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What’s good is that the Southern Dixie movement is gaining momentum. However it seems that many are jumping on the hype rather than the meaning. The spirits of Dixie are on the rise for sure, but our image is not as expanded as it should be. Every big bang that is seen in the Dixie movement seems to be one image of one flag, although there were 6 that is Confederate. The focus is always on the ground front line soldiers. Not taking away from them as that is honor, still there should be included the rest of the Confederacy militia. Such as the Confederate Navy, and the Confederate Marine Corps. Yet despite all efforts those sections are omitted from many discussions of Confederate conquests and military actions, including the war of Northern invasion and suppression. Even CSA President Jefferson Davis was a graduate of The Confederate States Naval Academy. Yet little is written about that branch of Confederate Military. How do I fit in? Simple, my family on my Dad’s side, settled and aided in the establishment of the territory now a major city of 200,000 and capitol of the state of Alabama, that is Montgomery Alabama. So am I a Confederate Son? You be the judge.

With all that said, there needs to be strict and yet aggressive education, both publicly as well as in schools, of what REALLY was the cause of that conflict in American history, not the hype, or wrong conclusions.

Southern Xposure is not about ripping someone’s clothes off, or a exotic bar in Utah. The real Southern Xposure, is about exposing more about Southern culture, traditions and heritage.

Being reverent to symbols that should not be. Such as making clothes out of our Dixie Battle Flag, BLASPHEME< this is just wrong. Some folks when it comes to politics and such especially a progressive business or enterprise, call themselves disruptors. We’d rather be termed Perverts of Southern Culture. If one looks up the word Pervert, is a dictionary, The word really means anyone who through perversion of change of the natural order of something, in our case fighting a system of government, ideals and wrong observations of our Southern ways. Perversion, or Pervert, has little to nothing to do with sexual anything. Yet it is used to describe such. Being a rebel, short of rebellious or Rebellion of something means to be a pervert of that concept. In this case a Government in Washington DC, not even a State of the USA, just a territory, in reality of the USA. But people who sit under a golden dome, on a hill, making laws and suppressing peoples rights, suppressing peoples spirits. We are no longer as free as it would appear. This needs to be corrected. That too is what we as members of the Knytes-of-Dixie, and the Hazzard County Knytes, are all about at the core. To realistically create Anarchy, to bring order to a society that needs to be diverted to more individual rights and freedoms rather than being forced into things, by a mandated order.

Many people, combine the words Liberty and Freedom together as equal terms. They are not. And should not be equated as such. I heard a lecture at a SOCV meeting some years back, that described that. It was aired on on one of their educational series . WE WILL AIR THAT ON HazzardAyre Radio in December. Our goal as in part and one of the cores of HazzardAyre Radio, is to mirror Dixie, Only do it with a bit of extra horsepower. With all that is going on, in Government, which includes such concepts as law enforcement agencies, not doing LAW-ENFORCEMENT out of fear of being litigated against. Southern Xposure will be here to cover Confederate News and Views. HazzardAyre Radio will be the continued powerhouse of radical, rebel, and yes even perverted online radio, of southern culture.

Good Night Hazzard County.

L8R Taters,

me 6Good Night Hazzard County unit 2

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