Some things are further away than they may appear.

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Ever get the feeling, your doing all the right things, just in the wrong place?

Ever since I plunked back down here in the Tragic Valley, this honey pinup talent search stuff has perplexed me, frustrated me and just plain pissd me off. Out of at least 100 people I have talked to on it, has only two, maybe three took it seriously. One bugged out because of PoohBear, the other cuz she went to prison,(if she’d have just worked for us, that’d never have happened.) and the last one because I had to relocate from Burley back over here to Tweaker Flatts.

As much as many would like to think that this area and this town has advanced in reality, it still is a medium sized farm town with a ton of bassackward restrictions on forward thinking ideas. Let’s face it, unless your staging, and you better damn well have a woman in charge of it, or fronting it, but unless your interviewing for a rodeo queen , better forget casting anything , for anything here. I know I howled the same thing, in Evanston, except. There at least we got more than a few nibbles, on the hook, that really showed, and tried. Of course and this was a smack in that towns face, when Cody, a radio peep, from Arizona, relocated in whole all the way from Phoenix, all the way to Etown, just to make our gig grow. Should have held onto her. There’s two maybe three more in the holding pattern to interview, but unless one of or any of them produce fruit, I’m done. Just hand it over to TMG and forget it. Just like one from the Burley area that inquired. Where the hell was she when we were casting there in August and September?  It just don’t get better, so why fret? I’m not waiting. In fact I’d be lying if I said as far as our media werx, looking for a home for it in Metro Utah somewhere. There are resources there for this sort of thing. Boise has but only a few and they are not true agencies. Many are either schools or fronts for escort services. Few of them ever really get cast in much of anything.  Of course if you do a Google Search, for agencies in and around my area, you get listings from offices for agencies located in either Salt Lake City or Denver. Magic Valley, the Sun Valley area and even on a limited scale Boise, do not have true modeling/talent agencies, yet the state is full of talent. Seems a shame. As for me I’m nearly done with it.

My sweet honey, PoohBear, named after Winnie the Pooh, Winnie_Poohis in the hospital in St. Petersburg Florida. She is undergoing surgery and treatment of brain clots caused by tumors. Maybe that’s why she’s so bitchy. Any mile here I sit stewing over that, stuck here for many reasons, weather, can’t fly in this weather, two , finances, it takes a lot of av fuel to fly down there. and three between organizing the shop, the radio/TV gig, including this casting crap.

Utah just might be the sunshine I’m looking for.

Stay tuned.


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