Why do I get all these friend suggestions on FB?

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Why the heck do I get all these friend suggestions on FB? Don’t anyone who even invites or accepts a friend request read a person’s profile and see that a person is involved (in my case very involved) with someone else? I like being friends with folks of both genders, guys sometimes, women most of the time. The Women, I befriend in hopes of hiring them for the media werx around here. The guys only if they ride, fly or tow. Anyone else, I just wont. Even still does anyone even read anything anymore? Most youth can’t even read. Only if its on their phone, and even then it’s a best guess for most of them? I seldom get a friend invite from Church members, although, I see them on Sunday, (story on that in a few clicks) but during the week you or rather I don’t hear, see, or anything at all from my fellow Church sisters or brethren. The members of the Club except for one, never looks at or has anything to do with facebook. They chat with me and send info, on both Yahoo, and Lycos. Most of our online business comes from Google my Business, not from any facebook ad.  Yea I’m on fb, but since PoohBear canned fb after being abused on there, my involvement except some off handed pages and OUR groups, when it comes to facebook, I’d rather not. Facebook has lost most of its credibility, honesty, and reputation. Facebook has become the Wal-Mart of the Internet or at least social media. Low income, and mostly no brain or underwage people. I do not go there.

Well yesterday, was Testimony meeting. Of all of them, two stood out. The little String, girl in Primary class age, stood up, and her voice was not only clear but projected and her ratchetjawing was intelligent and to the point. Then another gal popped up, and said hers. I’ll eventually do that but I need to feel a bit more comfortable in a Ward first. But that’s not all. In Sunday School, one of the gals who spoke in Testimony meeting, saw that I was struggling trying to read over a shoulder at scripture(yes one of those things swiped by the jerx at that other shop place.) so she sat next to me and didn’t hesitate one second, moved closer and shared. We had a nice conversation, and looks like she might come aboard the Media werx division as we get it better. I even joined the choir here in this Ward. In short, yes this is where I need to be. My question here is this, although there are exceptions, and some in Wendell and surrounding area know who they are, but why is it that folks especially those I befriend on FB can’t be as transparent and honest as the peoples I meet at Church? Or for that matter, the brethren of the Knytes?

There is a heap amount of education that needs to be done concerning the CNP, and our unit of Confederate studies here, in Idaho. How we do that and all on our blog, next entry or two.

L8R Rebels.

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Things many forget, especially that I’m married.

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Every day whilest cruising over social media, and such I see a lot of and befriend many a lady on there. Some thing I’m attempting a otherwise romantic get together. So if I greet someone say a good morning they run off. So lets be frank and clear here. The first big reason I’m not looking for a mating here. In fact if truth be known and it should be and is by many who have read this and all my blog posts for the last 4 years knows, I’m very intently and happily married. I love my Shelly aka PoohBear more than life itself. The only two things I love more is first Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, the second is my tow truck LexiBelle. Then enters my PoohBear. The only reasons she is still in Florida and not here, is, she’s dealing with a mother who is near death, and until she joins the Church and we get married in the Temple, yes I’m Mormon and happy to be so, and the gospel says we can’t live together until marriage. Which I’m going to do. I have married three other times outside of that gospel teaching and have paid dearly for it. But the fat is I’m with someone, and will not be detoured by or with anyone else. Yes I befriend many a lady on FB, and other social media, mainly looking for candidates for our modeling/talent crews, but outside of that I’m friendly and kind to all women, I see and greet on the street, but not wanting to meet to mate.

Slept really great last night, although the Filet o Fish I had last night didn’t settle very good, disturbed by some guy trying to fix a miss match at McDonalds. apparently due to some homeless woman, trying to find a shack up. I have been near homeless, and only by the Grace and love of our savior I’m not, it got right down to it prior to me finding this oasis here in Twin Falls, and the kindness of the folks who own it, renting to me without a need to see my financial pedigree. So I thought of reaching out to that lady last night saying she could snooze at my place until she could find something elsewhere. But then I thought , PoohBear would have a fit and I’d be violating that trust PoohBear has in me, not to do such things, so I didn’t.

Tried to catch some TV last night as well. Caught a short of Total Custom, on Motor Trend TV, but got bored quickly. That’s when I headed to McDonalds. Was going to have them deliver it, guess what? Could not find the take out number to the McDonalds just down the road apiece.

In any case, to Lissa and all the rest, just know that I befriend you on FB its for business, and business only. I’m happily involved with my PoohBear. Not looking for love or romance anywhere else or with anyone else.

Church time.

Catch ya’ll later.

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The Wolf Howls


Me Howling

Have you been wondering about WolfPackFM? Don’t wonder no more. We are just getting started. Got a structure over on South Park in Twin Falls that will be turned into the Wolf’s Lair. Aka Crazy Cooter’s Garage. Besides building custom rides the facility allows for the ability, to do inside video shoots and doing IPTV , that is, Internet Protocol Television, in essence streaming video TV. So we are getting there. Should be up and running on Spreaker.com/ayrewolf by mid March. That’s a Wolf Howl Bye For Now.

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There’s always at least one Jackass in every group.

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There’s always at least one Jackass imagesin a group, on Facebook. So many are yapping about how bad life is, or finding fault in too many things. Just slow down and enjoy, why pester someone? Of course its not just anyone, its some buttwipe from Mountain Home. That always seems to creep up and bite my butt. I spent one helluva lot of money in Mountain Home, as well as Goon’s Ferry. I didn’t bother anyone, except some young seatcover on a frigging pogo stick, that’d keep me awake during the day when I tried to sleep in amongst flying ants, two dang dogs that barked all the time upstairs. Oh and that girl? Well talk about being frigging rude. As it was, that same young one, was out bouncing on that damn pogo stick, I was out enjoying the sunset, and planning on helping a badly need of improvement airport. Okay so yea, I snitched on some idiotic city council member who was storing his lawn and garden equipment in a round house, from railroad days, that he wasn’t paying nobody rent for. Then came that fateful day, when between finding a new place to live since the landlord got foreclosed on by the bank for. I had a helluv cold, so was checking out a bottle of cold meds, phone rang on a house in Boise I was looking at, so walked out to use the phone not thinking. Got popped for shoplifting. Me? After spending much money in that store? The lies and such, that’s why I drive right past both going to Boise. I would rather die than ever setting foot again in either Goon’s Ferry or Mountain Home ever. Oh and that $4k, that I gave the city to help upgrade the towns Cable access channel, through the Knytes? Never has been repaid. Then this jerk was yapping about my involvement in towing. Excuse me? Been at it for near 46 years now, in fact Highway Hooker Toewing has been hooking Idaho, for near that long, and is but one of 5 still family single owner same owner towing companies in Idaho. Period. What an idiot. But like I said, there’s always at least one imagesin every group on FB, plus as far as I’m concerned the guy can just; images (1).

Finally got the card problem fixed and refunds to a heap amount of things, still waiting on some software, from some mickey mouse, software company , Going to call em come Monday to get that back. As far as the radio studio, since I didn’t take it apart, some offspring of Kathleen’s did it, so now I’m trying to figure out how the desk went back together. Then its locate everything that was on ole Bessie, and install on the new one. Should be up fully by mid March, in the meanwhile its court on the old equipment still being held as a slave by the jerx that I rented that bad shop from. We’ll get there. Was going over to the new shop, Friday, but when it snows I got to go tow.

Beddy bye time,

L8R Hookers & Haulers.

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A new year, new horizons, and still the only radio on any station in the nation for those of us trying to make a buck owning and driving a tow truck.

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As they say, another day another carrot. Seems as though I stirred up a nest, by commenting on a rig I saw several times in some magazines as well as on FB. The colors are right for all we rather I plan on, for Cooter’s Toewing, and of course LexiBelle. See my LexiBelleLexiBelle LexiBelle todaymeans more to me than all the treasures of Averase. She is what I started with and with a blessing this past week right where I started going towing, full time. With that lets ratchetjaw about, KTOW. When KTOW was conceived it was not even to be a station of sorts, we started work on producing a weekly program on towing and our industry. But since it was a bit wyld, we billed it as:toew tag 2 with Peggy, shortly after we got requests for those in heavy rescue recovery. So we created a overnight show, called Heavy Hooker Radio, all about Heavy Rescue towing. With that it gave birth to Dixie Diesel Radio, that became : Maxo Wyngz Inverted 2 then switched back in a combination of Dixie Diesel Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio. All with keeping focus on the issues and concerns of towing and us behind the wheel of a tow truck, regardless of size or class. But it was only to be a syndicated show sent to other radio stations. Nobody wanted it much and the few that did, used it as filler programming. We said enough. So we created, applied for and got license to KTOW FM 105.7, based out of Buhl Idaho, 15 miles west of where I reside now. In 2009 we suffered a great loss in our accounting department of the Hazzard County Toewing Association. As such we were evicted from a studio location in Gooding Idaho. Along with countless pieces of equipment. Then as now we rebuilt. In 2011 I was turned onto Webcasting. Now understand most people especially then did not have a full understanding of a online radio station, much less a network. Few website builders and all, had no idea. Then in 2012 I stumbled on a outfit that helped construct to a degree, what is now one of our core networks HazzardAyre Radio. All things Hazzard County-aka- Confederate heritage and all, combined with vintage military aviation enthusiasts programming. All along its been at its very soul, KTOW is thee, station as we say, The only Station in the nation on radio for those of us who tow. And that’s a fact. But then p to us, nobody ever thoughted we’d get this strong, and our critics didn’t think so either. Who cares about towing and tow trucks? For the average peep, out there a tow truck is like a bit of medicine that you don’t want, but need to live. For us in this business something a bit more in-depth was required. Guys and gals who drove tow trucks were greasy, unkempt and dreaded. The industry was crowded by con people in rigs shaking down people to rip off their rides. In 1984, in Idaho a conference was held at the Twin Falls, PD, with of all people the main legal services director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, aka, Idaho State Police. In that Jay V Bates, from Rigby was there. We met, he welcomed somebody from the industry to get involved in penning what is known as the Idaho Vehicle Lien Law, which elevated the professional standards for the towing industry of Idaho. The law was authored in part, by myself and a sub committee of the Hazzard County Towing Association, The Idaho Towing Professionals Association, and written by Jay V Bates Esq. This made as set forth tow trucks as limited authorized Emergency vehicles, and us as owner drivers, first responders with limited enforcement authorization. This gave us the ability to use emergency turn around on the Interstate, but more over clear vehicles that were impounded out of our storage yards. It meant if someone, didn’t pay and claim through legal process, their vehicle after 3 certified letters in a 120 time frame, we could scrap the vehicle for metal and parts. We couldn’t sell the vehicle whole, but at least we could make up for lost investment of time and expense. KTOW was instrumental in carving out this understanding and uniting tow pros from all over Idaho. Followed by Utah, and then finally Wyoming. KTOW is not really the new kid on radio on the air or on the block. We have been through the ringer, we stumble, we learn. Women in the studio was a result of tuning into an old syndicated show called the Interstate Trucker Radio Network. It was satellite fed to radio stations overnight from coast to coast. They had 4 honeys in studio. One working Interstate traffic reports, nationwide, one working trucking news, One working nationwide trucker weather, and one with the main guy in studio, acting as a sidekick. I thought, shit this could work for us. Of course in time although I knew of him, never really gave him any thought, but caught his movie Private Parts, aka Howard Stern’s story. It grabbed me in several ways. It was a rebel no bull radio, coupled with a uninhibited co anchor Robin Quivers. I thought again, throw out the politically correct standards of radio, enter in a as Bo & Luke Duke said it in the theme song to the Dukes-of-Hazzard, fight the system. The system is broken, dang it fix it. So we started doing that. Today from HazzardAyre Radio, to Heavy Rescue Radio and this new show, Heavy Rescue Phootenotes we have made a serious disruption in broadcasting. As far as PhooteNotes is concerned.

I first snagged a copy of PhooteNotes in Blackfoot Idaho, from a fellow toewer, now a Toew Bro, there. This was a great little read. It was funny, told going towing fictional stories, and informed us all about regs and such. More on this, in the morning. Need sleep.

L8R fellow hookers and Haulers.

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Bewitching the twitching.

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Went to bed and as sleep had just about started, from under the blanket I farted, so I woke up and here I am waiting for the essence to be departed.

First of all I’m pissed, Was barking at that dillweed, that’s holding the rest of our radio gear, and up came this URGENT message from Plenty of Fish. The bastards were deported to Canada, for fraud, and why me now I have no idea. Fortunately my bank snagged it, and stopped the transaction, but now my card is frozen. Meaning no eating until early morning when I can unfreeze the card. The lady at the credit card monitoring station wasn’t too nice either. Especially, when I explained that I had trucks needing fuel, out away on long haul transport, and that not only would they have no fuel, but no heat either. Not to mention, but I will, I starve. Bullsbreath. Might be time to finally change banks. Given the fact that the chances of me EVER returning except to fetch LexiBelle, to Evanston Wyoming is extremely remote. The only major economic impact thing going on there is a immigration, deportee holding station. What Evanston has a immigration problem? Heck not even the entire area of Uinta County has a immigration problem. Mostly Native Americans, but not Hispanics. It just don’t number any amount that’s that big. Any mile, so looked over my emails and FB, which has little anymore as far as any serious news. And Heaven forbid you place a article up there from another source. You can put it up on Facebook, as a newsfeed post, or one at a time to a associate or friend, but not via PM. So flipped a cookie, and asked the few on a tow driver owner, page, group, had any of them ever seen or remember the publication PhooteNotes? Yes that’s where we got it from. Only we expanded it. As I was exiting the InterWeb, I posted a question to Google search. As I am curious, and many of you other male corpuscles, on such things, but I asked; what does, a woman’s hootchie smell like, after wearing tight leather pants? Does it smell raunchy? Or something else? No real answer. The only reference I have to this is a gal, named Denine Phile, who worked for us for a short time in Tooele Utah. She’d wear those kinds of threads, so I asked one day just what does IT smell like after she wore those leather britches? He response was surprising, as she unbuttoned and said to me, “ Take a sniff”. It was kind like smelling an old leather work glove. The thing with all these leggings and all so tight you can nearly see her, redlipslike one I saw down in Evanston once coming out of Smith’s Foods there. Since this style along with everything trying to be substitutes for pantyhose and such, are there deodorizers , for the goldto make them smell not foul? If not should there be? More research needs to be done regarding this at Hazzard County U, but suffice to say, 77071353_2435042960087147_3822208726626992128_nwhich is why I’ve always said having a lady on air in studio, co-anchoring our gigs, would be great, then you could really ask a lady, wuz up with that? Nothing like asking the gift Blue Mule 2imagesand not feel like a mule’s arRRKqN which with such questions I always seem to feel like that. Of course at those times I just want to say, “ images (1)“ .

Any myle got a few auditions showing at 11:00 hours(we see) so need to hit the rack, but does female butt, cute lil buttstink, after wearing tight britches, 346e7752e6bd842ab0c72f54820047b1? Let you know this afternoon. More on KTOWFM as well.

L8R T8rs.

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So wuz Up with all the radio media thing any way? And on auditions of models give me your size. One size don’t fit all.

Cooters Kountry Corner1Sit down and Have a Cup

One of my Toew Bro brethren asked me earlier at dinner. Glad someone up north here in this freezing tundra knows how to cook Dixie style. Any mile they asked, with your aviation company and the towing company add to that the MC shop, why are you doing a radio station? Even if it is online? First ours goes beyond the simple podcast. We are but only one of two Interweb radio stations in the nation. The only other is in Ohio, in Cleveland . www.owow.radio , but it goes beyond that. I realize and over the last two years its manifested itself quite strongly, that with my type two diabetes and all, and the reason, I have the near migraines I do, besides PoohBear, is my eye sight will leave me. What then? If I can’t drive to go towing, if I go blind wont be able to fly much less twist a wrench, how will I make extra cash plus serve the MC and all? At least with the radio gig, albeit by brail , I can at least be on Interweb style radio. The first time this kicked my butt was in Evanston Wyoming, at the Wentworth. Between Nikie, pissing and yapping about all the bad stuff I was doing in my apartment(what bad stuff?) the heat I was going through over both shops, and of course PoohBear, when she took off, after we had one of those knock down drag it out fights, I went down to fetch the title and all for Rick, for my old Cousin’s silver Chevy, and when I got back, I collapsed in the shower. At one second I was fine, the next minute I was waking up with my hand up to my wrist in the toilet, and the water just gushing. Fortunately Sydney showed up, didn’t bat an eye, lifted me out of that tub, put me on my bed, gave me 02, called the meatwagon, and stayed with me until they showed up. Then baby sat me for two days while I gained some strength. There was three things I could do, one sit on my chair watching the seagulls off my porch, two do radio, and three watch TV. Of that the radio thing gave me purpose once again. So at that point, I shifted my priorities to radio, towing and LexiBelle 2nd, and serving the Dixie Nation, 3. Mainly radio. So that is my main gig, second only to flying and eventually back into towing once I retrieve LexiBelle, once I resurrect her, from all the vandalism, and all she’s went through. I don’t fault, Rick any, but where she was stored all too many made off with too much of what made that truck her. Add to that the prick, who tried to steal it, and stripped the clutch and all its going to be yet another year before all of that in towing is going again. So I do radio in winter, fly dusting crops and all during the summer, and that’s how that flows until once again I can tow. But even then the fear of going blind is something I really fear. And its getting worse. My eyes are nearly always bloodshot, and I strain to see small type, and since the pricks who stored the radio gear and still have the majority of it, that gets fixed this next month, but still they munched my reading glasses. I can’t hardly read scripture any more. I had a big print version and the rest of our gospel, in Evanston, but that along with a lot of other things got wet then trashed cuz I couldn’t get back down to Etown to fetch it, since the Stratus was leaking so bad, looking back, when Sydney offered for me to go with her to Salt Lake City, and room with her there, I should have, but that’s a subject for another time, but this mess with Shelly would never have taken place, nor anything much Idaho. Although now its starting to heal. Things are going in the right direction and all, so that’s that on that.

Okay then: Hazzard County Gazzette Knytely News1On the subject of models and such. Look I’d like to not have to mess with that any more too, but to get more of you to tune into what we do online radio, since we are not yet over the air, I need to advertise. That means TV at least locally as well as in print and on select Cable/satellite TV networks. Granted a simple ad might work, but if your spending $4k a month plus on ads, you best have something to look at for those that might be keen on what we do on air. Same goes for in studio. The list of video projects in the works for the next 24 months is rather lengthy, but it involves much female honeys in front of the camera. When it comes to threads for those models its like buying parts for a rig or car. You need the Year, Make and model(no pun intended) of what your buying the part or parts for. These days, you can buy just about everything online. No more having to spend hours at the mall  going from store to store, finding the right get up. That is if you have her sizes, that means everything darn near from pantyhose to g-string and all in between. Yes the toew smooch is important, but if your shooting a feature on a custom shovelhead, a gal in really tight leather pants, boots, and halter does wonders. Same goes for jeans if your doing up a feature of a Kenworth or other big truck. But you need to know what her size is, and have a basic idea of what she really will look like. Hence the initial meet and greet, basic interview. Sure she might look great in Yoga spanx, but that don’t mean her hind end is going to have that rodeo cowgirl Wrangler Jeans e34235ce5651c83e4bc75395e8872bd5Butt2butt. It takes a great dairyayre to fit in Wrangler Jeans. That said you had better have all your things together, once the videographer, shows up. At minimum your paying $200.00 an hour for your model, then another $300.00 an hour for the videographer, That can be as much as $5k, or as little half that, if your model and videographer get their thing together. That requires a heap amount of rehearsal , and mapping things out. And now that I’m laying out $800.00 a month for a shop, the dang thing is going to pay. Not just cost. That means getting the word about it as well as HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio. Any mile, that’s that. But I want to quickly roll back and go over a time that the rehearsals and all didn’t take place, where the model couldn’t read her script, much less read period, and where the threads did not go with what we were doing. That in my next entry here, but let me just get ya’ll wet with this; snow boots, over cotton socks, over nylons, really dew pee-ewe. Try that for a 9 hour session that should have taken only 3 maybe 4 hours.

L8R T8Rs.

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Is it just me or is it that everybody else like female human, butts?

Hazzard County Gazzette Knytely News1Cooters Kountry Corner1

Is it just me, or does it seem, that every male corpuscle outside of a few of my Hazzard County brethren, love to look at the human female behind? While nice , I suppose and all and to every guy to each their own. The thought of what REALLY goes on back there, I’d rather play with their feet, toes, or hair. Same goes when its meal time at the Y café, your nose is only millimeters from her anus, where she does her feces movements. Yes women do poop. And for those who think it don’t smell atrocious, trust me when she poo’s it really is pee-ewe. Really more than the smells or ammonia, as in pee, more like, well, poop. So what’s the big fascination with a woman’s hind end? Now to canines, smelling behinds is a process to determine if the female canine is ripe for breeding. It’s called being in heat. There’s the slight scent of iodine or protein as in blood. Do women smell that way? Of all the times I been there ain’t never noticed, but, further butt research is required.

Well everybody was doing the Thanksgiving thing today, to the few of in my crew, that are hunting the forests of life solo, and thank you to the lazy bastards at SSA and such , as got my SSA check early as in this morning. There’s more due me, and of course PoohBear’s dues money, but Christmas is going to be tight. Sure we made great money, and if the cover girl thing works out so we can get more eyes on our shop, to where riders and rodders have us work on their rides and pay us to do so, we’ll be making more. Yet it’s going to be a long drawn out December. Ordered parts for Mini Wolf, so I can have a truck again. Mini Wolf, and its companion Silver Wolf, that I’m eyeing just west of the shop that’s for sale, and while I’m not much into anything Ford, that tiny Ranger looks good. Simply put I need another little work truck around here. It’s like lots of other things, you take em for granted whilest they is there, but wunts they’re gone, you sure miss em. Oh and yes I found out what’s gumming up Mini Wolf. Someone in two locations decided it would be a jolly bunch of fun to put sugar in his little fuel tank. Once at the Wentworth, and over in Wendell. Look if you have a problem with me, let’s fight it out, but don’t punish, a helpless little truck. It ain’t right little trucks are defenseless. Unlike Utah and Wyoming, in Idaho, I can open carry without a CWP, or restriction, meaning if you mess with my rides from now on, the question I will ask you is:

Our Code of ethics I seldom miss.

This messing with my rigs is just stupid. That happened in Wendell, Idaho. The Ingles family that lived next door to me, their kids were out farting around one day with a pellet gun. Well you can guess what happened to my front tire on Mini Wolf. That meant buying two new tires. Too bad my two pop guns were in the pawn shop, otherwise the Ingles family next to me might be a kid or two less than they have now. Church members and all that. Bullsbreath. Preach out of their mouths, blow smoke the rest of the week out of their ass.  See not all things nice and rosé comes out of female’s butts. Even with all of that , I forgive them, as Jesus said to our Father in Heaven, Forgive them father for they know not what they do. With that, its been one helluva ride. I now have a decent place to live and for once I am living. I have my shop. And in a month LexiBelle rebel LexiBelle will be back home here. The radio op, is getting there, but unlike I did in Wendell and Jerome, I’m in no big hurry. Its going to be done right, with new gear, as well as the right kinds of on air honeys, to host the music, and groove as you do your trucking and toewing moves. Putting REAL personality back into radio, even though it is Online radio. We don’t do a simple podcast we do online Radio, and there’s a heap amount of a difference. Wonder how much luck, I’d have in getting past the feet and toes with our interview go go girls Friday, and see if I can get a whiff of their behinds to report what it truly smells like, minus the dung smell. This is what kind of research we do, at Hazzard County –U-.

L8R T8Rs.

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Can I just lick the sweat of your sexy feet, honey? And HCC now has a shop for real.

Have you ever been out working a call, and saw a sweetheart so beyond comprehension, that you just wanted to flat just lick her dainty feet? Feet are not just sexual, but biblical. How many times does feet surface in biblical scriptures. Even the prostitute, who knelt by Jesus’s feet and washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. Has this scene whipped past your brain? Then recall, the crowd about to stone this same woman, when Jesus said to them, let he, who has never sinned throw the first stone. It revolved around the idea of nobody is purrfect, but in any case was made up of reference to feet. More details on this at 00:00 hours. Also at 09:00 hours, Friday we’ll have a pictorial of our new shop. It’s poetic. In a way, since the shop I’m moving into, is the same shop, that and where LexiBelle, rebel LexiBellejoined body and soul, and to which she’ll return in a few weeks. It’s time I do my own fixing there. 

NXT Wrestling is on, so going to bow out, however the question of the evening is: If you as a woman were asked by one of male corpuscles if we could lick the sweet sweat off your feet,stinky feet 1would you let us do it? Next entry the true deff, of the word, Perve or Pevert, Until then.


Did you see that? TV is really skimming the bottom.

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Did you see that? NBC for a lack of much of anything, aired a whole hour of some gig to honor Dolly Parton’s 50th Anniversary with the Grand Ole Opry. The guest of but two were looking including Dolly herself at a sorry attempt to rekindle an already expired career. Hey I love grand old Original Kountry Music. Dottie West, Conway Twitty, Porter Wagoner, etc, and of course Waylon. Which is something that really irks me. We have seen all the salutes and bio films of every single Kountry artist, except 1. Waylon Jennings. Oh yea we saw the flick with Reese Witherspoon as Lady Carter, but there wouldn’t have been a Johnny Cash, after his chemical breakdown and collapse if Waylon, hadn’t nurse the drunk back to health. No disrespect to JC, but Waylon should be spotlighted. His rendition of the theme of the Dukes, remains the highest selling single in all of music both Pop and Kountry. But I regress and am getting off course.

TV here lately and it really don’t matter none who or what old series they drudge up, still the unearthed series’ are not as good as the original. Even worse, the series’ that should be rebooted aren’t getting done. Hollywood, as well as major Film studios are not taking any chances. It’s only if what ever it is sells a big box office, that all of a sudden interest is shown to doing a series out of it. Besides AirWolf, that we are working on currently. As well as our original that will be a 2 hour docudrama film detailing the real founding of the Knytes, still B.J. and the Bear, Movin On, just to name a few. Could you imagine reboots doing, House, and even rebooting HeeHaw, maybe even Petticoat Junction. Place it in the modern era, but with the keys that we all know. No, TV would rather dig up the junk, on the bottom of the fish tank of programming, and only book a small circle of A-list actors. Example; I’d like to see the Daisy Duke, Character that April Scott April Scott 3daisy at the barApril Scott as Daisy Dukeimages as in my opinion, imo April portrayed the Character much better than even the original. Of course I’m a Hazzard County purists, but that said, seems that all the original characters of that series are too busy trying to make a lottery sized cash in, of the original story line, rather than adhering to the morals and episode writing of Uncle Jessie’s life lessons. We need to take TV out of so much big city and inner city hood environments, and get back to a bit more rural, in the sticks environments. Might open the door to youth loving both God and nation, rather than shrugging their government.

Busy day, chatted with PoohBear, and now that I have a groovy bed again, I love using it. Beats sleeping completely on the floor, with the bugs and mice.


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