Doesn’t anyone tell the truth and be honest any more?

Is it just me, and our MC that seems like a tiny ant pushing a big piece of bread up a 90 degree hill, or is there some measure, of reality, that most people are no longer being honest? Is being ALWAYS truthful just us in and from Hazzard County ? All I know is I have just about had it with mini Cassia/Idaho. I’m serious. Finally after text after text after text, the gal down at Keystone Realty here in Burley calls. Says the owners now want $1000.00 a month. Now wait, where did I hear that before, can you say Jerome, Idaho? So saw a space down next to BJ’s and talked to the owner. He said , he had a place, and that was ours. Except when he researched us, namely me, he flat did not want a Confederate 1% Outlaw MC Made up of Marine and Navy Aviators. Bet your next oil change, had I been a full fledged Missionary in a suit, with that black tag on my nipple, We’d be moving in tonight. Any more, I’m not counting on nothing, until a lease has been signed. Money paid and I have a key. Which wont happen. Which brings me to the point of this post. Can’t people especially in and around the Burley area of Idaho, be honest and truthful. In my younger days, if one were to shake hands on something, you pretty much could count on it. If you did a spit and shake of hands, whatever was agreed on, was absolute solid. On the concept of an MC, dig this; the same people, will also be the ones, with their children coming to the back of a truck, and getting turkeys for Thanksgiving, as well as Toys for Tots from our toy runs. Here’s an idea; Mr. Rice, Dentist and Keystone Realty, don’t bring your kids to share our kindness, when the rest of the year, you thumb your nose up at us. More in a few. 

L8R Riders.

My day starts at 04:00, and doesn’t end until 18:00.

My day starts at 04:00 that’s 4-AM for you none military folks out there, and doesn’t end until 6-PM or 18:00 for all us Confederate Marines, here. I start doing PT(physical training) at 06:00, to 07:00 , then while eating some sort of breakfast, and start in creating graphics for this none military publication, for those in and of military, mainly Marines and Naval aviation. Then its out to the hangar, dress down the aircraft for the days work, then out to the rod shop, and get that crew operating, then when its running, do the radio gig. If I’m really lucky, I get lunch, maybe dinner, then a few minutes of me time, including TV, then back at it until midnight. The 18:00 is when I do my me time. Getting it all done on time EVERY day, and still have time to fly, is a real challenge, but I get there. That all said over the last two years now, since I moved from Evanston, Wyoming, until I moved to Twin Falls, a few things clipped our , mainly my wings. Two coronary events, getting evicted, and having to appeal to my church to eat and all at times, plus a few times on my rent, makes me wonder and think, am I flying on course of my life’s flight plan, or have I been drifting off course? Many ask, if I have PoohBear, why do and why am I sniffing around at a few others? Simple, much of the degradation, of my income, and a lot of my sanity, has been due to my relationship with PoohBear. It’s not been all sunshine and roses,more like cactus, and desert. That’s one of the reasons when TJ stepped into the picture , I had to ask myself, could this, meaning TJ, Tilisha 4be the course deviation I have been looking for? Face it, this months delays were due to PoohBear fumbling the dues money she sends each month. If this had been a isolated event, no problem. But its happened, too many times. No , with PoohBear, its not about the money, but if I have to pay for my domicile and the co-habitation, that may be in the future, it requires her income and mine, combined. Yes AyreWolf Aviation makes good money , but right now expenses are exceeding that income. Utah and Wyoming were not this bad, most expenses were controllable. As it is, there are too many competitors, versus return on my investment. So yes on that, its a challenge. From a personal point, emotionally I’m a wreck. Yet when TJ stepped in , there was a light that turned on. Had she remained on station here, my living circumstances would have changed dramatically. There is a environment changed coming, and a new year almost here. It’s time to change my life’s flight plan. Like the Dove TV ad, it’s different, its foam. Until this afternoon L8R Aviators.


Its the Afternoon After, Welcome to The HazzardAyre Journal, Take 2

It’s Tuesday, the Afternoon, After. TJ Pretty much has pushed me aside. Guess the reference of her doing the Casll Girl thing wasn’t appreciated. Thing is; it wasn’t specificaly about her. The article in question, could and was a generalality for all us male corpucsles to know if that sweet thing that’s giving you a wink, is really interested in you, or The green in your jeans. One of the things that I appreciate at the brothels in Wells, Nevada that I frequent, is that YOU KNOW going in that your going to shell out some cash from your stash, to get laid. You just know, that the darling, spreads for bread. Even if you buy that $30.00 bottle of whatever beverage and visit at the bar, you know if you go to the boodwah, that its cash up front to get horizontal. It’s no tease, like out here in the vast mountain desert called Idaho. Now with that all said. If PoohBear was not a factor in this scenario, I’d be all over TJ in a Hazzard County second. Thing is at the time she was here and the brief time I got to know her, she was flirting with some Taco. Nothing against Taco’s. Our Sub Charter President Videl, Prunenda of Blackfoot Idaho aka CBS Or Country Boy Spud, on the CB, is 100 % Taco. His Mom and Dad have always been kind to me and The Knytes. In fact if I could find a resource, I’d recruit, Hispanic women into our modeling gig, as well as on air. Yet that is an elusive pursuit, as it seems, TJ. No return phone calls or texts. Okay, I messed up. I appologized , What else must I do, to rectify the situation? Some of you may ask why, do I stay after TJ? Reason, if contracted by the Knytes, TJ could be one helluva human resource. There is enough Chemistry there that she would and could be a valuable addition to the Knyte’s enterprises. Yet, because of attitudes and rumors all over this dorky Motel that I live in for now, TJ and many others got the wrong idea. What part of I’m involved with PoohBear, didn’t somebody understand>? Alex,Alex down at Denny’s here in Burley, understands that. So Alex and I are buds, and eventually and an employee. That’s it. The idea here, is get as much female on air that can double as photographic eye candy when needed, is the goal. Not for jumping in bed doing the wyld thing. With TJ, its her, as well as The Ice Queen, that’s just icing on that cup cake. I’m working to build an small empire for the Knytes and the WolfPack. As I get the feeling that my days are numbered at A1, in Twin Falls, following Charlies death, so, it is me building my own company. TJ could be a very important part of us here. I would hate to think, that a mere misunderstanding, would make her a bit standoffish, but hey, when it comes to women, I have no clue. Okay then. 


So, speaking of Denny’s here in Burley. The WolfPack, had its monthly meeting there last, night which might be one of the reasons I’m dizzy as hell, since I ain’t slept for 24 hours. All day at A1, finishing up things there, but good news; looks like we found, if all goes right, an office for the radio gig. Now its time to get serious about that. It’s also time to start looking for a much nicer place to drop anchor, and hang up my at in. This Evergreen, is okay, but its a dive at best. And that’s putting it nicely. The idiots who run this thing called the Evergreen, are too damn cheap, to fix hardly anything, its filthy. Flies everywhere. Its so bad with flies that I found myself calling them pets. But things are on the resurrection here. Plan on venturing down to fetch LexiBelle in late October. Once that is done the picture will be complete. 

My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts this evening, since I need to get ready to go talk to my Bishop, at 18:30, I have done my best here. I have served and will proudly continue to serve The WolfPack as well as the Knytes. The reason I do so, is that these noble men, are not just a bunch of guys and some gals who I ride a bike with, fly a aircraft with, or restore a custom ride for. These noble warriors are those who protected my butt in combat and beyond that I proudly fought with as a Confederate Marine. And I’ll be damn if anything or anyone, will prevent that. To TJ 

Tilisha 4If there was anything that I did that upset you or caused you any harm or discomfort, I’d like to sit down with you, have a beer and discuss it. I am terribly sorry.

Until L8R Aviators,

Some days you just want to give the finger to facebook, and market the old fashion way. Locally.

It’s a gloomy morning here in Hazzard. The loss of Uncle Charlie, hasn’t felt fully by all, but enough of us have started to feel that loss. But, Uncle Charlie would say if he were here, Get tough and get to work. So I begin doing just that. So in the interest of a pre launch of things HazzardAyre Radio, a HazzardAyre The Movie has been ordered by the powers that be. So being as TJ flew the coop, to Colorado, and few local availables as far as talent, we thought hey lets do up a full fledged event. To see if there were anything worth fishing for, I put or tried to put up something ON our FB Page, for an open call at the Burley Idaho Mall. Invite agencies, as well as locals that think their curls swirl, and their nylons wont run to show us their best bods and buns. Except FB would not let me put up anything. Which simply told me Hey:AssA9considering the more you keep us out the more you loose in our revenue. You don’t get any. 

I have a bunch more coming up in the afternoon, but I must get this drudgery day started. To FB that would not let us post our event, images Nuff said.

I dare any sweet heart to take me up on this dare, and I think I’m getting Carpul Tunnel in my wrists.

Cooters Garage 2Radio Journal 2

I have a trailer truck trailer of stuff to unload on ya’ll here, but with my arm, and my wrists especially, being sore, it truly is hard to type. Been tinkering with using fabric swatches for of course what else? Nylons, but taking them and using them , like you would tape for a auto/truck paint job. Then filling in with the female talent shots that come to us from everywhere, I’d rather have the models here, so I could have them stand the way I want to, and how I envision, a photo shot to look like. Especially if it has to do with the infamouse toew smooch, alasweet toews that has to be done just right. Been trying to get Erin interested again to do a photo session, but her two babies and all, been keeping her hopping. So I dare any , and I do mean any, foxy ladies to fly,drive,ride here to the Wolf’s Den, here in Burley Idaho, and stick her feet , I mean really stinky feet, so stinky you can smell it through the photo, feet and toes in pantyhose and put em against my nose,

Trust me if you take me up on that challenge, you’ll be very well rewarded. If nothing else, new tires and Phoose wheels from Cooters Garage Full poster1as well as being in the casting of our regular ad werx. That can go to an easy $500k a year. So all you sweet Southern Belles, ya’ll up for that challenge? Any mile, it is Sunday, So I’m off to Church. See ya’ll this evening.

Did I just Fall for a Call Girl?

hazzard county gazzette 1Lets Get Intimate Sex In The Kountry

Well there you are, ratchetjawing with your friends, when a super hot Camaro shows up and an even hotter blonde gets out. Because she’s with a Frito Bandido, you pass on saying anything more than hello. Over a few days you develop a talking friendship with her, and you start thinking, hey this could be groovy. But then she moves away, calls a few times, but never calls again. And seldom if ever visits. So your fuzz vibes start and you realize that you just might have fallen for a call girl. After all, how many women in a small farm town , can afford a brand new Camaro? Why would she be wearing a sun dress, with boots made of  fur type outers in the middle of July? Something smelled and it wasn’t me.

After awhile, of calling, texting, and begging like a dog for a bone, I finally figured, that hey once this turns around, and its already doing so, she’ll be there panting like a poodle at a convention. That’s when you say, here honey speak into the skin flute. Now Page 2:

Page 2

Then there are the undercover call girls. Like down at the choke & gag. Ah isn’t she so sweet? Thing is, she sees you as a number. A paying customer, throwing down money to grab a root and growl, then lay on her a huge tip. The more you tip, the nicer she is to you. Thing is, even if and more than likely its not the real one, but even if you get a last name, and phone number, and even a facebook, addy, guess what? She will never ever, show up for an interview, or to take a shot at you being ANYTHING, She goes home to a dude named Bubba with no neck.

Unfortunately in this era, there isn’t any room for independent talent brokers. Nope, its either through an agency, or you don’t get no one, even in Burley. Here’s a scenario, from once in our recruitment ops. We pinged Craigslist, once for a pitch girl to pitch our aviation units attributes on TV. Wanted a real cowgirl. Some sweet cheeks from Twin Falls,(mind-you) Drove all the way to Layton Utah, in a blinding snow storm just to audition. She didn’t get the gig, we ended up contracting with one of those John Kingston wives. I kid you not. This super hot, all blonde with legs to harvest, showed up, from a talent joint in Provo Utah, one field over from PCS no less, and I gave her the gig. Who knows there might be a young’n from a sister wife some where. Thing is, its really bad that there isn’t a full on, full staged talent agency here in either Twin Falls or Burley. Yes that’s what I had in mind to do with TJ, have her front the talent agency. After all, there’s all too many timid Red Ridding Hoods, that truly are spooked by this big bawd wolf. Train talent, in both the ways to walk, talk, interview, act. I had a gal that ran a agency that got swallered up by John Robert, Powers Agency. Her place was called the Panache (pin-ah-sh) Agency. She said that what we needed was actors that could model, rather than models, who try to act. She’s dead on, but why not have a place, that taught these skills? More over combine that with a simple Broadcast Skills course, such as the Bob Bailey Western School of Broadcasting, did(yes I was a student) years ago. Sure radio has went digital, but hey with podcasting and true Webcasting, and there is a vast difference, teach new-bee’s how to do voiceovers, intro’s, interview skills for newscasts, etc might not be a bad concept. But hey, we got snookered. TJ, don’t call, don’t visit, and hardly even says anything on fb any more. Oh well, her loss.

So the next time, you find your getting to sniff a very tight behind, or that wink, as the coffee you drink, and think your going to get lucky, ask yourself this; Did I just fall for a Call girl? Also remember this; If the Chassis is Classy, Someone’s keeping it happy. Most likely that big guy named Bubba with no neck.

rebel me 2Cooters Toewing Formal Logo1

Cooters Tail

Cooters Garage Episode 1

Hazzard County Gazzette2Cooters Garage 2


Welcome to: Cooter’s Garage, episode 1:

This is the section of the infamous Hazzard County Gazzette, where most anything goes. In my last entry, I related my world with Charles Legg of A1 Towing and Heavy Haul. Of the many things, Charlie taught me was not to stay in bed all day. Even to the point of getting up around 04:30 when you can get your thoughts together, before the rush of the public, and work. Used to be, that most folks in this area, were of the mind set of farming and kountry life, which included feeding livestock. Much of that was done very early in the morning. These days, seems that you’d be hard pressed to see most folks, not even getting to the office until, 10:30 to 11:00. The condition of an overnight, or what we used to term as the grave yard shift is fading. 8 hours of sleep, to 12 hours is enough. You do not need to just snooze. Most people, like my PoohBear, stay in bed most of the day, which usually means some serious depression, or emotions. It has nothing much to do with being tired or fatigued. Our Heavenly Father, and a piece of life that Charlie taught me, was that if you don’t work, thou shall not eat. 2nd   Thessalonians Verse 10. I believe in this. Granted to survive, I wont hide the fact that my nest egg income comes from Social Security. That was a band aid on the loss of funds from the Montgomery Trust that got frozen that went with a huge law suit that was initiated by my Cousin Bud, Sant. That being said, my goal is to get things going to the point, I can climb off the U.S.-of,A, Government payroll, and making my own. Many, just put their heads under the covers, and defeat themselves and just give up. Not me I have what is known as Hazzard County Tenacity, I have ambition. Just because you reach a point of failure or near failure, does not mean give up. What you do, is get up, dust yourself off and try again. To me that’s the only way to live, not just exist.

Well, speaking of sleep, it IS my nap time. Something I do, from Noon to 15:00. Then get up and do it again.

L8R Ya’ll, Happy Highways.

rebel me 2 

RIP In Honor of Charlie

A lost Mentor, Dear friend and a not forgotten Saint. Charlie Legg passed away.

Hazzard County Gazzette2HRJ MAIN

It was a cold wet night here at the Wolf’s Den, catching badly needed sleep, funny you never can sleep well on anything other than your bed. So woke up to take medicine and feed, when I got a call from PoohBear, telling me, that Charlie had passed away. Experience has taught not to believe everything you hear. Shit , I had been over last Wednesday working with BiG C, now he’s gone? How can that be? So I called Scott, then Katie to confirm what I was hearing. Sure enough, the Big Kahuna, was gone.charlie I have known Charlie for a number of years. What I do know is, if there is or was a mortal human being that could walk on water, it’d be Charlie. I remember very vividly, the first day I walked into A1, over on Osterlough, in Twin Falls. BiG Indian Rick thought Charlie and I ought to meet and put our heads together. So I walked in. After a brief introductory, Charlie says to me, “ Ever run a rollback before?” I said, “nope but I’ll try” Charlie just said, keys in the ignition, get at it.” So I did. That opened the door to a long, dear friendship that has lasted until this very day. Although 4 months older than Charlie, Charlie became a mentor, teaching me not only skills, but business skills. How to attract money, how to budget, I mean the works, mainly how to diversify your investments. Not only did Charlie tow, but he also did gravel hauling, heavy equipment hauling, real estate, home construction, bail bonding, in essence, as Charlie taught me, when one business sags in income, the rest will support the main core business. That’s why I not only run Cooter’s A1 Toewing, Cooters Toewing Formal Logo1, but also Heavy Rescue Toewing, HRT REBEL LOGO !and of course the one I started from in 1978, hooker patchHowever as I was taught by Charlie, also invest in other vocations, so from AyreWolf Aviation, Avi Logo Mainand of course why we are here on this blog business site: > Spreaker logo1 < . Now and this relates. When it came to charity; Charlie could always be counted on, to be a benefactor. Even within his own company. I remember two Christmas’s and two Thanksgivings, when that man, out of his own pocket fed 53 people. That’s right 53 people. Including me. When the Knytes and the WolfPack hit rough seas, I could always count on Charlie, he funded so many projects out of, what he called his secret fund, if it hadn’t been Charlie and A1, there wouldn’t be a Hazzard County Knytes, a Knytes-of-Dixie/MC, or the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, aka the WolfPack. There is so much more to say and write about, when it comes to Charles Legg, yet I will bit ya’ll adieu.

Until We Fly and Toew Again, Happy Highways.

rebel me 2My AyreWolf


Talk about Lazy and dishonest, Welcome to Burley, Idaho.

America is Lazy, and fat. Social programs, from Social Security to welfare programs are abused heavily. Some done not of choice, but out of survival. That said; I have never, ever, been in a place, that is more lazy, and more dishonest, than Burley, Idaho. Days like today, make me think , I should have stayed in Twin Falls. Any mile, the amount of dishonesty, is so deep, it rivals oceans. Here is where you’ll find ladies who look so divine, you’d think their poop don’t stink, who drive newer model Camaros and who tell you, sure I would like to work with you. So you show kindness, yet when you call their bluff, they do not return phone calls, Facebook postings, or even emails. Same goes for Real Estate agencies. I know two that have dropped the ball at the 10 yard line. Both say, sure we’ll rent to you. One says, let me clean it up and you can move right in. Two months ago, must be a heck of a cleaning job. Then the other says, have the lease done, and we’ll get back to you, must have had to mill the wood for the paper themselves. One thing you can fully depend on always. We and our organization, is always online, the phone always works, and we do what we say , and say what we will do. Might be why we have been around 45 years, and don’t plan on dieing any time soon. Thing is many in Burley, as well as the area, most likely were conceived and/or raised by parents, that worked at the Ponderosa Inn here in Burley. Guess what fellow Burley-ites, the Ponderosa was owned in part by MY mom and Dad. Yep, it was our money keeping that going. However we never got , rather I never got the payments owed me , when the property was sold, wonder what would happen, if I did a whammy, and sued Georges family estate, for that money, which would make every sale, of every square inch of the property that was the Ponderosa, null and void. From the Mall to where Denny’s is, to the Dollar Store is at, would have to PAY ME and our organization, what’s owed. Either pay up, or we will evict you. Maybe then a few of these stuck up’s and stubborn people might look twice at snubbing their noses and fibbing to me and the Club. I am sure it’d make these swine squeal. Trust me our legal team is looking into it, plus taking back that jet fighter at the entrance to the Burley airport. Hey guess who convinced the USAF to put it there? My Dad, through his career at Hill Air Force Base. Might be time, for some of these high and mighty’s to pull their heads out of their butts 0_23_081705_jessica_butt here and give myself and the Knytes/WolfPack the respect and honor we deserve. If you can’t or wont do something, at least be honest and say your not in it. Do Not Lie. 


Let’s Talk, no, lets howl about Wolves and Wolvez.

Okay; this BS has got to stop. Was scanning this post on FB where everything for the most part is a fib, and there was a Puma at this peoples home near Tremountain Utah. If however there were wolves near by , there wouldn’t be pumas. I’m one of those odd human WereWolvez that like strange things. Reminds me of a cross between somebody on the OLD Adam’s Family and the Munsters. I like tiny little flies. They really don’t hurt anything. Yes they can be a pest sometimes, but overall they can be interesting to just sit and watch. 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped) With that said, lets howl Scarlet Howl Script about our 4 legged counterparts. First, a Wolf while of the canine species, is not anything compared to a dog. A wolf is much more evolved and much more intelligent, than any mut. I became fascinated with wolves in 1999. A group of us went horse back ridding the other side of Driggs Idaho. Something spooked my horse and I got thrown to the ground. There I was in 7 foot snow, wet, freezing, with a busted knee, when all of a sudden, a small pack of wolves, showed up. Of course, I had believed all the stereotype bs, so I was a bit scared. I thought , oops, hey Montgomery, the jig is up. Qute the contrary. This pack, helped me get to their den, gathered wood so I could make a fire. Fed me what they could, and at the end, one hauled out a small wolf-pup, for me to keep. Had they not been there that day, I would have surly died. Wolves are not bad, its not their fault, that some over zealous humans rounded up thousands of wolves, put em in trailers and cattle wagons and hauled em to Jellystone Park, in Wyoming. Yes they can be a pest, just like a fly, and yes , they get into things they shouldn’t, and yes there are times we as humans have to put one or two down, but if it weren’t for wolves, you’d have coyotes devouring, cattle, sheep, and even Elk, and Mule Deer herds. You’d have a lot of other eco system damage. And yet there are the same over zealous humans that brought our 4 legged friends, here, that want to hunt them for sport. My neighbor Shiela got into it one evening over the subject. Yet if anybody had ever spent time around wolves, you realize what majestic, loyal, and protective they can be, and loving? If only humans could render such love. Bottom line Wolves just want to be left alone. This is me on nights of a full moon > Werewolf2 < , Then of course there was that mid morning at Deseret Transportation . I was going through my day, changing tires on trucks, when I came out of the tire room, and grabbed my coffee( That’s a no-no at any LDS company) Then of course I snagged my Skoal, Skoal Girl when here came President Hinckley, who was the church President at the time. He sat down on some stack of tires and we talked. He told me that I was in fact the Wolf, in amongst the sheep. That label has stuck. Now if I can just get me a new Wolf-Pup. See mine, got put down, by some tacos in my neighborhood in Jerome Idaho. I named him Sunny, after the HA – Club- 81 club < of which both the WolfPack and the Knytes have a close brotherhood and friendship with. When I tried to report the shooting of my Wolf-Pup, Idaho Fish and Game just issued a citation to the Beaner’s that shot him. Them Taco’s got deported. Yet , I’m all alone and missing that tiny pup. 

Well , here they come hauling my nightly grub, in. Bout time, the bastards. My nighting gails are super cool, they haul up everything from Ice cream, to bbq ribs. Yet its this mostly male nurse jerks during the day that piss me off. My Nighting-Gails, let me have my Skoal, skoalwith the agreement that I don’t make a big mess. They turn off the bed alarm, so I can get up to go potty, when I want to. Yet the male nurse jerks, wont. Plus The male jerks, can’t get a new IV started to save their soul. Thing is it ain’t them bleeding under the skin. It’s me. 

Any mile Gotta eat. More L8R