What do you get when you combine Hazzard County, with HollyWood, you get the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights).


What do you get when you combine >19274907_326383107818399_2874198152976891164_nwith 19105561_197990097391669_1530712917768907591_nyou just naturally get; CLUB MINI 1 and since 1982, what started with a bunch of wyld redneck gear heads in a small town in western Idaho of about 15 or so male corpuscles, has turned into a unstoppable force that has 7 subsidiaries, and as of last organization census, 1,million members. And we keep growing. From the WolfPack to the Deere Dazzlerz, the Knytes , pronounced as KNIGHTS. Is a one of a kind and since its inception, I have been happy to call Hazzard my home. I’m not about to give it up with a fight. 


Last night, I had a wonderful conversation with a new move in next door here at the Evergreen. Yes its the gal in the White , red striped Camaro, and she just might be one that can help our Club bring its crap together. I told you last week, if things don’t get together by the end of September then come the 1st of October a 2 legged Canine won’t be hanging my hat in Burley Idaho. My sweet neighbor is into everything I am, including muscle cars, bikes, and even aircraft. Plus any first meet gal, that tightens up her pants so you can look at her hiney, well that’s a sign of courage. Means someone with my kind of projects I could work with.

She even has honest to goodness black vynal go-go boots. Looks like we are on a roll. 

More tonight, Gotta catch some zz’s so I can fly in the afternoon to get to SSGT Hamilton’s funeral in California. 

L8R Aviators.


Heavy Rescue after dark.

hrj after dark1Have you ever considered what things would be like, if? Like, if your face didn’t have a nose? What would your face look like? Doing research on this subject, as a concept, of forgoing my critique of women’s noses, from life and TV. Jennifer Morrison Jennifer_Morrisonhas a very flirty tiny nose. Likewise , actress Kerri Russell >curlyhairandkerirussell05< but then there are some that are on TV especially news anchors like Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, >andreamitchell_portrait-pr-approved-752x749< well let’s just say, I wonder how many BJ’s she’s had to give to keep her job? I’m more critical of such things. As both a casting director for ads and such for the Knytes, to just normal observation. I’m usually only into the feet and toes>

However these days, its also including for, photographic noses as well. It’s just something you do in our industry. It may not be fair, but fairs are just something you go to in the fall, not a way of life. So just what would we look like without a nose? The World may never know, however further research by Hazzard County University is working on the idea. Now that said, I’ve been watching the ramp up promos for the rebooted BV 90210. Garth still looks hot as ever, the last series I saw her in was Punky Brewster. However Tori Spelling has started to show her age. With all that, what would it be like if: Malibu Shores, or Felicity was rebooted? Those are two shows I’d watch. I really loved Malibu Shores. Also a Kerri Russell > PM79TH kerirussell11< However there is the ultimate hottie that made the cut for the reworked Daisy Duke, in the Dukes-of-Hazzard The Beginnings, April Scott > 007TDH_April_Scott_032

Which brings me to this topic : The Knytes-of-Dixie, The Iron Knytes as well as the WolfPack are working on rebooting the Dukes-of-Hazzard, in a form that might just be pallatable for the mass public. The film will be shot primarily around Strevelle Idaho, and be titled: The Hazzard County Knytes. CLUB MINI 1which will include the formation of HazzardAyre Radio >HazzardAyre Radio logo and yes we are casting. Can we find another April Scott>007TDH_April_Scott_032< or a Catherine Bach aka Daisy>51SVzn3NcAL< but we are looking. Stay Tuned

Have you ever just sat and pondered?




Have you ever just sat on a stool chewing your cud, and just pondered? Like; these online dating, matchmaking sites ya’ll see advertised on overnight and retro tv networks, there are all those hotties on there saying their all alone , Bullsbreath. If they’re all alone and look that good, their either a real bytch, or high maintience , or both. Or that on most TV shows, it seldom shows the stars having to go drain the main vein. Nobody on the starship Enterprise, ever has to go poop or pee. Why? And does the Enterprise have humungious holding tanks? Or when women twist up their hair in a bun, does that hurt and give em a headache? Or that on FakeBook, that it’s the most fugdugly women, who never post a profile photo, that really is them? Have you ever been in the latrine watching your better half apply make up? All that primping , clipping , creaming and all. Takes a hour, yet, if there is a occassion to do so, they can unclip their bra, and pull it through their shirt sleeve. Yet it can take an hour for us guys to finger out how to unclip it. Do most girls and women just instinctively know how to put on Pantyhose or tights? I remember one year When I went to YMCA Camp. We all had this campfire sit around and some did improv acts. At the time my vocal chords and all were of a soprano level, to where I could near right exact imitate Geraldine Jones aka comic Flip Wilson’s female character hqdefault. So I dressed up with high heel boots a tight halter top and shorts, and yet a lady nurse up at camp said my legs were too white. So she gave me a spare pair of her pantyhose to put on. Here I am, a 14 year old boy, no sisters, no instruction. Hey I liked nylons on legs even back then, but I had never seen how to put em on. There is no instructions on that package that says how to put em on, and it took me darn near 6 hours trying to put those things on. Needless to say my performance that evening was a thrill, but do women just know? Or do mothers teach that skill? I suppose its like us guy’s. As we grow older and our sacks start to gravitate, they , because of sweat, and all start to stick to your leg. So as we say, time to reorganize the furniture. Yet women think as PoohBear did once that your chocking the chicken. Here lately that’s becoming a real problem. Seems the ah equipment is gravitating more and I keep sitting on the two fellas behind my zipper when I get in or out of the truck, or Helo. Yes it does hurt. 

tale of 2 pappysThis is the fact of the tale of two(2) Pappy’s. Myself ; Col. Montgomery and Col. Boyington. Greg Boyington, was born in a small lumber town called St. Mary’s Idaho. I was born in a small farming town called Jerome, Idaho. Greg gained attrition to the United States Marine Corps, and eventually formed what is known as the VMF/214 BlackSheep. I joined the Marine Corps in 1977 and eventually formed up with the VMA/214 BlackSheep. As with Greg, I am the oldest one of our squadron, like wise the Alpha wolf of the WolfPack.. People started calling both of us GrandPa or Grand Pappy, after awhile the nick-name was shortened to Pappy. I am not able to fill the boots of Greg, however I do follow in his footsteps, and apply his command style in everything I do. 




The Sun goes Down, the sirens scream, its overnight with the Wolvez.

wolfpack colonels journal iconSo went to bed at 19:00 Hours, since nothing was on TV, and had nothing to do until 09:00 this morning. After calming PoohBear from one of her emotional spasms. Then got noise of one of our own passing away, so making arrangements to head for Redding CA in the morning for that. It’s estimated that we are loosing men and Veterans of both great wars at a rate of nearly 2 per week. It might be more than that. So both the Knytes and WolfPack are doing a ride to the funeral which will happen at 18:00 Wednesday. So gave Marci a text, she understood, and its radio gear rescue Saturday at 11:00 hours. So then settled back down and kept seeing visions of one of my new neighbors in my head. I’m sorry. Yes I’m 110% devoted to PoohBear, but this gal whom looks way to classy and sassy with the chassis, has that just purrfect eye candy. Now just need to figure out how to approach that for the WolfPack’s TV ad. So then my computer alarm goes off, reminding me its medicine time. So I crawl out of bed, shiver to the liver to my pill desk,, and one by one , pill by pill, topped off with two Goody’s Powders, and then got the need for Skoal. So go out the River Corner , but once again, no Skoal in my flavor. So went to Maverick, as I should have done in the first place. Lady out at the Corner says they didn’t get a shipment yet. Really? My thought is; if the old bat who runs the place can’t get it together better than that, sell it to someone who can. So then rolled home here. Watched the tail of one of the NCIS LA, episodes. Who is the mousy red head on there? She’s kinda cute, and well endowed. e166ff1377483047_ncisla_cast_reneefsmith Was going to call Kathleen to arrange for her boys to help with the radio gear rescue, come Saturday, but figured that she was in bed, so here I am. 

personal fly byNow this>lap it off yipee 2< I could do all day, or at least I think I could. However there’s a few of my fellow squadron members here that say I couldn’t. There has been many an attempt to prove that . From Erin IJUSTLOVETOEWS

and her amazing webbed toes>rockin toes< to others, yet by the time an event like the fairs or some such rolls around, the feminintile foot models are never around, or didn’t want to finish the task. The idea started with a gal I knew from Buhl, Idaho. She said to get my fill of the thrill, I should smooch footsy’s >

until I gagged. Then my business brain started to drain, shortly after Nurse GreatBody, came to work for us. I thought, since there isn’t a world record of how long a man could kiss a woman’s toes in nylon hose, that perhaps we should, rather I be the one, to set that record. Reasons that never happened are many. Thing is that what we call the Toew-Smooch, has become a off handed trademark, of both Highway Hooker and Heavy Rescue Toewing ,Rebel Rescue as in:>WE LUV TOEW

Meaning this kind of tow>Big Bruizermy LexiBelle< Not this kind of toe>kiss me honey toes< That said it was one of my interns at our studio in Gooding Idaho Emme that said put the two words together TOE and TOW and you have TOEW. And the rest as they say is history. 

So that’s my day. More this afternoon,

L8R Aviators and taters.

you read it here first, I may never step inside a Church-of-Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints meeting house again.


I want ya’ll to know now, that after this last week, I may never step inside an LDS church meeting house again. I’ve been  pondering the all night into morning. While my testimony of what I’ve been taught as well as what I know is as strong as it has ever been. I have seen miracles and blessings, that being said, like many things, it’s not the Church itself, but the people involved in running it. I do not agree with some of the policies and decisions that have been made locally, I’m not convinced that Russell Nelson is a true prophet of God, and I am of the thought pattern that all too much of our denomination has become corrupt, and too much of the concept of power. They say jump, and the entire band of sheep say how high? As for me, I’m not sucking peter, nor kissing ass of no mortal man. God and Jesus, of course, but as Charlie Daniels said it once in one of his songs, the the preacher man says Jesus walked on water, and I know it’s true, but I think way too many Bishops want to do some walking too. I remember all too well the news articles of abused children in the idea of counseling. A bit too much counseling here I think. So if I seem bitter, I am, I rather despise the concept of a Priesthood President saying one thing and then changing horses in the middle of the stream. Of many LDS Church Wards I have been in, I can count 4, that really cared about people. The 11th Ward in Layton Utah that I attended as a child, The Uinta View Ward in Evanston Wyoming, the Jerome 2nd Ward, Jerome Idaho, and the 14th Ward of Twin Falls Idaho. The rest have made my spirit feel empty, and my emotions feeling like the bottom of a bird cage. So for now, I worship from home.

L8R Aviators.


We thought we’d be up and on air by now being August, but we are now aiming towards November. Reason? Too many ButtHoles involved.

We thought we’d be up and on the cyber air by now. It’s been 9 months since a signal broke loose from our studios, and I have no idea but it’s been a lot of money lost as well. Sure if I could have, I’d have stayed in Jerome, at the super sweet spot there, it’d be fine, but being evicted predicated by a temper tauntram of PoohBear’s in October last year and loss of a month’s rent money, we were given the boot. I had a spot picked out next to GoodFella’s in Twin Falls, for $500.00 but the real estate sales girl was more interested in getting kinky rather than doing business, so I ended up settling for a so called office, place to live, shop near Grandview in Twin Falls. Got to a point that by March with medical problems, couldn’t pay rent, so radio gear got locked up and then came, the vandalism, on 3 of our helicopters, one reaking havoc on a flat panel display system the cost of replacement so we could fly this Summer the money to further the radio gig just hasn’t been there. However that said, saw the other day, that the same place next to GoodFella’s is now open for rent again along with its companion space. Thus a trip to Sun Valley chat with the people leasing the facility and get shit in gear to rent it come September or October 1st. No matter we should be if nothing else screws the pooch, (Military aviator jargon meaning missing a landing on a air craft carrier) we should be back on air Come November, pretty much one year since we went off air. Just hoping that the situation with CenturyLink can be replicated and repeated. At least the system we had with them, not their blundering idiot sales people oh sorry account reps, in Salt Lake City. So lets see in order, Butthole #1: Tyson Cook , Cook Realty giving us the boot, and socking me $100.00 a day until we finally were able to move in a snow blizzard to Twin Falls . ButtHole #2: CenturyLink, who didn’t get our system installed and running right until November 1st, that by then was too late. Never mind that up until then we’d lost right at $500k in ad revenue. ButtHole #3: The people in Twin we least the shop from overcharging us and then locking us away from our gear. Had I known then, that doing that is illeagale as hell, we’d already be back up, but hey you learn. There’s a lot of butthole’s and asswipes involved here, too many to list, what it has proven to me , unless a person, is wearing one of our cuts, or displays the treasured globe and anchor, I don’t trust em, and if they’re yankees even less. 

Pappy's Journal1

I didn’t do much Saturday, although I had planned on retrieving some if not all of the radio gear, although because of Dilbert C Dickweed screwing us out of a shop to put it didn’t have no place to put it. Add to that Dork Face Fartknocker our Priesthood President withdrawing the offer to help in that quest, it was a no go. The biggest part was , General JaXson, couldn’t hardly steer it. Idiot at another shop said it was a full rack & Pinion. Nope couldn’t get that part until Monday. Now I wasn’t so convinced. So I nursed the old General to a Marine buddy here that has a shop with a hoist. Got it up on the rack. Found out it wasn’t the entire Rack & Pinion, it was a small hose that leads from the power steering pump, to the Rack. It had came off and broke a small fitting, Still had to order the fitting, but even so, I’ll be back on the road come Monday afternoon. So with all that, it hit 13:00 hours, I came home, drank a liquid yogurt IMG_0096these things are really yummy. Two of these a day and a good dinner, and I’m good for the day. Any flyte, so once I got that done, showered and hit the bunk, and never woke up until 21:30 hours. 

Both radio gigs should be back up mid October if not before then. 

L8R Taters and Aviators

Are you sure it’s Mexican Food? Might be Fry Bread.

Well, it’s Saturday any way. I did something last evening that might have muddied the water at Smith’s Food & Drug here in Burley. See the problem is that my General Practioner Doctor is way over in Jerome, and being without hours to go over there have missed a few appointments. So getting refills on prescriptions is a real bytch. So the Doctor calls in a Prescription to Smith’s but not Burley’s Smith’s. Nope to Twin Falls’ Smith’s. I said something to the sort of; must have been a problem in translation since Jerome, Idaho. Is Mini Tijuana . Well wouldn’t ya’ll know a younger taco working in the drug department overheard that and gave me a stern look. But then I gots to thinking. If you see a slightly dark skin person, do you know, without them speaking if they’re Mexican, or Native American. Sometimes its hard to tell. Considering they cross breed, but still its called open mouth in my case insert foot lap it up 3. But I’ve done that many times. Once asking a heavy set gal, when she was expecting her new born? Then back when I was living in Centerville Utah, this gal I was sorta courting at the time, said she had been to the hair salon. Stupidly I asked, ” What did they do?” Needless to say that was a one time date. Guy’s just sometimes get it wrong. We are thinking male, when deploying some estrogen might be a better plan. Any mile , I need my sleep. 




If Saturday is the REAL day of rest, why is it that I have projects to do on Saturday?

Pappy's Journal1While most religious entities consider Sunday the day of rest, It was related to me once that Saturday is the day of rest, as in the word Saturday or sitting day or the past participle of the verb to sit is Sat, hence Saturday. Yet, if the situation rears its fugdugly head each week, I’m roped into doing something other than rest. Its either moving my stuff once again, or batteling some extreme crisis of a member of the Knyte and/or the WolfPack, or going towing. On going towing, don’t mind doing that since when I’m going towing its putting green in my jeans. I want one dang weekend, where I can climb in the Lady my ladyand take a carefree casual easy flyte to the coast, have dinner in Bev, Hills and come home. Nope its Colonel do this, Colonel do that. Bullsbreath, I’m getting old, tired and more grumpy each second of every day. This Idaho thing hasn’t been the solution I had planned on, I’m beginning to think, along the lines that Southwestern Idaho has become a bitter taste in my mouth. I hated it in 1971 when Mom and Dad moved up here, and I’m disliking it even more now. The state or at least the western half, has become to snobbish, too stuck up, and way too expensive. It’s hard to tell the difference between Sun Valley’s economy or high rental prices and the rest of the state’s ridiculous rental rates. The blundering KTVB 7 in Boise did a thing not too long ago about how it takes a person working 4 jobs, just to afford a basic 1 bedroom apartment in Boise or that immediate area. $2,500.00 a month was the lowest I could find doing a search two years ago, when I was thinking of moving up there near Chaundra. While Salt Lake City and immediate area isn’t much lower, there is that hidden secret of Utah. It’s called Evanston Wyoming, Low rent, yet within an hour or less you can be flying off of Hinckley Field. Or taxiing off the tarmac at Salt Lake International. Either way, aviation is hot there. Which, if the roundee rounds of American Falls does not prove Gold, its head back to Evanston. Might even happen that way first. See if I can unravel this mess. As far as my mini truck and all, going to see if I can get Kathleen and Steve to store it all out at their place, then in a few months rent a U-Haul and mini trailer and come get it all, once I’m settled back in Evanston. Face it, Any more , I have no family to speak of in western Idaho. The dream of ever reclaiming the house near Hazzard(Hagerman) is gone, and outside of maybe 10 members of both the Knytes or the WolfPack, still in this area, besides Kathleen and her family and Charlie at A1, there ain’t squat of anybody that gives a crap if I’d die or worse. Remember Nurse GoodBody. I figure we’re still friends, but I have yet to get a call or a blurb from her saying , lets go have coffee. Sure she did the ultimate toew smoochIJUSTLOVETOEWS, but since those days she’s kept her distance. All the time I was in Evanston, she’d call or text saying she missed me and all, but since I’ve been here near 3 years now, she ain’t bothered to say go take a poop or anything. The Magic of this so called Magic Valley at least for me is kaput. Might be time to close the door, and say it was nice, but try to make an exit, and still save face and my reputation. Me being here is like forcing a square post into a round hole. Yes you can dig around it and make it fit , but why? I want to get back to that $12k a day money that the radio gig made in both  Utah and Wyoming, I want to be snagging bucks flying and dropping that $800.00 per in flyte hour rate in my pocket. I want to go see concerts, the Sundance Festival, I want to pick that extra change for walk on and background film gigs. $100.00 a day ain’t bad. What am I doing? Living in a flop house piece of crap motel room that they call an apartment, and one by one seeing my entire world crumble. Any mile , early and a long day today. See ya’ll around 16:00 or so, right here.

L8R Taters

WhooRay for Delbert C Dickweed and Morter Masnerd. (And) Many copies only one original and that’s us.

AYREWOLFBLOGHEADERI have said once and I’ll say it again, if your looking to get screwed over good, find yourself at a LDS Church, bend over, lube up real good and get it in the six. First for Delbert C Dickweed. Who we rented a shop from. Supposed to be an ex sailor. Really? Says rent on the joint was $650.00 yet once he found it was the WolfPack renting it, he decides to jack the rent to $800.00, and at that we have to foot the power bill. So he got his key back and he can suck wind. But hey there’s more: Our Priesthood President here of a Ward I’m soon going to get out of, as this Ward reminds me of the Wendell Idaho Ward I was in , and outside of a small few was about as friendly as a black widow towards a fruit fly. maxresdefault, So Our Priesthood President says yea I’ll help you move your stuff and the truck. Be over there on Friday. Okay fine. So I get all tached up about that only to find, the blooming Bishop here says nope only things so I can survive. How about giving me back the tools I need to make a darn living? Isn’t that what Church charity is for? To help you get your own plow, to plow and tend to your own field so you can make your own resources? Not to need to be dependent on a Church Ward, or having to nurse off the hind teat of the Ward all the time. Dang it I’m busting my hump to get out of and off of public charity and all rolls. See that’s why of many reasons, I loved and still do, Mark, my Bishop in Evanston. Although he needed to pray about it, the Ward cut a check for near $2k, then recruited an old squid, from the ward to truck down to Woods Cross Utah, box and bundle up the radio gear, and haul it back to Evanston. Reason? Mark considered that with the radio gear and all, I could make my own money, and although it took almost 2 years to do it, just before I moved from Evanston, due to some BS with Etown and PoohBear, KTOW/KSOA and HazzardAyre AyreWolfFM aka WolfPackFM, Started to make some money. Evanston supported the station, because ours was the only one that was not biased and kicked butt, more over we became the only community station there. Still could if I forced the issue, since our license there is still good. But Mark saw a need and helped. Not just patronizing someone to keep them dependent on the Church and/or a Ward. We had a shop, we had the station, everything I and the AC(Air-Club) and all had everything in one place. I had friends, and purtty decent place to reside. Dang I was stupid, should have taken Mark’s suggestion, and stayed put, let the $200.00 deposit go that I put on the place in Wendell . But hindsight is always much clearer than foresight. So with running out of human resources, I called Kathleen. I truly love her and Steve and whole family. I didn’t want to bother them with this, but I’d rather have a little Discomfort than loose $20k of radio gear, my mini truck and furniture. So I called and except for some unforeseen circumstances the move is on, at 11:00 to 14:00 hours Saturday tomarrow . The squid that ripped me off for $650.00 better pay it back, or he’s going to see Davy Jones’s locker a lot sooner than he planned. But like I have always said. Don’t trust a Yankee.

L8R Taters. 

At least I have enuff left over for soup and Grilled Cheese.

So here it is Friday TGIF, party hardy right? Cept, me after paying shop rent , apartment rent, and fueling the rigs, I have a whopping $30.00 left over. Which feeds me for the month. See when I moved here to Burley, the EBT card got plucked real good to a grand of $50.00 ain’t that nice of them. Now there are those who ask, why if he’s that short on green for his jeans why is he recruiting honeys for money to pitch the message of the shop and radio gig? Simple; really these honeys go on the TV and tell folks just how damn good we and I am. Then more folks buy product or service from me and/or the Knytes and shazzam, we make more money, then I can buy more than one bowl of soup so-to-speak. The recruiting honeys for money is not to get laid. First PoohBear would have a fit and I’d never cheat on my PoohBear, and two, if I need to pay to get my shaft stroked, Miss Donna’s and the Sugar Shack aint that far away. The idea is get eye candy on the mini screen during the Mayans, and Highway Thru Hell, and be done with it. 

So how was your day? More L8R Aviators.