I hate doing anything half ass’d, from the What We See Department.

What we See

So I did exactly what I said I’d do. If the hussies on FB and elsewhere don’t want our job openings, fine we’ll go through out of area and out of state agencies. Pee on em. Damn teasing broads anyway. I don’t care any more!!

Even the few that do respond get freaked if ya’ll need to interact with em, in anyway or rehearse some video idea. Nope they think it’s a porn thing, and nothing else. I’m tired of it. Like I repeat every blooming time. If I need to get laid that bad, in good weather, I can haul my buns to Wells, Nevada and get-r-done and have the fun, without all the dang drama.

Us in Towing see things differently I suppose. We are all too real, especially those of us who have Confederate grey blood running in our veins. Little amazes us, as we see the blunt forced trauma, of blood and guts, and people who are completely nuts on a daily if not hourly basis. So when disappointments come its no big thing. I just shrug my shoulders and think, hey its no dew off my butt, and go about life. Maybe its PoohBear that keeps me straight on things, and or The MC, or both and certainly going to Church keeps my head, much less my nose out of some woman’s crotch. Thing is I just don’t care. If we as an organization and my crew if we need models for ads for my company, calls to TMG in Salt Lake City, and Vickie will provide. Trying to recruit visual aids from stop and go stores and/or Denny’s and the like is just a dead end. Look, Twin Falls Idaho, has tons of potential talent. Thing is all too many have heard of Ted Bundy schemes and or are too stuck up, to try such a gig, so they back away. In so doing what happens is we get a bad reputation, and so does the company. Every Body suggests, few go through and throughput is a sever no show, no go deal. So I’m done with that. If potential talent wants on our dream team, then hey they can find one of us, not the other way around.

I gotta share this with ya’ll. Yesterday at Church and its related to the topic, just a bit of a detour to get there. Yesterday at Church, there was of course being the 1st Sunday of the month its Testimony meeting. I nearly got up myself but I gotta feel a little more secure in this Ward first, which is what I’m starting to do. Any mile, My Elders quorum President’s daughter I think she’s about to do the Young women’s thing, of our denomination, she’s about 12 or so. Any mile, she has the strongest female authoritive voice I have ever heard. She got up and spoke and there was no boo whoo, nor that is was straight forward, direct to the point. She is a smart cookie and I’ll tell you this, give her about 5 years or so, and her Dad will have to fend off the boyfriends with a shotgun. Yea she’s going to be that good looking. Besides that her Father is thinking of allowing her to be part of our media werx. Now then; another much older, with a few extra pounds gets up. What that lady and I will call her a lady as she really is one, got up. Again very clear voice, but more over she’s kind. We were in Sunday School class and because that buttwipe threw away my bible(can you imagine that?) So I’m trying to look over shoulders to follow along, and yet here was this lady, she sits next to me, and we shared her bible. It was a sweet moment for sure, so I invited her to become part of our Hazzard County movement on air and TV. She’s into it, at least part time, as she’s a marketing agent for some other local op, here in Twin Falls. Slow but sure, there are others getting into the thrust of what we are building here. The valley truly needs a reliable news and entertainment resource via media. KTOW FM and HazzardAyre Radio, may just be and I think it just may well be, THAT resource. Reason? Being LIVE 24/7/365, which others in both radio don’t do here. Most went Computer or digital or voicetrack from elsewhere. I also know that two out of the three TV stations here essentially do that. While Bri Eggers and all from CH-7 in Boise and CH-6 in Boise video-Track into Twin Falls, all they really have here is sales offices. With no real active newscasters here. We want to change that. While KMVT and such can’t buy us off like they did with two others, and they bumped us out of the way when FoX went up for sale here. We were within a bank and our signature, from that buy. Any mile establishing a new TV station. Now with everything going digital, and streaming TV why not use that platform, as our delivery path? BUT do it LIVE , not recorded or such like many do. As it sits, there is us and one other radio op, that’s strictly online. Which means we are a on demand always on station, except for the past year, we haven’t been online, due to facilities not available and a crooked two landlords(there ought to be some State oversight, agency on landlords in Idaho.) Any mile, we are slowly building back up. But rather than get in a big rush, I’m taking our time. I want all together first from sales to on air, before I switch on anything. The mere $120.00 a month that I pay our hosting outfit, and the $250.00 a year for the Website and all is chicken feed. I’d rather waste that money, and stay operational, rather than go broke trying to force a horse to drink water so-to-speak. Like I said I hate to do anything half a-jackass mule.

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