The Wonders of Nature.

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Was perusing my FB feed again, and saw Bri Eggers had posted a grand photo of an even grander sunset. Some day, some way I might get to meet Mrs. Eggers, but for now I’m content. Of course I could hurry that meeting up, by getting off my butt and cruising to Boise, but just to meet her is a bit too much $’s spent for minimum return.

When it comes to sunsets, I have seen many from the seat of an aircraft cockpit. But none as stupendous, as one I saw about a year and a half ago. I was sitting on my tiny stool in Wendell Idaho, and the sky had turned to a fire deep burned orange. The clouds were reflecting the sunset and it was awe inspiring. My tiny camera on my older LG phone caught most of it, but I could not figure out how to, then, upload it. This is why I love trucking, riding a bike, and mostly flying. What your windshield and limited view on the ground, gives you is no match for the view I get at 20,000 feet, plus. Once above cloud ceiling, it’s a whole new scene to comprehend. Getting my pilots license at age 13, even when I wanted to give up, my Dad kept pushing me. Got me enrolled in the Junior CAP, program here in Twin Falls. But even before that, living just outside the rear gate of HAFB Utah, going on base with dad on the weekends, and getting to spend time in albeit primitive today, still those simulators, were a blast. Climbing up that long ladder to the control tower and watching and learning. Aviation was , is and forever will be part of my life. But there are those hours and days, when Nature gets mad and snows and its TOO cold to fly. So to make ends meet, its Radio, and Toewing. In all cases I’m blessed. Want to see wonderful sunsets? Learn to Fly.

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KnyteWolf KnyteCyde Mysteries Part 1

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In the spirit of the year and all, and because I’m old enough to remember these kinds of things, not a curse, but a gift, with the ideas of 3000x3000_14248914dae2540589f779e3e9cfe8c9007df558 when your radio on the table was your entertainment source, rather than the mundane TV as it is now, we Present: The KnyteCyde Mysteries. Cool for an opening huh? So was cruising over my fakebook pages and newsfeed which is less news and more breed feed or attempted breed feed, I saw this little cup of sugar that’s been teasing me for at least a year and a half who lives in Buhl, at some Stop & Go type store there. She first came into my view and the visions of the WolfPack when we doing our talent searches from Wendell for the Network, This honey pops up. Yet for some odd unknown reason, plus at the time, not as it is now PoohBear weren’t too keen on the idea of this Krista. Today it’s a whole new ball game. I’m for the most part healing from that disaster, plus the , I couldn’t take a crap without PoohBear being there with the buttwipe, and looking once some smoke is cleared on legalities, punching this radio beast into warp drive. Which is going to take a ton and a half of a tractor trailer load of serious work, if we are to make our sign on date in March next year. That means TV ads, both locally as well as across the nation, every gear head, motornut, that tunes into both MotorTrend and/or PowerNation on NBC will be seeing our ads for all things HazzardAyre and of course KnyteWolf/AyreWolf Radio. But that’s only the nipple at the top of the teat. We have been given a yellow/green light to develop two TV shows. One on Military Warbird Aircraft,  as in reconstruction restoration of same, including helicopters. Then of course our version of a medium to heavy truck repurposing show where we feature really rebuilding custom trucks and not just consumer light trucks. Of course that will be part of our Southern Steele legacy. We introduced that idea in 2003, and have built it silently since then. Southern Xposure is a heritage/ historical Confederate everything Southern TV show that will hit the History Channel, shortly after the elections in the fall of 2020. All of which will require us to have the hottest hotties in front of the camera introducing the various segments. And if All Girls Garage, Overhaulin and such can have hotties that can work a wrench why not us? And that’s what we are casting for.

Now here is a big he and or a he to she question. Why is it that sooo many really knock down drag it in the mud super foxes that cruise FB, honor a friendship request, yet will hardly if ever say good morning? In my view If your not going to extend the hand of friendship, don’t say or accept a friendship request. Course I’m a guy, and from some of the comments I see on the pantyhose and other pages I glean camera ideas from, the guys are always saying things that would make any and I mean ANY super fox run. Thing is too, the models on those pages and in those groups, have no idea their being featured. Most of those photos are being swiped from porn sites and the pages and groups are usually, not always, but usually are created by some horny idiotic male corpuscle praying to get lucky. Why look at some of these photos and get all mushy over someone you in all likelihood will never score with or even meet. I’d rather take my chances on the who’s and who’s not in my own area, that way I know them, not just want to know them, dig what I’m saying? Or if I’m zeroing in on someone that could be a mate for me, I’ll take my chances on the honeys at Church, while there’s not many singlet’s there , there are a few, even a few that could be great eye candy on TV, two of which I have interested. Then there’s these honeys sending me inquiries on our TV Model gig ting we got going on our FB Page for Southern Xposure. They send me their name, but no photo, no contact information, nor do they take the time to drift over here to the Wolf’s Den to sit and chat to be pre screened. Nope, Which is why I don’t pay, or Boost ads any more on FB. Somebody really needs to create a serious talent agency. I’d do it, but it would look like in reality this big bad canine ready to consume Little Red Riding Hood. I need a sweet looking honey to front such an endeavor . Which is one of many things I’m trying to pitch to that Krista in Buhl. Now to top this off , even if, prey tell, by a miracle of the hidden spirits, I did get lucky to do more than smooch a toe, etc, it’d be damn near impossible. As of yet have not been able to replace my bed. See when everything fell apart in Jerome a year ago this month and I moved into the Old Towne for a needed roof over my head, I left my bed that the Ward in Wyoming bought me. All because of one feminazi, from Florida, that by baby steps am creating distances from, as that is the common denominator to a heap amount of the junk I have been through. Had Shell, not been in the pic, Athea Marie and I could have put a lot more of a something together, and that’s the short list. Then there was that Theresa down Hollister way. $200.00 a month all everything paid, and possibly some chemistry there. Nope Shell threw a fit. Then I tried with Tinisha, over in Burley, that went to a dead end. The only way I can push back from that Shelly table quickly is for some sweet honey, with a solid income , that combined could build the bridge. Until then its slowly backing away from that Shell, disaster. Any volunteers want to hold my hand? More this afternoon.

L8R Taters, and Aviators.

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You don’t need or have to look trashy or slutty to look sensuous . At least on camera or stage.

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Little, by little, inquiries are oozing into both our site and one of our FakeBook pages. Although as of yet, I haven’t seen photograph’s of any of them, nor had a phone number to call em back on to set an interview, but at least some college types are in need so why not? Now I have concluded that what most consider as a pinup, or feature pitch model, at least for a military aviation TV show that will be airing mid year on both MotorTrend as well as PowerNation, networks, as a need to over stimulate the testosterone flow of single male corpuscles watching the episodes. However I also am working to start a trend, to capture timeless true beauty, yet not over sex our photography and so on. You do not need to look like this, 74506617_770838756674556_3095448540147613696_nto look sensuous. Or attractive, the beauty pinups, many of which ended up painted by artists on aircraft of military style, looked more like this> 159072757_ella-pin-up-girl-marine-art-fridge-magnetor this>marine-robert-alvaradothat in real life easily lends itself to a look see like this>0f424dbf57800b877ea5b64f65c174a66be31f9bfc52d6fcc5e7c90a11ffa0b9 This is what we are trying to get accomplished, maybe we are just in the wrong place, doing the right thing, with some very stubborn ornery women people, that never made it to a rodeo queen contest.

Went to Church yesterday, and despite the misgivings I had prior to going, once there found it tweren’t too bad. In fact sat next to a fine philly that I think had on my style of leg coverings, Wanted to ask, decided Sunday school class twuzzn’t the the place to do so. Found I was getting some help on the computer malady , so might not yet, have to go put a 45 cal slug through the skull of Marci and/or Erik, to get the AC/MC’s stuff back.

TTYLY L8R Aviators.

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When FB gets a hard on for you, it really gets to be a mule. And Welcome to Heliport, Helicopter Supply Company.

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aYRE cOMBAT jOURNALWhen Facebook gets a hard on with your account, they can be a MULE or rather stubborn on allowing you much latitude in movement on their site. Course many of these website thingies anymore are like that. Even if you get something else, on one don’t expect much in the way of independence, from other tech outlets. Piss one off, your frowned on by many of the others. Remember; beit, WordPress, Facebook, or Google to name a few, they all eat and chat at that Oriental noodle place in mid town San Francisco. Any mile.

Went to Church, not a bad service, but the ice I think is beginning to thin out a bit. Whole different attitude this morning. I still have only one problem with our denominations services. Those dang crying babies and toddlers,. If me or my Step brother Steve had acted that way in Church our butts would be beet red by the time we went home. Granted 3 hour blocks were bad, so now they shortened them, but still, tell the dang kids, just shut the hell up I’m trying to hear the lesson. The members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, flies and mice all have one thing in common. They breed uncontrollably , course if you can’t smoke , drink, or party, gotta do something for fun. Mini vans and SUV’s were conjured up in the first place, to accommodate LDS families. I call em Mormon Troop Carriers. Any questions?

And finally , started work on our op, called Heliport, Helicopter Supply Company. Heliport, is a helicopter, All helicopter parts and accessories supply house to be built out by Joslin Field, aka the Twin Falls County Airport, Twin Falls Idaho.

Stay tuned.

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You must be pretty bawd if you get rejected by


Ya’ll know that you must be evil as can be when you get rejected by . Of course maybe they need to keep that 17 year old pitching their services for children and get out of the elderly ADULT care business. I was chatting with one my future associates down at the Maverick, last eve, before I came home and completely died. Which I’m not quite sure what they are doing, whether they are moving in, moving out, or going through a divorce. Who cares? Except when she and those rug varmints are not here, its not the thundering noises upstairs running across the ceiling keeping me awake. And my if they get out of line, she comes in and yells and you can’t help feeling bad for those kids. So My sweety down at Maverick, and I were talking, and as bad as it is; I as an individual, have never EVER forced myself on any lady, physically or any other way. While we screen for on air model talent, wish we could just secure one agency and have them do it, but alas no such resource in Idaho. Here you have to hand pick that kind of fruit. So why would I being of in the 60 lap of life, needing home care, be rejected by a big corporation like Simple; I think, and its just like that, when I refused to give up my credit card 411, rejection notices came in the next day, or early morning. What get’s me is why you can’t ask why from these huge online outfits? Especially if your rejected. Their FAQ Help service is of no help. What I want to know is the answer from someone from inside the company. Yea pretty Bawd if ya’ll get rejected by .

knyte wolf wolf howl2 So I got up at what I thought was 23:00 or so, it only dawned on me when I looked at the clock on both my phone and in the dash on the General, that it was 05:00. Did I sleep that long? Changed the entire picture of what I was going out for to go eat. As I looked into the sky, to marvel at God’s handy work, I was astonished at the beauty of the full moon, shinning through some very fluffy clouds. It looked like it had snowed on the lower sky lid. Or upside down. Then I read on some FB group page that hovers on LDS things, that I should do a bunch of things. I haven’t completely lost my faith, and while my Testimony of the church scripture is extremely strong, the Testimony of those any more in charge of teaching those scripture lessons is very tarnished to say the least. Look, it don’t matter none, of what denomination it is; Mormon Catholic, etc. Even evangelistic , organized religion, is at best a farce, and a money grabbing gimmick at the worst. Partaking of the Lords supper and all renews my agreements with Jesus Christ, but when I get asked by a Bishop, how am I doing with tithing? I think, is it my soul they’re concerned about, or what’s inside my bank account, they’re worried about? Look I have been blessed by and from Church members, several that I’d lay down my life for, but equally almost is a bunch, that I’d like to smack upside the head and remind some Church leaders locally, that they seriously need to not just preach but practice what Church authorities have been talking about at the last few conferences of acceptance of those either not of our denomination, but too those who for various reasons have chosen to distance themselves from the Church. As I have. Not due to hate, dislike, but that my heart says these people should not be in charge of administering the messages and instructions from our Authorities. Even the Authorities, I cannot, fully sustain, as I do not truly believe those there now, should be there in the order they are assembled. But I drift off. Going to sluth off for a few to watch the impeachment hearings. Will be back here this evening.


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The End

Can you repeat that in English please?

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So was having troubles with My Metro PC phone service, so called their tech line. Of course they growled a bit since I had not up graded my phone, and could not verify my account. Really? What was worse was trying to communicate with some lady that you dang well know ain’t from Texas, but considerably further south from there. Is a customer care line or tech line always have to be staffed from somewhere in South America or a Pacific Islander? Even an Indian, with a name like Hindu?  They say that with T-Mobile which is the parent company of Metro PC, you’ll never be put on hold, nor will you talk to someone in some place other than the good Old USA? Really? When? So with me getting so mad and all I figured what the hell I’ve had this a bit too long, so am considering going back to Verizon, pending that I can keep my current phone number. I’m tired of fielding calls from some old lady named Ida. Thing is can we get quality customer support from any company, telecom or not, with real, in THIS Union Nation, not some Vietnamese or Tokyo person answering the call? Even if you do get routed to a in county call center, 9 times out of 20 you’ll not talk to a full bred American, and never one of our southern brethren. Never, As Jeff Foxworthy once said, our southern accent is not one of the most intelligent accents. Horse poop. Southerners are some of thee most intelligent human beings on the planet, we just made up our own language, mostly to confuse those Yankee Army fellers.

So finally reached Verizon, seems that when I pulled the plug on em, a year ago, only because I could not get to the store to pay my bill on a weekend at 03:00. Sorry, I am in the toewing bizz friends, I REALLY, need a phone. Speaking of which with both my Telecom vendors I have landline phone service. No hand set yet, but have the service. Just as a back up. So been grooming this one honey down at the Maverick Country Store that I go to late night into overnight. She’s one of those quiet librarian types. Hides behind glasses, and acts meek. I’ll bet dollars to her cinnamon rolls, that out of that store environment, and turned loose, that house kitty, would turn into a lynx in nothing flat. I’m picking by hand (so-to-speak) my support staff, as in a year or so, I plan on doing battle directly with A1, and J&C, Towing. When Charlie was alive, I had too much respect for that company to invade their turf. However now that Charlie is towing the Angels in Heaven, The loyalty is a bid faded. From what I understand, the mighty fortress can be invaded and conquered. Since A1, and J&C, do primarily auto or car towing, I’m focusing my efforts at doing large trucks, aka over the road or OTR rigs. So we have combined two companies into one, and will light the candles with the handle of Highway Hooker/Heavy Rescue Toewing. So then tried to catch some milk and cinnamon buns. So trucked down where Janie works. No Janie, some two wheeler. Yea a guy. Wonder if he saw all the blood drain from my body and disappointed he was there instead of her. No Buns, no yummies, so bought some donut holes, some sort of weird finger sausages and a quart if milk, and came home. So thing too is, there are times, I could use a bit of help around the old Wolf’s Rode-House here. I forget things, forget to take my pills and essentially need to be reminded to go see a Doctor. So did a search and all on What a pain in my groin that was. Tried to give em my CC #. nope that didn’t work. Then saw a few on there, that would fit, maybe. If I’m going to rake out and get someone for $30.00 an hour partly paid by the VA, and all, she’d better be a blonde hot nurse or it’ll never work. No wonder they have that little girl with the dimples, asking if she’s cute, pitching their services. Although two bits says that same little girl is right at 17 years old by now.

In closing here, If this is still the good old US, of A states, and all can we get product and/or service calls answered by Americans that can and do speak understandable English, more over Southern States English? Must be, but we keep praying. First Years service for the Amalgamated Church of Dixie here in Twin Falls, Idaho. Will be on the 6th of January at the old location, at the Rest area, near Hazzard Idaho starting at Noon. Bring your Bibles.

Until L8R Taters;

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HHR SkuttleButt 20191114.0 Is there any online images of guys who are into worshiping a woman’s feet in Nylons, that isn’t Porn?

website artskuttlebutt

So a few Microns ago, I was cruising over the Cyber highway, sniffing around for some racy, but decent photos of women in nylons enjoying being the center of attention of foot worship. Guess what? There is little if any photos of this in a none Porn format. Why? If I can do it albeit many earth moons and solar sun star rotations ago, if I can do it why can’t they? just me and erinme and Ellie Mayoopsrestin toesrockin toesspeak nothinghappytoesIJUSTLOVETOEWSNo wonder the applicants for our projects freak, when the concept is mentioned. Now to be honest, if one did drop her undies and said lets go for it, I’d do it in a Hazzard County second, but that isn’t the idea. The main direction, is to get folks who would already in our industry to give some attention to what we do and who we are, mainly tow or should I say toe or combined TOEW . Getting away from that object of affection, I can remember when I scoured the cyber landscape looking for hot hineys in Wrangler cowgirl jeans. While there are some, there aren’t many. Why? Did the thought of setting up photo sessions or candidly snapping a pic at a REAL PRCA rodeo, of a cowgirls tush in Wranglers go out of style? I truly want to know. Then there is such a thing related to what our organization does and that’s flying. Ever see or can find hot women in combat aviators flight suits? I’m not just talking about aircraft nose or plane art, but real military aviators that just happen to look hot? Nope. Again why? Last but not least, ever try to do an online search for sexy hot ladies posing with Classic or Custom tow truckS? Nope you wont find em. In many a moon, I rarely find even one good full feature hot shot pic of an even hotter lady with a tricked out hook. I saw one last night of one done for Towing for TaTa’s, Toewin for TaTasbut its so rare. That’s why we as an organization dove back into the model hiring thing. Find the hottest honey out there that are real, stage em with the hottest draggin wagons out there and show em off. Back in 2004, shortly after Tammy and I parted ways, I swore I’d never get back into the talent search gig again. It had become so much of a pain, many so called agencies , that were really schools, and not much real world teaching, several barked that if they worked for us that Bonneville Media would hire them after, and so on. I just flat gave up. Then in the latter half of 2005, to give some byte to our online radio things I eased into talent searches. Again same crap, different day. What really got me into the recruiting of lady visual exhibition talent was the ever increasing interest in military aviation nose and plane art. Several aspiring photographers were out there hiring honey for serious money to pose with old warbyrds. What was good for the Galloping Goose was good enough for us. Yet the searches continually drew up a no show, or S.O. guy pal objection. Yet we mostly I started backing away, but I did get to meet albeit reluctantly, one that still owes us money, in Heyburn, Idaho. But I met several. One of course was Chaundra, the other Athea-Marie. And of course one that had the package, just not the dedication to task. Aside from all that, as I retire for the day, is there any online sources for photography, of worshiping of defeet? If so let me know. Wonder if Queeny would be into that. BTW watch out. There’s a ton of trolling women out there, many not women looking for sugar daddy’s. Not just on FB , but on LinkedIn as well as Twitter.


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The End

people should read and listen to me more,

book of knytewolfPappys Journal 2

There are many things I do not know, and a near equal amount of things I have no concept of how to do. I can’t hem my pants, Can’t make a pancake or French toast, I can’t make a decent Grilled Cheese sandwich, but there are many things I do know, and do very well. I do one thing that many can’t and do not do as well as I do, that is fly. I can fly and have seat time in EVERY military aircraft there is. I do my best in rotor flight, but can snake a canyon in a fixed wing, just as well as a award winning combat pilot. To me there’s a BIG difference between a Pilot, and a aviator. I can drive, my second nature skill. I can be dripping blood, from my gut, with a screwdriver in between my ribs,  but I can get my self to the hospital, before I bleed out and do a better job of it than many ambulance drivers. Something I did the other day. Seems when I dumped those tires on my foot, I tripped and put a screwdriver between my ribs, missing my insides by only millimeters. Yet rather than wait for the paramedics, I got in the General, and off to St. Luke’s. Where I was asked A; what was wrong with me? I wanted to tell the intake staff, ain’t it pretty obvious? Then was asked why I didn’t call the Ambulance, of which, I simply responded; I have and I drive better than they do. So they knocked me out, took out the screwdriver, set my leg and foot, put me on Percocet and I came home. The Combination of all my meds, is one helluva party. So went to bed Wednesday morning, slept all day, and only woke up, to pee and cuz I wuz Hungry. At least a former property manager recognized that I weren’t feeling too groovy and wished me a get well. It’s times like that you realize who your real friends and so on are, and those who really don’t care much, if at all. PoohBear called, but I was in the middle of Chicago PD, so just finished eating.

Now then on the political front. That same property manager and a few others that were in her very crowded office, the waiting room should have been the office and vice versa. But, I said after Trump barely won the election, that he’d not make it a full term, and that someone would give him the boot a year to half a year before re-election, guess what? There are hearings under way to impeach Trump. See I told you this would happen. Call it a curse, call it a gift, or blessing, but ever since I had that car crash at age 16, when they had to saw open my brain cover, after that, I have been able to see, sometimes very fuzzy, but I can see a few years into the future. Trouble is I have trouble remembering even the smallest of things, like going to Walnut, and forgetting why I went there? Or where I put, my older Cell phone, or trying to find a computer phile that I just just had, but minimized a few ago. Yet I can see things way into the future. Mostly Government things. Maybe becuzz I was so entrenched in such things in the USMC. Hence the Wolf or Wolvez in amongst the Sheep. The first time I became aware of this gift, or curse was years before the last time I resided in Goon’s Ferry Idaho. I could see the tri-plex on the top of the hill, from the local choke an dine, I could see the blonde honey older lady living there and I could smell her sweat, feet stench, perfume. I could feel every sense, yet I was not there then. When I resided in the home, lets just say visions proved accurate. Why do I see the fantastic, yet not the practle? Not only do I get the visions, but the aromas, feelings, touch acuity, everything. And why me? Forget that song by Kris, I ask why me Lord, and I really want to know, why bust my balls like this Lord? Speaking of Heavenly Father and all churchy things. While I will not leave the denomination I was born into, I’m not going to be going to services any more. Not only has my Testimony been weakened and shaken, by this Ward as well as my brotherly love for the people involved with this War(Canyon Springs Ward Twin Falls Idaho). Had they not been so long in getting over here and us go fetch my things, I might have been able to rescue everything stored in that ran sacked shack of a storage shop, just up the road here yonder. Same went for, although I don’t really blame her, still by the time I could get a ride that was able, the stuff I left over at the Wentworth,(should never have left there), was gone. Including a bunch of clothes, and treasures. It’s been said, never leave anything for some one else, just do it yourself. Like wise, if your going to get boned up the anus, might as well go to the LDS Church, as the men there are pros at that. Which is why I ain’t going anymore,. Just don’t have no need in it. I don’t need to go through all that symbolic bs, just to worship God and his Son Jesus Christ. While there is strength in numbers, my strength here is in me worshiping solo.

More tonight need to roll over, take my meds and go back to snoozing.

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Want me ? Prove it, if not, don’t rattle me .

wolfpack journalthee wolf bark 1

Tuesday was a happening. First off , dropped a load of 22/5 truck tires on my foot, off a forklift, went to the hospital, got that bandaged up. So pain meds in hand and a ride home, tried to catch some needed sleep time. Not here, while its been said that children are the trophies of Christ, they can be noisy. More over parents correcting such are even more noisy. No sleep. Was going to call Gary to go over and do duty getting the shop into our name and all, but my leg swolled up like a turkey drumstick, so started working on graphics for a few 2 wheeled projects we are working on. Ate some chicken salad, tater chips, and moo juice, and began intaking House on PoP TV. Then looked over my Twitter account, and saw, this outfit named , says no credit card needed. It’s a supposedly, a discreet quick mating site, that is a far cry from what it claims to be. Seems as though one or two of the folks involved in marketing the thing, caught my profile from somewhere. Then got notice from them, that some locals were interested in sniffing the old Wolf here, but also saw a notice that my profile PiC knytewolf 1Awas rejected. Why? because it contains a free link to the radio gig, and our media center, and a albeit claimed but falsely executed free connection. Why don’t these outfits, just say, credit card required, even to respond? Be honest about it. But being seen, but eventually ignored, FakeBook. I see all kinds of sweethearts and wanna bee’s that will do everything including stripping  naked , so I engage a friendship request. Reason? No I ain’t shopping for a mate, but candidates for legit paid on air and on screen video projects that are NOT PORN. However, I will not beg, and more important with all that I’m into, I don’t have time to dance around with honeys that do not respond to even a hello. Andrea, down Etown way. Don’t know her game. She knows that all she needs do to improve her reality and environment is board the next bus from Etown, Wyoming to Twin Falls Idaho. No matter how many invites, she never answers. So in my Wolf rules, no howl back, your out of our, and mostly my WolfPack. Face it, bringing in $10,k a month, from us, as talent fees/wages may not be much , but for unknowns and nearly unknowns it’s a helluva good monthly pay check. Add to that our upcoming TV show on both MotorTrend and PowerNation, by the same name as our MC shop HCC, the right model/video recruit, could be taking home a half a million, by end of the next year. But hey, ignore us, close the door on me, there’s plenty of eye candy squeeze in California and Florida, that would give oral, just to be part of what we do. So with that let me close as I have a huge day Wednesday, so let me finish up and say, want me? Want a career with the MC? Fine, if not don’t bother me. And for, you’ll do much better if your honest and tell wuz up, not say no credit card needed.

L8R Taters.


Some hours, I just think FB must hate me. Peeps put up pages and groups, then don’t maintain them.

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Some days I get to thinking FB must hate me, the Knytes, and certainly the WolfPack. You go to post something on a group or a page only to find, that the page really has expired, or you were just set up to let your finger go click bait walking. While I don’t get to all our Pages and groups, which is why, I don’t shyt can my entire FB account, I do try to post something on a steady basis. Of course all the puter freezes aren’t FB’s fault. Some is done to error for caution, on matters concerning client security, or at least selected clients and subscribers. The other is some of those switchers and server sites across the nation are pretty well frozen themselves this time of year, so a lot of things don’t work right. Then there are those group and page creators. They set up a great page/group, yet do not maintain it very good, if at all. Example; went to a group/page called OutLaw Country. Posted a question, and wanted to show what happens when ultimate sensuous beauty fades on hit Kountry, honeys. I simply asked if in fact in todays politically correct society of today, women pride and all if such a variety TV show like HeeHaw-HeeHaw3could be produced today? A simple question. Could not post that to save my grits. Then wanted to show, what one of the Lonely and Forgotten Princess column advisor(on that show) Lisa Todd tDOVrGLtnmvJh46dI3H8iQHaK_Looked like today. Again, no could do. Of course, that was back in a era and a day when doing Television was fun, creative and really free of so many money grabbing Unions, and regulatory agencies in the pocket of performers, artists, and radio/TV stations. Today from Seasac to Aftra, there is always someone out to either bring a law suit against someone in the business, or for that matter a fan. Doesn’t anyone do it just for the art and craft, of acting, comedy, music, anymore? I asked that same question this afternoon at lunch, with a colleague from another station. I asked him about his home studio. The cat didn’t have a home studio. I furthered inquired, why ? Don’t you like honing your skills? His answer? Why , we only get paid just a bit over minimum wage to sit and push buttons. There is no pride in our industry any more. Then I took a trip down memory lane earlier today, and remembered an article in a trade publication, on broadcasting asking do you remember? This was the first example of broadcast automation>rwf-automation-automation-rack01-353x360and the demise of the LIVE radio person. What we’re doing to right that wrong , next entry.

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