Sweet Angels and equal Employment my Arse .

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It truly amazes me at just how dumb you are. Used to be the theory that it depended on just where your standing on this continent as to how dumb you were. With Internet and all that’s no longer an excuse. Yet and this a prequel, I see every day something on FB that by the highway is becoming a drying up pond, that every government entity even on our southern ground is taking down or removing Confederate monuments. Yet those same people are the ones that will spend $50.00 on a tank of fuel in their highjacked Ford 4X4 call themselves Rednecks 70% of em have never worked on no farm, and they’ll spend even more money on a boozer night at the local honky tonk, and then return to FB and bitch about another atrocity befell to the Confederacy . Yet here is good old KTOW FM the home of HazzardAyre Radio just me and erin0605080248

0110080146astruggling to voice the words of both defense as well as knowledge to most of the Yankees as well as Government revenuer types that could change this course. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Politicians hate any kind of bad publicity. You also are so damn ignorant to what’s really going on. In 2007-1/2 a guy named Stephen Monk contacted me for assistance in establishing the Confederate National Party. Monk dropped the ball, but I can tell you this the Knytes-of-Dixie made it an active political party. Yes a Candidate could run on and even get elected on the party. Yet too little media covers the party, even those who silently believe in it will not talk about it. Oh no that will leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. But good luck to you. Example, Beth-Ann who hosts and all CSC TalkRadio, believes in the principles of the Confederacy, but as of yet, never has made a phone call to me to talk about the CNP. Nope, but always says good luck to you. In media what gets programmers and producers eyes and attention is Money. If the Knytes bought air time from CSC Talk Radio, to FoX News , bet you behind the networks and a helluva lot of both Democrats and Republicans would sit up, and take notice, if you spend enough money they will be there. Then perhaps that sweet flag of oursimages2might just gain the respect it deserves. The best way to fight a bully, is instead of taking the punishment, is to turn around and kick the bully in the groin. But this is the attitude this nation has taken ever since 9/11. All too many have stuck their heads in the sand or ran to a safe zone, thinking don’t upset the boat. Its like I have seen and heard from many areas about how Women want to be paid for equal work, as well as equal risk as a man doing the same job or career. Yesterday was So Called Earth Day. Created in Part by Slick Willy , the idea then was since the invent of the Interweb, people could work from home. Even hiring someone especially a woman to be an office assistant, the EEOC said that was cool as there was one extra potty, and two entrances to the structure and that living quarters were apart from when the job was located. Of course, women were not as chicken spooked as they are now. Heaven help a company if the majority of the home based job is located, if you try to hire a woman for a job there, before she shows up, bet your next tank of diesel that the fuzz will show up first. Simply put, women have a vagina , men have a penus , if women in this nation want to get equal pay for equal work, as a man grow a pair in those ovaries , If America is going to be what me and many of my brethren Marines and all branches of service, then be willing to help make a change, if those in the FB group Heritage not Hate and so many of the rest of em want to make the Confederacy noble and preserve our monuments, then stay home one weekend between SSI paychecks, carve out $100.00 and contribute to the Knytes-of-Dixie , that way we can field a candidate in the 20/20 election. Hey we not win anything, but if we drown the air waves, even CSC Talk Radio, and FoX News can’t ignore the voice of Dixie.

It’s time to back away from the keyboard and open your checkbook, so we in the Knytes-of-Dixie, can help the Confederacy as well as the rest of America. Then Eagle will quit crying.

See ya’ll in the morning.

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The End

Morning Haul


Every morning and sometimes overnight I have to get on my keyboard and hammer out something important or inspiring. That task is getting harder everyday, Most days I don’t even want to leave the house. Or even write. So much has happened over the last 7 months, that just hibernating and sleeping is about all I want to do. However I have this duty so as a Marine I keep on fighting the battle.

logo3KTOW FM may be silent right now, pending finding a place to put it. But KTOW FM is far from dead. We as an organization, to say KTOW, and HazzardAyre as well as our new addition Heavy Rescue Radio, makes our competitors not only nervous but very shaky. We look into things traditional media wont touch. We find the stories, and news that no body else can. We are essential, not only for our towing brothers and sisters, but that of defending the modern Confederacy. As well as dedicated to preserving the Confederacy heritage and lifestyle, we wont let undue treason methods of hurting our Dixie Nation. DIXIE NATION WINGS That’s our mission. We are here to sift the evil, and deceptive companies that are out for fraudulent gain, mostly crooks that wear shirts and ties.

As the sun finally crawls over the eastern mountains its my sleep time, see ya’ll here this afternoon.

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Could it really happen? A teaser from ET says possibly. With remakes all over the place two films are in the works here.

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Heard on ET the other night that there is motion on the ocean of doing a sequel of She’s All That. Its amazing how age and such changes mega stars. Rachael Lee Cook, looks amazing but two bambino’s have enlarged certain anatomical parts. Such is life. I watched that special report on ET(Entertainment Tonight) on the sequels and old shows. Some of the legends and Idols I used to wet the carpet over are now , while still attractive , I must say some stars look even better now than they did in the era. Take Karen Valentine, (Room 222) who in the era, had hotter legs that Daisy Duke and a few others did.

9a8f92e4fb5e201a6534c2058d79e38dimages Of course who could forget Jennifer O~Neil of Summer of 42. The film that has never been done in a sequel, trust me SouthernSteele Media is looking at doing that.

Okay then;HRJ 1toewers blues

The war seems to continue between the Knytes and Facebook. We put something up, but its taken down purtty fast. Yet the bastards put up friend and page/group suggestions, 80% are model intros with those the girls, not women, but girls 17 and younger. With Kiddy Porn sniffers out to nail anyone doing that, do you think I want that on stuff on my newsfeed? Yet it keeps up. Then and apparently Facebook’s censors, have not got in their pea-pickin heads that, I’m very,  married, as in no longer available. So why put the teaser pic and such up on that thing that asks the question , Here’s people you may know” Some I do, but I ain’t doing that. I am very much in love with my little PoohBear. Just like LexiBelle, my LexiBelle , I’ll give PoohBear and LexiBelle up, when they’re planting my ass in the ground at the Grace Idaho Cemetery , but not before, yet FakeBook has to keep throwing that up on my FB newsfeed. For a social media site that’s supposed to know everything about everybody, they’re artificial intelligence doesn’t know schitte.

Church at 09:00 so hitting the rack. Catch ya’ll at 13:00 hours.


Heavy Rescue and KTOW. Feeling at peace.

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Do not ignore those ideas that come when you having a crap. Several weeks ago, residing in Twin Falls, between having my insides wanting to exit my skeletal construction. I was just partially tuned into a new addition of the towing industry on the weather channel, Heavy Rescue 401. So the name Heavy Rescue started bubbling up inside of me. Since then the massive effort has began to rid our, my company , of all old titles and names, and do just one, fleet wide. As it is the rebuild is all tied to one name, Heavy Rescue Toewing. An exclusively heavy truck towing and recovery aka rescue company. Let other go fetch little cars and such, we only tow the heavies. That’s just a start.

HazzardAyre Radio and its flagship station KTOW have been suffering since October. A bunch of manure flowed through the chute, and all that was is being honed for some new adventures but remaining the radio voice of the American Towing Professional, as well as the voice of today’s Confederacy. For once, I can say I feel at peace, I am sleeping and unwinding my brain. PoohBear is still in the picture, and God knows , how much I love her. Of the many people I know she has stood by me, supported me and together, she and I not only will build Heavy Rescue Toewing, but a life. Yet there are some that once they have tasted the old Wolf here, have decided they want to invade the sovernity of our Universe. So I’m saying here , yes we cast for ad pitch women for the company, but the only woman that gets to see me at home is my sweet little PoohBear.

More L8R.

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Observations through the Windshield


toewers bluesWednesday was a thriller, if you want to call viewing the white throne and discharging human waste from both ends. Of course I’m hungry, unfortunately no place is open until 08:00 its not the retailers fault, it’s the fault of a bunch of people that participated in the Stop&Rob antics of just a few years ago. So to stop shrinkage they close at 23:00 or about then. So I need to push down the feelings of looking at a steer in the field and thinking what that be on a grill.

Okay let’s move on.

First of my good friend at KTVB , segued out of the ten pm news cast singing which was a great exit moment. However I have to wonder who the hell, produced that promo bit for KTVB’s morning drive newscast. The music sucks, which is as disgusting as the entire visual. Larry looks like a zombie idiot on that. With Dee Sarton leaving in June, and some of the small but noticeable on air mistakes one has to wonder of the real story behind Dee, retiring. Is there a shake up, at KTVB? Which relates to what I was barking about the other night and something we have trouble filling the gap, but KTVB seldom even in our area weathercasts of what the weather is going to be here in the Mini Cassia area. Of course I too wonder at the brains or lack thereof, at Cable-One, not stopping the station from Boise/Twin-Falls, and transferring the signals from Idaho-Falls/Pocatello? Of course Cable-One ain’t been known for intelligence.

It really is time to revive HazzardAyre.

Happy ToewshappytoesLexi2

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Sun was out and it is cold still. And if you were dared could you do it? And my PoohBear

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THE END OF DAYHere it is the end of another day , with the sun out, got on the scoot, but too cold came home with my ears frozen to my brain bucket. Had to have the er here warm up my ear skin just to get it off, but okay now.

Okay we as a club and organization HAZZARD SYNDICATE REPORTwe are making strides in baby steps. The move here to western Idaho two years ago next month, the there but not there, just beyond reach, Cable-One, CenturyLink, the mess with visual talent as well as on air radio talent. Then came the mess in Jerome, has cost the club big money. Relying on Church resources some have came through, but my Ward in Jerome not going the full distance really put the clubs radio station and network behind the 8-ball, however I know there is light at the end of this cave. I would love to be on air, already, but we have been having trouble finding a place for it, but I am believing that Heavenly Father placed me right where it all started.

dreamy-stinkpantyhose_feet_sniffing-4_tmba great sniff


If you were dared to do something really off the wall, could you do it? Either the do-er or the Do-ee. Here’s the idea. And I don’t exclude my self as being one of the do-er’s. Back when I was tight with Monkee, the concept of doing a sniff-over centered on enhancing the slogan Heavy Rescue Toewing has stuck with for as long as I can remember the idea is, at an open area such as a fair, or such, would be for me to huff the feet aka kiss toes with our tag We Love Toews.

TOEW SMOOCH 2Set the record for such a thing and draw attention by and from all media for such a splash, to toewing as well as our toew service and of course the radio network dedicated to such.

So the big question is, if you’re a feminitile and you were dared to allow some guy to smooch your feet and toews in public, would you do it, and for how much money?

We are looking for talent,restin toes

More over night.

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An abandoned air strip seeds the idea of a Bikers town, a Harley Commune.


Yesterday I did what I have been aching and yearning to do for months even a year. The local sub charter of the Knytes and I with a slight rain took to the highway. To where Hazzard City will be. So as to not jinx the project, the 100,000 acres, its place where its at , based on the idea of having a place, where local law, and local if not regional wize a fight the system, fully anti-establishment town.

For those of us who worship just slightly second to Jesus Christ, our rides 6 or 2 wheels whether it says Chevy chevy_logo-720x561 or Harley Logo Wings 1 would be at peace and enjoy complete freedom and liberty based on Confederate values. It’s a place that was the dream of one of our founders, John Teller c77516de9256dc53d1274180d20209d8 as well as Kahless Kahless_(painting) and of course me IMG_0022. The idea first surfaced in 1987 when Bro aka the King of Spades, as well as two others of us, started making the area a yearly destination of Church meetings of the Knytes. The area is so remote that it barely has electricity let alone Internet, and very low Cell phone coverage. What drew me to the area, was an abandoned air strip. Even then the Knytes were involved in creating our AyreCrew. AYRECREW1ayre crew bannerand abandoned air strip, to build our organizations HQ. The project has been put on hold in a holding pattern for nearly 24 years. With a financial gift from a long donor, we are in a spot to be able to engage the program.

ayre crew bannerSpeaking of the AyreCrew. For as many years, its always been the one tool on the tailgate of the organization. If anyone really cares the AyreCrew is the co-parent organization of the Knytes-of-Dixie funkie dixie chick1not the other way around. The basic concepts behind all the model / talent, searches, started on the crux of the taking of old style military aircraft nose and body art and making the real. 0fe4e46144bf56fbac1ad22850970712corsair The lady who made her debut through this style of photography is Myrna Lloyd loy-11111This style of videography, lends its way to tow trucks and yes bikes. As a combat fighter pilot I can tell you we in towing feel our closeness to our trucks as that combat pilots aircraft. So why not personalize it? The rest of that in another entry here. The bottom line of this report, is that most if not all of the AyreCrew, The Knytes, are tired of being told no. Of what is can’t be changed, that what is, is the way it has to be, not what could or should be. Where kids can be safe to walk to school , where Women can go shopping downtown and not fear being violated , where schools teach truths, not politically generated curriculum lesson plans. Final line, Welcome to Hazzard City CSA.

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This is a Colang?

Saw a deffinition on on one of my Word Watch pages saying that a language and words made out of popularity is defined as a colang. They even suggested as a example our language that of Quonas. Quonas is the native language, of that planet that popularized in Star Trek canon as that of Klingon. Many miss-spell the word It truly is spelled Qo’nos it is the 3rd planet in the Beta quadrant.  Much of the rituals and celebritory rights etc of the Knytes-of-Dixie come from Klingon rituals and protocols. 

Didn’t go to Church today. In fact with this new bed I got from the Club, all I can do is sleep. I think besides the need to drain my brain for the stress I have been under for 4 months , my spirit has been injured, as well as my body needing to make up from the lack of quiet peaceful area of where I plant my head now. However I’m not so sure its not either the meds, I have been taking for my diabetes or the other things that took much of my strength . Example went to the store, and it was all I could do to walk through the store to find what I needed. My vision was blurry, except when my butt is planted in a rig, Hey this schitte is spooky. Doctor says he’d put me on insulin, but won’t due to the fact he knows that would pretty much kill my flight and trucking careers.  

So been catching up on TV , both all my old faves, like House, SVU, but too some new ones. Both of which I am not a big thrill. Miz & Mrs. is a series based on the home life of a wresting star. Its really stupid. Considering the low ratings, USA Network owned by NBC, runs it. How long it lives is a wonder. Same with the Christley family which this year takes the two older siblings especially the blonde that from news for Variety says she’s engaged. Why would you want to marry such a dingbat? Simple , the inlaws are Rich. The old man is a recreated real estate mogul, so why not prey on a rich dingbat? 

More later.

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There is a media and news media gap in Idaho, the focus’s are very limited. That’s why there is HazzardAyre.

Hazzard Gazzette Header frontPAPPYS JOURNAL TAUPE

To the west we have Boise, colorful, and industrious , to the East is Pocatello and northeast its Idaho Falls. Then we have Twin Falls . Between these metro areas are mini communities. Burley, Jerome, Wendell and so on, but whether its bad weather, news or something folks need to know, don’t expect any station in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello or Twin Falls to cover it. They flat don’t care. Oh they say they do, In fact the intro promos of their newscasts all say they do, but in reality they don’t. Even the local news rag the Times News don’t rock em out of their cubicles unless its something very serious. Local radio stations except two, don’t care in fact outside of KTOW FM from Buhl or KDXD out of the Burley area of Idaho don’t do a live 5 let alone a hour radio newscast. This is why back in 2010 reluctantly I and the Knytes said since no one else is gunna do it we might as well. So KDXD, signed on the air with our center show HazzardAyre Radio, followed by Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, and of course AyreWolf FM. When KTOW refired in 2013 after regaining our FCC license we recreated Highway Hooker Radio. In all of it the center was and is today’s Confederacy. Not what happened in 1863, but what’s happening now in 2019. This nation really needs the wisdom of Uncle Jessie, and the stability, of Hazzard County. With that said, TV coverage of anything is near none existent, especially here in Burley. A year or so ago now a major fire took out a full block of a building down here on Overland. The one TV station that covered it was some young gal getting her feet wet in TV and even at that botched the story so bad it motivated our High Council to say, time to circle our wagons, put our shoulders to the wheel and get a local TV station on the air and online for the residents of Mini Cassia. From Strevelle to Murtaugh, from Minidoka to Oakley it’ll be TV done Hazzard style. If you go online and go to indeed.com you’ll find job postings there from us. We are gathering the forces within us and slightly outside of us, to build a real broadcast company right here in the Mini Cassia area of Idaho.

Examining the state of the Clubs and all in the AM.

Question is why is it all; other media outlets in this area so arrogant and ignorant?

Now then and I’m not crying in my beer here. Thing is I hit the grand mile marker of life 60. Since I met PoohBear, I haven’t dipped my pen in any ink, or got close enough to smell the stink of a woman. Now there’s a few of my fellow Knytes and others that need favors from me, like that of a way to get around, Nearly give another car away. No problem, but when was the last time that any them, have said, “Hey Pappy, I don’t have any money, but I know this gal down the road apiece, that ain’t bad on the eyes that’d be into a one nights sleepover or at least a scratch and sniff” Yep none of them. Do ya’ll realize that its been since 2005 with Nanette in Ogden, that I got tight, and enjoyed a night? That’s a long haul. Could it hurt any of em, from the model talent we interviewed a year ago or so, to say , ah what the heck? Even some of these gals that FB says would be good for me to know, u knowto drive over here to Burley and say howdy honey wanna dance? I’d take a drive down to Wells’ Nevada to Miss Donna’s but I’m so pinched money wise that about the only things I could buy is the fuel to get there and back, as well as maybe one of those $8.00 beers. All through Church Conference I heard home Church, I heard talks on Do unto others as you would have them do for you. I’ve been giving for so long, just like my dear friend in Wyoming, that a little give back, and a massage with a happy ending would make this years B-Day a bit happier.


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If your sick just stay home, don’t work in the healthcare or food service business.

hrj hedder 3pAppys corner

If your sick, just stay home, don’t work at jobs in the healthcare or food service business as the rest of us will no doubt get sick too. Example; Found that the core of why I caught the flu here over the last few days was directly caused by people , including nurses, both male and female who had the running nose sniffles and through blood taking even with the latex gloves were wiping their noses and mouths with their hands. Likewise the cooks and servers(who should wear latex gloves while on the floor) were wiping their grungy hands and that was going to the food then to me.

Of course there is a good side from last week to this week, I found a place for me to reside for quite a long time. Its called the Evergreen, and for once its clean. The bedding had just been washed and sanitized  and the managers are great. I only found three things that need attention, the bathtub/shower faucet and such needs repair as you can only turn it on full hot, or if you turn it half way the shower spout flows. Kinda of a bummer if your just wanting to take a bath. The drain on the bathtub floor does not stop up anything, and the bathroom window needs replaced. The only other thing, there was no stopper on the bathroom sink. But a stopper from Walmart can cure that problem, but over all, I have a place that’s quiet at night, and nice enough to invite company over to visit. Unlike the Old Towne Lodge in Twin Falls, where you have to hear banging of doors from ex wives, ex- hubbies most from child visitation problems, and thousands of gallons of brewski. Which leads me to this, there is a big day, for me here Monday morning. Mostly from unleashing the Attorneys from suits that I’m filing from the crooked Cooks, of Cook Realty, of Jerome Idaho for at the minimum of none disclosure as well as fraud. To St.Luke’s Hospital for malpractice .  Bottom line some folks are going to pay for what happened to me. There. Bottom line I can’t afford to live in Twin Falls Idaho, and its not just about money.

More on the morning java edition.

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thee endFor us, Failure is not an