The Finale of the Voice TV show was really worth watching.

I don’t usually get this hyped over a reality show. That said, NBC and the producers of this years Voice finale, was one great show. They pulled out all the stops. The biggest one was seeing Travis Tritt, doing his mega hit T-R-O-U-B-L-E. My view was simply, why not do some of Shooter Jennings, songs or any of Waylon’s music. Beyond that the Jonus Brothers doing a new tune, was great as far as the song was concerned. But the stage presentation was not what it should be. The dancers were for the most point, Black women who really needs to go to the gym. They were tubby, tubs. 

Pappy's JournalOver all it was a great finale show. I still would love to know is who built that set. I mean that stage was tremendous. 

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Now this is what I’m talking about, and everyone in America must be sick.



Was out doing a talent search interview for KTOW’s website here, and we held the event at a local institution of higher learning. It was a blast. Also saw some locations that look to be candidates for both the station, as well as Hazzard County Choppers / Heavy Rescue Toewing. We are slowly climbing out of the blues here. The days of feeling sorry for ourselves is pretty much over. 

Pappy's Journal

So because I was out toew sniffing most of the day, wasn’t home much to see if PoohBear had sent me a post or not. I have looked, and found she was on FB, but no pm. So wondering wuzz up with that, considering my domestic domicile situation. It is criticle, but I’m dealing. I know Heavenly Father will intercede and I’ll be okay. This is called having faith. 


So flying through, at least on TV , I am beginning to think that all of America is sick. Why, just about every other ad on TV is trying to sell me some kind of medication. Many of which has worse side effects than the illness its supposed to cure or treat. If its not that its that my libido, must have some inability to function. I love that one ad, that has that athlete, called the Heat, where that one lady, looks at her sig other, and calls the Heat, the Hunk. I’d love to see, the discussion when they went home. 

pAppys-corner.jpg I love to see actors you get to know on one series, on another series. One NBC show has as an older guy, who is senior Saprano. Makes one wonder, since that series was so popular, and with TV and most of Hollyweird in search of new projects resurrecting old shows, why the Saprono’s hasn’t been had the redoux. 

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Just listen to the voice, it holds many mysteries.

Hazzard Gazzette Back fronttoewers blues

Recently after hearing for the umpteenth time a Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich shop TV ad, I started hearing a familiar voice. After thinking on it, discovered that it is infact the voice of Archer , then I was viewing some Promos of a new ScyFy show, and found that the voice over voice was Patrick Stewerts of STNG fame I/e Capt. Picard’s .

Speaking again, of TV, and I have lots of opinions on this, since I watch tons of TV, both local and cable/satellite. It’s also a piece of broadcasting that I give attention to. I’m mostly offended that local as well as cable TV stations and broadcast stations, that have went 80% of them all have went automated. This does not give an excuse to radio, as many radio stations have gone artificial intelligence rather than hire people, to man control rooms. One part of that is what is not too widely known, as the Calm Act. The Calm Act was put up, as a way to keep ads from blasting you out of your chair, and the reducing volume levels when the real show comes back on and vice versa. No, TV stations and networks no matter the delivery platform are to damn cheap to hire a few people to monitor the volume levels and adjust them as needed. Example. Local TV station here in western Idaho, KMVT, came out of their nightly newscast, to the Steve Colbert, show. The intro to Steve’s show, was so loud, that you just had to use the remote to turn it down. Good hell KMVT take some money out of the chest, and hire a board operator. Of course few people even know of the Calm Act, or even how to file a complaint with the FCC. Too bad you can’t file a complaint with the FCC for monopolizing a market, or bullying someone else from stepping up and creating a local new station. Or buying an existing station. Example, a few years ago when KPVI – 6 who owned the local FoX station here was selling , HazzardAyre Media, was muscled out of the running. KMVT does not like competitors.  Of course there is news. What ever happened to the Noon , news? There is no TV station or Radio station here, except for us, that does a Noon-newscast. Which we do at noon and at 18:00 hours. But nobody else does. KMVT, KTVB, KIVI, none do a noon newscast, and the nightly newscast is pretty crappy.

Television, needs healing, HazzardAyre Media is healing both, one viewer and one listener at a time.

Night Ya’ll.

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Our view of TV for the future is sour.

Hazzard Gazzette Header frontDAY WATCH

Our views of TV for the future is sour. TV Ad’s as well. I hate repeats and I especially hate commercials that are completely stupid. Example, the latest McDonalds ad, sounds like a Spearchucker’s revival hymn rather than a music bed for a fast food outfit. Same goes for that Doritos Snack Chip ad. The cars on the ad are great, but the rap tune involved sounds like a Harlem street gathering session. That ad was produced for this years SuperBowl. Really? You’d think, a TVspot for the SuperBowl as much as both air time and all would be done with a mess of more eye candy and substance. As far as programming, while I dearly love Chicago PD, I have seen most of 4 seasons of it so many times, I can nearly recite dialog from each episode. When all too many of my Hazzard-ites were enthralled with repeats of the Dukes, after the series had ran , I was flat bored. Nothing new. Nothing I hadn’t already seen. The idea with us, was and is to revive and produce something new. Not to keep rolling out oldie and moldie episodes.

If your in business, and your depending on TV to tell your story, and your looking for someone to produce an ad for you, do it with spice get a hold of us. We’ll make your Company’s message and story sizzle.


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Smelly poop , bad for most good for diabetics, and more on Bods & Rods


Day Haul

For most people a smelly toilet trip going number 2 is bad. For someone that has diabetes that smelly poop is good news. As it says the person’s A-1-C and glucose levels are normal. The same situation, goes with urination. If it smells like sugared KoolAid, means A-1-C and Glucose levels are abnormal and insulin must be taken. Diabetes, whether its type 1 or type2 is no joke. Okay then.

Yesterday, I sent up a post called Bods & Rods. Got such a response to it, the HazzardAyre Press Corps, said Let’s make that a part of the Hazzard County Gazzette. Hazzard Gazzette Header front Picking up the best of the local gals next door, and home grown rods, trucks, and customs. Which is the core of the Hazzard Knytes. Which brings me to a situation that’s been festering for some time. The Hazzard Knytes, the Knytes-of-Dixie and all subsidiaries, would not be alive had it not been for SAMCRO MC, Stepping in and providing financial and organizational support. That relationship remains. The Knytes-of-Dixie is the Mountain West Charter of SAMCRO MC. 

PoohBear hasn’t posted anything to me. Which is worrisom , since Rent and the restoring to operation. This will not happen next month. Just praying that PoohBear does her part.

Bods & Rods

cropped-wp-banner-11.jpgDay Haul

So I got up this morning, and felt Dizzy as hell. Seeing spots through my eyes, and damn near fell over twice, but with nobody here to go for my moo-juice and maple bars. I went myself to Smiths, here in Burley. Got back here, watched all the Fast & Furious movies. Marathon on USA TV Network. Once I did that looked over the Disney fare, not much to watch there, anymore. So back to Fast & Furious. Of which the stunt driving on there is great Devon Aoki is what carried 2Fast 2 Furious, of course with those kinds of noodles I’d eat Oriental, Chow Mein both sweet and sour

Makes you get fed up with these tubby broads we have here in Idaho. Guess up here, women need that extra insulation to keep their mates warm.

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Some jerk, said that what we do on radio, is pirate radio. No, way. There’s a huge difference between Webcasting and Pirate radio. Since we are not mainstream we have to promote and publicize as much as possible. The fact that Bods & Rods have been going together like peanut butter and Jelly, So we have to hire choice eye candy to give our TV ads and print ads, gets you male corpuscles a reason to watch the ads. Talking about our eye candy bits, the Toew Smooch alasweet toews is still of our ad bits, but I’m finding that the idea of smelling and kissing stinky feet and/or toes. Toew sniff is no big thrill for me. Not saying if it was offered , I wouldn’t say no if the oppurtunity were to come up.

That’s Life in the Fast Lane.

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Killing the America/English Language, phrases that need definition, and PoohBear and I. Welcome to HRJ Knyte Grooves.

hrj knyte groovesHazzard Gazzette Combo HRJ 2

Welcome to Knyte Grooves. I watch a bunch of TV during the day to absorb news from all sources. What I hear in ads, is scrunching words together or modifying words, as well as pronunciation. One ad, running on Cable-One of Twin Falls, Idaho. Is spotlighting a Pawn shop in Twin Falls. What they say, goes it’s the bestest. Really? But I hear it in films and dialog of TV. America, because of smartphones and such are killing the American-English. Not of real English of import from the UK. The UK, has many words that mean something other than that what we would say. Example; A fag in UK, speak, is a cigarette. Where as here in the USA, it means something else. Then there are phrases we use. Example: Kit & Caboodle. Where did that phrase come from? For that matter the mis-spelling. And Grammar mistakes, in publications, of what would seem pro writers make. Doesn’t anyone proof read their writings, to fix mistakes?

PoohBear and I are patching things back together. Thing is I’m still skittish of jumping back in to that situation. It’s that , once bit twice shy condition. She has that condition, of follow-through. The SSI told her the money she got fuggled up to me and the club would be back on her card in 10 days. Hell 10 days from now is the first, of the month. That means on the 1st of the month, she’ll owe the Club, $900.00 , not the regular $600.00.

Research by Hazzard County University, is looking into the structure and all of Language.

Watched the movie, Independence 2, lots of Star Trek Next Generation in that film. Course that’s to be expected since the professor is also Commander Data. Love old movies.


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OOps she did it again.

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In the words of a Brittany Spears song, oop’s she did it again. This time I’m considering making it solid. I don’t cotton to the fact that my heart has been broken, nor raped money wise or my life damn near destroyed. But as its been said , if it doesn’t kill you in just makes you stronger. For one thing I do know, is unless you solidly know someone on FB, don’t believe any of it that they tell you is true. Oh well. Just now need to do some work to recover the radio gear , my mini carrier, and look to places east about 250 miles. Should have done this in December, last. No wonder my Bro in Evanston, wont hook up with no dang woman again. After awhile it festers, then you broke up , and broken heart, deflated ego, pride, dignity, and wallet. No thank you. As another famous music artist says it, “ What’s Love got to do with it?”

Until Morning,

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This Site is being updated in the Background

Hazzard Gazzette Header frontFarm Kountry News

Good day to ya’ll from rural Idaho. Many of the farm techs are out doing their planting. It’s been dry enough to get in the fields, life is easy going here.

I got into an online chat on fb, with a gal from Oregon, about how bad it is that local schools and education does not give any more to AG science. We used to just call it AG. I learned a lot there, Especially how to fix it, don’t replace it or buy new. I also learned about Agri-business. FFA was one of my Springboards into commerce. The idea of E-Commerce came well after I graduated from Hazzard County High . Go Pirates. Have you ever thought that one of the fox tails, that ignites violence in schools was caused or contributed at least , was OSHA? They came in and said you shalt not put kids in the farm fields, you shalt not let kids drive tractors, to which I say poppycock. 60344663_598381160680741_3171223226516766720_nI say if your going to stop the high school shootings and such, get teens and tweens off the computer and off the street and put em on the Farm.

Hazzard Gazzette Combo HRJ 2pAppys corner

The skirmish with PoohBear, continues. Don’t know how long she’s going to keep on fussing. Don’t know if the situation will heal, or if I should just say, it was nice, so just going through the motions. I still love her. Everybody has their complexities, just because you have a snag in the stockings , you don’t let it unravel, and throw it away, You keep it together. Maybe its just that kind of rural thinking, but in my younger days, couples didn’t just break up, because of a difference of thought, they talked it out and had a brewski and stayed together. That’s how my parents of which I have yet to know any other that stayed that strong. Even my Uncle Dell and Aunt Delora , they stayed together. Built a life and raised a great family, and yes it was on the Farm. Same goes for my Aunt Carmen and Uncle Nels. Maybe that’s where I get my Hazzard County tenacity. Maybe its my military service. Marines just don’t give up. Yet here I am worried that its Shelly giving up. But enough of that.

Rebel RescueWhen I stumbled upon the idea of reworking everything Highway Hooker Toewing and all of it, it was on a night of binge watching Highway Through Hell, on the Weather Channel. Right after Highway Through Hell, came Heavy Rescue 401. To which led many calls, emails and company execs, that we said lets do it. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will be a long journey, but its going to be done right. From business registration to a D&B rating, still Heavy Rescue Toewing is going to be us. I’m not regretting it for one second. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will focus solidly on towing and recovery of big rig otr trucks 60512562_2348593525465638_2334305340872458240_nnot so much cars and light duty towing. Fewer idiots, fewer and less stress, and ability to increase income, not keep spending money chasing DUI, calls. Let A1, and J&C chase the tiny tows we’ll chase the heavy big toews Big Johnpearl toews.

Club news next post.


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Early to bed , Early to Rise makes you wealthy and wise, except me as I awaken puking my guts out.

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The old adage of, Early to Bed, Early to Rise, makes a man wealthy and wise, is my normal secondary daily motto. The first one is one quoted by Pappy Boyington, that went , Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum. Here lately for over a week now, with the screw up with PoohBear’s dues money, killed for a few more weeks, my phone, meaning that I couldn’t correct the fugle up by ID, H&W on my EBT card meaning I have been nearly starving to death. Monday night it got so bad I had to get the lady who is a Assistant DA Attorney, call the meatwagon. Same shit different time, so they hauled my ass to St. Lukes, they dialated my insides, gave me Lidacane and a few other meds, and Jared took me home. There is a fix of course, they said they could go inside me do some serious surgery, and remove the part of my stomach with the ulcer. Get rid of the situations that’s causing the most stress’s , Or have to go to the hospital at least once every other month, to have the esophagus tubes dialated. Which kicks the crap out of being able to eat much very often of solid food. That means none of my fave foods. I am choosing the latter , since as it is right now, I’m not splitting from PoohBear, however one more of these, diddies of money to the Club, and I’ll have to seriously look at it. An Empire is built by collaboration, not lying about what goes on with the finances. If I need to do it myself, that’s what I’m going to do and search out some of the supporting ladies that I have gotten to know over the last two years. My main stress which includes the screw up’s of money by PoohBear, is that back to October last year she with-held money which got me evicted from the studio in Jerome. Had she not done that I could have kept the station together and by now LexiBelle>my LexiBelle would be here, and so would Mini-Wolfmini wolf 1 Of course had PoohBear not pissed of the neighbors in Wendell, and all and had she not held up money in both June and July of last year out of spite of Angel, who should I stuck with, I’d be making money by now. Most people would say with all the crap I have went through with Shelly, I’d be smart to break up with her. Considering I gave up controlled rent, EBT and a bunch of things, and would been able to remain in Evanston Wyoming. But nope. Yet for some unGodly reason, I love Shelly very much, but I’m getting closer to self survival mode. The situation is, if June 1st I get the full money for her Club dues and pay-back to me, great we will stay together. If she doesn’t , There wont be no more PoohBear and me, I just can’t deal with it any more.

Chicago PD is on, so I’ll close.

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