Why do I get all these friend suggestions on FB?

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Why the heck do I get all these friend suggestions on FB? Don’t anyone who even invites or accepts a friend request read a person’s profile and see that a person is involved (in my case very involved) with someone else? I like being friends with folks of both genders, guys sometimes, women most of the time. The Women, I befriend in hopes of hiring them for the media werx around here. The guys only if they ride, fly or tow. Anyone else, I just wont. Even still does anyone even read anything anymore? Most youth can’t even read. Only if its on their phone, and even then it’s a best guess for most of them? I seldom get a friend invite from Church members, although, I see them on Sunday, (story on that in a few clicks) but during the week you or rather I don’t hear, see, or anything at all from my fellow Church sisters or brethren. The members of the Club except for one, never looks at or has anything to do with facebook. They chat with me and send info, on both Yahoo, and Lycos. Most of our online business comes from Google my Business, not from any facebook ad.  Yea I’m on fb, but since PoohBear canned fb after being abused on there, my involvement except some off handed pages and OUR groups, when it comes to facebook, I’d rather not. Facebook has lost most of its credibility, honesty, and reputation. Facebook has become the Wal-Mart of the Internet or at least social media. Low income, and mostly no brain or underwage people. I do not go there.

Well yesterday, was Testimony meeting. Of all of them, two stood out. The little String, girl in Primary class age, stood up, and her voice was not only clear but projected and her ratchetjawing was intelligent and to the point. Then another gal popped up, and said hers. I’ll eventually do that but I need to feel a bit more comfortable in a Ward first. But that’s not all. In Sunday School, one of the gals who spoke in Testimony meeting, saw that I was struggling trying to read over a shoulder at scripture(yes one of those things swiped by the jerx at that other shop place.) so she sat next to me and didn’t hesitate one second, moved closer and shared. We had a nice conversation, and looks like she might come aboard the Media werx division as we get it better. I even joined the choir here in this Ward. In short, yes this is where I need to be. My question here is this, although there are exceptions, and some in Wendell and surrounding area know who they are, but why is it that folks especially those I befriend on FB can’t be as transparent and honest as the peoples I meet at Church? Or for that matter, the brethren of the Knytes?

There is a heap amount of education that needs to be done concerning the CNP, and our unit of Confederate studies here, in Idaho. How we do that and all on our blog, next entry or two.

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