Just READ THE BLOOMING thing, Good Day Hazzard County & WolfPack

Great Day Hazzard County1Good Day Wolf Pack

Good Day my Mighty WolfPack. Woke up tweaked on the super machines and saw a ? in front of another one of the raw talent applicants. Really? Don’t these ladies read the dang copy, rather than just look at the pictures? Has technology killed and kind of common sense? Like last night, and yesterday went through this wait to see thing for a talent to show, yet, got the usual, I didn’t understand, thanks for considering me but I’ll pass , thing. Why? In one of her questions she asked is it strictly the toew smooch and or leggy thing? I said yes but our scope is not just limited to that. Sure if your going to do ANYTHING directly related or even indirectly related to things Southern Kountry, Hazzard County, your going to use anything that has legs in nylons to enhance that. But that’s not just it. No mention or questions about biker leather, tight cowgirl, Wrangler Jeans, hey this is important, there are just certain butts that fit hot in a pair of Wrangler Cowgirl jeans. Consider Kountry singer Trace Adkins, Badonka Donk song. As Bro once set the standard, anything more than a handful of cheek on either cheek, is too much. That fanny best be tight, taught, and smooth.  If your going to do old style photos and videos with the older style pinups that graced many of an aircrafts body, it had better be curvy, and sweet. I always get the question, why here? I ask em , why not hear? This valley is full of great eye candy talent of all ages, not just the slightly after teen to early 30’s demo, but even the 50 to 65 demo, heck just look at me. Have you ever saw any better example of the finest UCSMC Combat pilot photo example than I? cooterand I’m sure there are many fine examples of feminine eye candy my age, that have the leggy small toes look just as much as the after teen to early 30’s age bracket.

But we live in a different era. We as a squadron were auditioning talent, back in the late 1970’s early 80’s. Even before our days with Hazzard County. Back then we were hunting the next set of stars to be HeeHaw download6e8d0318028f31d54adcffeba430b2aeHoneys, which as Daisy was, all leggy, network protocol said nylons no bare legged sweethearts. Look its not like I’m indulging a stocking fetish, its networks that say do it this way. But never fear, as we as of the 1st of the year going to be working with a honey out of Sun Valley, and her agency. That means I can dedicate myself to my business, and not be taking time away from that for eye scanning leggy ladies in hopes they will show for a video shoot.

No word on PoohBear, her Aunt sent cash, but still I’m very concerned as to My PoohBear’s condition. Yea, Merry dang Christmas again this year.

L8R Aviators.



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