Due to the circumstances of FakeBook having its head still up its Butt, we will no longer be advertising there.


Due to circumstances of FakeBook still having its head up its butt, and refusing to publish the same Help Wanted ads for our talent searches we have decided not to place any more ads there. In weeks to come many of our pages and eventually our account will also be deleted from FakeBook. Something nasty must have crawled up the keester of those frat boys at FB’s HQ, but its hurting our business. There are two things that I ponder. If say me and the MC were to take it easy and take a Slow ride to  Silicon bay California and just crash the gate at FB, would we really get in the door to lay upon the floor some of those foreign nationalists call their work place , being FB ? There are tons of people just jumping off FakeBook, Piss On FakeBook now its no secret that the MC, and I have been at battle with FakeBook, for the last 8 years, but they don’t mind taking money from us, its only the no pay ads we run there that they fuss with. Even the ones they delete, due to not meeting their stringent standards they never fully refund the ad payment. Now there are those of both genders as well as many of the gender challenged (many work for FakeBook) that can and do put up porn videos, and really raunchy videos, and they are allowed to remain. But let a Club 81 affiliate post an ad for some honeys to employ for and of our media arm, and the fuss goes to a level 5. So if you still want to know what’s going on here get im touch with us here or email us at, knytesofanarchy@yahoo.com  

In closing when it comes to FakeBook and the Knytes, simply put we are at war. 


Doing radio our way takes long hours.

It’s Saturday morning, we should be on air, but alas still waiting for the master computer to do a diagnostic scan. Which warms up the old girl. Wasn’t that bad in Wyoming, but unplugging and moving the system what? now, some 6 times takes a toll on the equipment so it takes awhile. 

I remember when we started in webcasting. It then was very infant stage, few people if any in our area that built websites and such had any idea of how to go about it, or how to embed the stream into a website. There is two business models of what we aimed to do. The one was the pattern that we rather I discovered in 2001 when I was looking for call letters for our flagship station in Layton Utah. The site was http://www.wolffm.com It was unique in that the guy who put it together is blind , partly deaf, and did it in a 3rd floor apartment structure in Nashville Tennessee. Though I had was , if he could do it so could we. By 2005 after going through a lot of crap, and self discovery, ayrewolffm went on the air or at least a webcast station. AyreWolfFM is and was at the time the only radio program dedicated to those of us who just love old vintage warbird aircraft. The mission, shows and restoration centers we covered it all, trust me this was way before WarbirdRadio and way before dixiebroadcasting.com which brings up the final piece that in 2010 after a soul search and all we combined Hazzard County Radio of everything Southern Fried with military aviation enthusiasts into what we simply called HazzardAyre. The real challenge is doing our style of LIVE on demand radio, means having several things, none of which is more importantly is a human be it male or female in the cockpit of the station, 24/7/365. It wasn’t until mid year 2014 that between tow calls and doing radio, seemed every time I’d go on air, got a tow call. So the search for a someone went out. Since at that time the station was housed in the same place as where I lived, meant opening my home to near strangers. So I had to be picky on the who. We even got one gal that relocated from Arizona to Etown Wyoming to work the station. Had a few other things been done different that combination would have worked. However, she was a button pusher with little to no on air personality so I eventually had to let her go. Codi was a great talent, just needed a bit more on air polishing to get her to where what we needed. It wasn’t until Angel showed up,that I had someone that could be taught. But I got conned by the jerks of this place I rent now of which I have 28 days now to find a place and move to. But Angel fought with PoohBear, PoohBear fought with her, and ultimately the combination failed, although once we get it all back together after the 1st of the year, would love to have her and Marie back involved. Any mile. The big thing now is finding new quarters for it all. 

 Its, not that simple, to just move a radio station. First there’s FCC approvals that need to be applied for then a facility that has the electrical, and internet horsepower to do the job. The reason I still do this, is simple. I know what can happen when this radio op is running at full warp speed. The kind of money it can generate for the club, and the public attitude change that can transpire when this radio op is hitting on all cylinders. Any way I will see you on air starting at 6PM that’s 18:00 hours for you military types . on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 


Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


As a canine loves to chew on ransit things so do I .

There are certain traits or at least cravings that usually aren’t shared between humanoids and our 4 legged counterparts. However and it most likely is only me, but canines and at least e love to nuzzle and chew on some of the most ransit and smelly things. Such as I have a tiny wolf pup, that got his tiny paw stuck on a goathead sticker. Anybody in these parts knows about goatheads. Any mile so here he is, and of course there’s some really stinky nylons on the floor that I have yet to hang up in the studio. So what does Sunny do? He starts sniffing then knawing on em. Guess the craving is not to distant since at times this is something I kinda enjoy.  Of course too and I see it very frequently. While of the same basic species, still a Wolf is much more evolved than any dog, . A Wolf is 800 times more intelligent, and able than a woof woof. Yet for the damnest reason all too many compare or combine the two. It’s like saying, that man came from apes. Sure we’re both bypeds but that’s about the only comparrison. The two just are not. Okay then. Was not on air overnight due to being still in pain, from my sprained ankle. I wont go into the goings on over at DI, although I have a phone call I think coming in today, from there . But it all was a great learning experience. I have though noticed something, and its not knocking the Church itself or its gospel. As I fully know that our denomination is true. What I have noticed is all too many are distancing themselves from the body of the Church due to some serious contentions in leadership and local extensions of the church. Like DI. Of course the Church did themselves the injustice, because it started to allow none church members to enroll in such things as DI. If they had kept it, purly Church members only the diversity of mind paths would not have occurred. And now we have two new things to bring to your attention. 

A sweet young lady in South Africa, who I met in a Wolf appreciation group on FB is looking at coming to America. Seems as though some political and such battles are happening there in with Farmers being killed and all. So the WolfPack OUR 

WolfPack is working as we speak to do just that. Apparently her guy works here in the states, while her clan needs to venture here to our nation, our Wolf-Sister, needs things so we are working up a gofundme project to get her the funds to do that, and pulling some strings at DOJ and SD to bring her and family here.

wolfpack wings logo

Last but not least. Our WolfPack is getting on board of a Wolf Preservation project. Wolves are being slaughtered everyday in this nation. It is more prevelant in our woods than just about anywhere since the introduction several years ago, of Canadian grey wolves into Yellowstone Park in neighboring Montana/Wyoming. Now if and I say if, the wolves had migrated here on their own there might be a case on the opposition side. However the Grey Wolves were gathered up, loaded into trucks, trailers etc and transplanted to our region. What the Interior Department amongst others thought that the wolves were just going to read a map and stay in Jellystone Park? Of course they are going to wander and build packs all over this area. Its not fair and once again, man stuck his snotty nose in where it should not have been. As such these wonderful creatures are being threatened by greedy ranchers and politicians. So we as a WolfPack are doing something about it. So we are appealing to all the wof appreciation and admiration groups on FB and on our radio shows to pony up say $100.00 or so a piece. Stay home one weekend , and send what that night out would cost and send it to us, that way we can hire people like attorneys to file paper, to preserve or at least thwart the mindless execution of these fine majestic creatures. If you’d like to help, please send your tax deductable contribution to: WolfPack, care of; KTOW FM 209 North Lincoln Jerome Idaho 83338. 

I’m hungry see ya’ll on the radio this evening.


Mystery solved of all the women friend requests yesterday.

Good morning ya’ll did ya’ll sleep well? I didn’t, why? Because I had to go in and unfriend more than half of those new female friend requests on facebook. And where did they all come from? My suspicion is from some prostitution ring from overseas somewhere, as most, not all but most are from Eastern block nations. I might not have caught on as fast as I did, except that I noticed that all if not most had this intro that went, I went to this awesome party at my mother in laws and danced on the table etc, etc. Now if you click on the link provided what you REALLY get is a ride on the cyber highway to a porn site aimed at selling bodies. Yep, instead of standing on the street these gals are talking about wives etc wanting to find a guy for a onesome. For once PoohBear was right. My big question is why me? I’m 60 or so years old, grey hair with a good spare tire beer bellied member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I turn wrench on bikes, I run a towing service and on off hours I manage a radio network station for a gearheads organization, I do not take home a bunch of money, while I may make millions for the Club, I don’t take home much if any of it. So if it was a Sugar Daddy these women wanted oops, ain’t got none. If it was a onesome even if I might have I will not cheat on my beloved PoohBear. I just wont, I love my PoohBear too much. What all too many are searching for in a mate, I found in my PoohBear. I also noticed on groups and pages, about wolfie things. That once I said I was grounded with a wife, a bunch of the so called supporters of mine left. One named Jan and a couple more. Look I never said I was single, and never want to be again. I like the fact my world is grounded having my PoohBear by my side. But the hustle by that porn ring cost me the show overnight. Why is it that such sweet and  exqusit groups like Wolf Spirit and so on, are so clean, and others so full of sin, that just looking at them gets you a case of the crabs. Now I fully understand all of this to a point. Foreign financial markets are falling, civil unrest is all over the Eastern block nations, Africa is in a turmoil, and as such some, not all but some of these ladies are looking for safe harbors. Yet for the few of the friend requests that said they lived in America, the question is why? If the photos they put on their profile and all on facebook, are real, none of those gals would have trouble booking modeling gigs and or acting careers with any agency. Okay so yes some of those porn gigs can make those gals $5k or better a day/night, but hey they can and would make a quarter of that or $2k, a day doing legid acting/modeling jobs for production companies like ours. Then too is facebook, so mucked up, that they need to dredge the bottom of the manure chute to stabilize their finances? I mean to allow such things into and onto their site is really making me feel needy for Zuckerburg and facebook. Considering what was it, just last week,that some 80, million facebook subscribers got their accounts raided due to a hole in facebook, security programs, then there was the thing last month with both Google and facebook getting hacked, plus the election fixing, by facebook, and all, hey I’m open to an open internet , but there really needs to be some sort of policing of these mega social sites. Plus for the escort business, the economy is still very restrictive, the brothels in Nevada, Sweden, and such are not doing too well, so some of the girls are looking to harness facebook and the internet to enhance their sagging wallets, not just their sagging breasts. 

Now for some good news, for our WolfPack members. I got a call from a GM at DISH network yesterday, regarding our pitch for establishing our HazzardAyre TV Channel, one of the things that he liked was the program we are now going into production on is something we will call Wolf-TV. Wolf-TV will examine wolves in their natural habitat, as well as conservation efforts. Which is why I sunk so deep into Wolf Spirit on facebook. There’s great art there that I’d love to display on the show. So I’m pitching that to our French fan Bernadette who is administrator of Wolf Spirit. What HazzardAyre is , is what its always been about. Taking the best of what being a fan and living a life in and around Hazzard County, and combining that with the love of vintage military warbird aircraft, as in Ayre(air)Wolf. Hence HazzardAyre. The Channel will be owned by KnyteWolf Media, which is the Knytes-of-Dixie, and AyreWolf Aviation scrunched together. Any mile, cooler today here, not as windy, plenty of sunshine. Show WILL air this evening at 18:00 that’s 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. 

knytewolf me1

The Story of PhooteNotes and US.


PhooteNotes Daily Breefs

Notice here >35645527_246225439265036_8096436935519633408_n this is my PoohBear, now granted she can be a pest, yes she’s no super model, but then neither am I, that’s why I’m mostly on radio and film production not on camera. That all said, yes she puts up shit on Fakebook, that she shouldn’t and there are life lessons she has not learned, but can. She’s not stupid, naive perhaps but not stupid and most importantly I love her, we ARE getting MARRIED in October, on the 31st, just don’t know right now where. The 31st of October is the founding Birthday of the Knytes, then as the Hazzard County Knytes(Knights), and now as the Iron Knytes Association, the encapulates, the Knytes-of-Dixie{Aka SAMCROMC}, the AyreWolvez, and the Deere Dazzlers Association. Yes there are rules and such with the Club, and yes PoohBear violated one yesterday, but she’s learning as many of ya’ll did. Again the most important thing is I love her, and she is my mate. 

Okie Dokie, then: Back in I think late 1989, maybe 1990, I first discovered sitting in the office around a pot bellied stove drinking 8 day old coffee with a soon to be Toew Bro, I picked up this newspaper style thing about towing called PhooteNotes.  It wasn’t glossy like Tow Times, nor as much on the bias towards big tow truck fleets, here was a publication dedicated to and published for us small time tow op’s Well this was my kind of publication. Here was a publication that thought about the two words TOW and TOE and put it together as Phoote(foot)Notes. Come to find out the French spell foot as PHOOTE. When I thought I’d love to have LexiBelle featured in this publication. Over time that  did happen. I also remember when I picked up the publication again was when I stumbled upon the best bunch of folks you’d ever want to meet in this business. Tony’s Towing of then Murray Utah. I remember when my son Mike, went in one day there at Tony’s and Tony, licked his face, I also remember Tommy. Now Tommy. by all means is a Knyte, as well as a Toew Bro. I stored LexiBelle, and another QRU Service truck at Tony’s, but more important a friendship was built there.  Tommy gave us and me several concepts. Cooter’s Kustmz as Tommy said it not customized Cooter-Ized. That stuck and built Cooter’s Kustmz into a house hold name as far as radical customs. Cooter’s Kustmz BTW is now Hazzard County Choppers. Tommy came up with the perfect name for a cafe. He said just call it; That One Place.  Why not? Think about it, your going to a tow or such and thinking where to eat , and you ask your wing-person, where do we eat today, and he(or-She) says, ” That One Place”, BTW That One Place cafe is being built in Morgan Utah , Grace Idaho and Soda Springs Idaho, with a third, being considered in Evanston Wyoming.  With that said, here with PhooteNotes on the site of KTOW FM, is all the things we don’t have time on air to squeeze in on the shows. Plus here is where you can get the products you need and learn about tow op protocol, plus here is where YOU will get the latest skivvy on what is going on with all the organizations under the umbrella of the Iron Knytes Association which includes the WolfPack and Samcro MC. But we want to grow more beyond that. What we want to do here is share your towing stories, We want to share your stories of people and your rides, bikes, planes helicopters, trucks. Let’s grow PhooteNotes into being what it was and beyond. That’s the mission of PhooteNotes, to be the written word of all things radical customs and towing. The day is starting but let’s make this thee place for gearheads. 


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