Church time.

Catch ya’ll later.

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