Maybe its because I didn’t really have a childhood?

There are days, I wonder why I am, the way I am. My childhood if you want to call it that was not all Cherry Pies, and cartoons up until age 4-1/2. Before that, I had health problems like you can’t believe . My immune system was near none existant. My body could not produce white blood cells, which meant every single cold, flu, chicken pox, fevers that usually ran into the hundreds like 108, 110. But mom through Jean Hatch , Jolene’s mom, of a old country doctor in Farmington Utah. His name was Harrold Jensen, and he made his own cough suppresent. He started me on a medicine called ; Gamma Globlin. For near two years, once a week, Mom or Dad , sometimes both, packed my butt to Doc Jensen’s in our really old 56 Merc Montclaire to get what we started calling my fun shot. Before Doc Jensen, I had so many Doctors that poked my butt with a needle, that I was terrified of a shot needle. I developed an terrible allergy to Penicilan , That exists today. You shoot me with that and I go into convulsions. By the time I turned 5 that was all over. And my mind was of such that I gained serious intelligence. Don’t ask me why, but I did. Plus I loved doing business. First with a KoolAid stand, then progressed to a newspaper route, then, fixing pedal bikes. Then came Radio. It was at about 7 years old or so, Mom and Dad came up to Jerome Idaho, to do business on the ranch we had in Hagerman. I had my bike, and was cruizing around J-Town, and looked into this building that was KART AM in Jerome.(Its now a taxidermy shop). All those knobs, buttons, lights, I wanted to play with that thing. So everytime we went to Jerome, I’d hang out with Kim and Kent Lee. At the time FM radio was in its infancy, Big Al Lee, had put on the air a easy listening station on FM called KFMA 92.7 . One afternoon, Kent, Kim and I were playing around, and when I saw the cockpit of KFMA with computer sort of controlled broadcast gear, I knew then I wanted in on this. So the next weekend as the two Lee brothers and I were goofing off, but I had brought some of my records of rock n roll. Kent showed me how to go LIVE on KFMA, and I started playing rock on that FM station. People liked it. So Big Al, said as long as I kept my schooling grades up he’d give me a weekend gig. It was called Saturday night Dance Party, the format was so hot that it evolved into Z103, and the rest is history. Besides flying, doing Radio, was all I ever wanted to do. Then of course there was the gig at KMTW FM, and then KLIX AM, where I did or started a over the road trucker program. Again the rest is history. Of course my style of radio was a bit to edgy, for the area, so when the doors had pretty much closed on me, I cranked up with the aid of The TeenAge Truckers 4-H Club, what we originally called KDSL- or Kay-Diesel, at 89.1 FM. In 1984 KDSL, was changed to KTOW FM and the rest of that ya’ll know. Guess I was always ahead of my peers. I wasn’t a nerd by any sort, but I decided to enhance my brain, rather than doing athletics, and such. My nose was always in a radio tech manual, or a book of some sort. Then of course there is Zeb Bell, someone I admire very much. When I hear his show, on KBAR AM 1230, or read his Blog postings it’s like we are both twins. His thoughts are the same ones I have. He and I only disagree on one thing, He is Union, I’m full blooded Confederate. That I can’t deny. More in the AM, I’m ouutta here.

Getting Fussy, about nothing to get fussy about.

Some body, much smarter than I once said, if a company or a project doesn’t grow, it dies. When it was determined years and years ago, to follow in the foot steps of the original Overdrive Magazine that had cover photos of sweethearts with trucks

We said we can do that too. Back then not everybody was paranoid. One could cruise on the street, pick up candidates, and do photo sessions. No big deal. Thing is and I truly do not understand, this but my honey gets all fussy about the recruiting and photographing models with rods, trucks, and such. Simply put you don’t get photos like this>

 without a ton of interviews, trial photo sessions rehearsals and then booking both the rides and the models at the same time. Of course, this ain’t Florida, or Hollyweird, it isn’t dry, hot sunny days here in western Idaho. When it wants to rain, snow, blow, and other unusually unpredictable weather it can reak havoc on a photo session.

To some guys, this is sexy>62075802_2350594015213319_3677562130837536768_n to me this is sexy>

Case closed.

hazzard pappys sig1

Those who ride get it, women of men who ride get it. And yippee I got to see Ashley today.

Before I get into it here, gotta say, Ashley is still looking good. She says once we get everything running, she’ll take us up on our offer. Her flaming hair, against that black T-Shirt, is just stunning. I swear, if I ever did do the papa-mama thing with her, once I withdrew it’d sound like someone popping out a wine bottle cork. Although hiney may be saying one thing while the Rosey ello-xhdpi-05097aeemay say something else. Makes bringing home the groceries from Smiths, a whole other concept. Which brings me to my subject. 

samcro journalI haven’t been chatting about this for awhile, simply cuz it ain’t been too gooda weather to be ridding in and there are things the Knytes like to keep some things internal and quiet. However here lately there has been soonamay waves in my domicile that need defining. The thing is unless you have straddled a HD and taken a long ride you have no idea of the peace and tranquility that is rendered there. Nor the magic and togetherness that happens between a couple on a ride. The camping by roadside and all is an experience that can’t be duplicated. Now that said , belonging to an MC has its protocols . There is order to our anarchy, one of these protocols, is selecting lady eye candy for club projects, like gaining a spotlight on KTOW our radio station, or the MC shop. Yet every time I select someone my dear PoohBear throws a fit. Now sure , I’d like to have Loren; 51689148_2275998802672841_4309678611255787520_nOr Brenda>ello-xhdpi-cafd7a9eyet because both are mega media stars I have about as much chance of snagging one of those as I do winning the Idaho lottery, in fact I’d have a better chance at the lottery. Yet my sweet heart, has to fuss. Yet its my final decision who represents the Knytes, on TV and in magazines. To an MC , reputation, is everything. Like the GEICO commercial says , if you ride , you get it. 


We finally won yippee , and what is it about blondes?


Before I get into my rants here, I have a thing that needs to be said. An old cop in Glenn’s Ferry Idaho, once said to me that there is the State of Ada, where Boise is located, and then there is Idaho, very seldom does the two twains meet. Nothing makes me more upset than seeing media of ANY kind, ignore the rest of the beautiful state of Idaho. Granted there are tons of assholes here, that is everywhere. That said, when your trucking down a mountain highway, or one of the older backroad highways, and see all the scenery that only God above created. You feel isolated when KTVB, KIVI or any other TV station out of Boise that pipes in here via Cable( Sparklight) One Cable. They don’t even take the time to even mention the weather in Burley, Paul, Rupert, Declo, Malta. Nope , Or the news from around here, local KMVT is not much better. There has to be some major event or tragedy here for anybody in media except us at HazzardAyre Radio, to report it. I call it arrogant journalism, and if I had my way, the Cassia area cable system would pipe in signals from eastern Idaho, like Idaho Falls and Pocatello. 

Well it was court day today, the judgement was in favor of the Knytes, and we’ll be getting our radio gear back, plus some chump change $’s for loss of revenue, about a half mill. Next is the Cook Crooks on that mess in Jerome, then its off to the races for CenturyLink. $2, mill there for loss of revenue and breech of contract. 

What is it about blondes that turns just about every male corpuscles crank? Including me. Is it that a blonde symbolizes purity, angelic , innocence ? What? For me its more on the level of the first 3 preteen , tween, and teen crushes. First there was Jolene Hatch(Niece of senator Hatch R-Utah) I was romancing her at age 4 to about 6. Then of course, there was Peggy Follett, who to me was thee one. After that collapsed there was Michelle Gates, of Utah. Again one who allowed me to play in places and with toys dig what I’m saying? Of course there after that was Robin, Miss Dixie Diesel Radio 1993, and then Erin(Nurse GoodBody) . Of all that there are the usual jokes and humor surrounding blondes. How dingy, stupid, airheaded they are. Let me tell you , blondes are NOT, repeat, NOT stupid. Yet a blonde will get a spotlight every time. If your in Church, for example; if a great looking blonde with a few hints of eye candy comes in and sits down in the chapel , I will guarentee you every guy in there is looking. Even married ones, in their funny magic underwear. So really what is it about blondes that tweakes a guys fancy? More research needs to be done. I’m headed to grub ville. 

L8r Ya’ll.

At least they served us lunch

So near 11:45 my attorney and I were outside the halls of juris prudince talking about things in general, and here comes this squeeky little cart, kind of like a craft cart at a movie set, filled with lunchables. The soup was good although I wish there had been more of it, but hey, it was free. Looks like the radio gear will be here and if nothing goes ary by August we should be back on the cyber air. And over the air just shortly after the first of the year, which means I need to get my butt in gear finding hot honey hiney to occupy radio studio chairs. Last night I did something stupid sorta. Was out on a toew call, and like I always do , left my cell in the truck. I do that, because not too long ago, I had another cell in my pocket and not giving attention, ran over the damn thing. Hey it was early morning, I was tired, it was snowing and terrible cold. Well left my cell in the truck last night, came home all the way to Burley no phone. Got in bed at 01:00 and only got up to squirt 2 times. Doing better, although one of my meds makes Herman shrink. Well court is about to get back in session, catch you on the bounce around later this evening.


My throne

my throne

B-4- I go for the evening

B-4- I go for the evening, I had one of my frisky dreams last night. In amongst it, I tried to relieve my need to breed and while I was up for the challenge, Herman would not spit up. Might be that I haven’t had any serious stimulation, for a long while. Last time I had any serious interaction was when we had the underwear show when I was in Wendell. Okay then. I need to know why even it being owned by the same network, why can’t USA – TV (cable network) needs to keep running the same rerun episodes? Why can’t the harvest some new episodes, since the series is still on the air? The great TV show’s that have staying power get axed, and we get these shows like the Queen of the South, or The Chrisley’s or that fat gal on the Radke’s get top network, shelf space. Crap is what it is. No wonder the On Demand is blooming, while network of any kind broadcast or cable’s ratings keeps dwindling. Then you get the copy cat series’s. When one network blooms a great series, the rest try to duplicate it, but all too frequently, fail. Dig this; as you might have seen the few promos, for a revamped reboot on the old series, SHAFT. Well, not to be left out, BBC-America, has to roll out something called Luther. I viewed Luther, for about 15 minutes the other night, but fell asleep the rest of it. Its just boring. Damn Brits, anyway. I’d love to see a reboot of the series Fresh Meat, MV5BZWM1Mzc0ZmQtZWI1Ni00NDk5LTgwY2YtMjViZGY3ZTZlMjJhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTgxOTIzNzk@._V1_UY268_CR4,0,182,268_AL_with that stunning Welch honey, Kimberly Nixon,>

That super hot smile, and action acting, could you imagine that series being done in America? Be much better than Pretty Little Liars.

Of course putting some version of the Dukes-of-Hazzard or Airwolf on would hurt my feelings. Even BJ & The Bear rebooted. 

If only I could get a hot honey with tiny toes in nylon hose to grace my humble domicile I’d be much better off, hey I need a sniff and taste.

Night Ya’ll.

me knyte

Have you ever wondered about friend suggestions on FB? and those extended contacts? Do you just want to ask Why me?

Have you ever wondered why some people all of a sudden pop up in your extended contacts on FB? What about those friend suggestions>? Why? I’m not the Oracle of Delphi, or any case of a philosipher, I’m just one guy trying to earn a buck driving a Toew(tow)Truck. I guess it might have something to do with my seat of the pants or views through a windshield reporting. What ever it is, I would much rather have those same extended contacts pony up $’s to aid the recovery of the only radio voice of TOWING, hence the call letters, KTOW(Kay-TOW) FM. Of course there’s those Friend suggestions. Why the hell would FB, have a 60 year old engaged to my PoohBear, qos2male corpuscle be even interested in a 17 year old female? Are they trying to get me busted? Is this the idea behind Zuckerburg’s minions, to get more older men arrested for molesting young women> ? Even Stat-Rape? No wonder we have strange guys out kidnapping younger under aged girls. Schitte, FB try educating your AI/. The other lane here, is transexuals, and super tubbies. schitte, Why would I even be interested? While its flattering to have some folks following me, still it burns my saddle pad, that some of these weird women and others to ask me to be their friends. Don’t these women and others before they approve a friend request or vice versa, read my profile first? 

pappys-journal.jpg Sunday was a real wash. Just after Sacrament meeting at Church I caught a call on a two truck accident that had one box semi rolled over with tons of damaged bottles of Dawn dish washing liquid that was all over west 30 near Hansen Idaho . To say it was slippery is an understatement. We didn’t get it all cleaned up until midnight. To which I came home and caught zz’s. 

 When it comes to towing , I have been dedicated to our profession. From establishing the first towing operators organization in the Mountain West, which includes putting on the air KTOW FM, to staging regional tow shows, most importantly, co-writing, Idaho’s lien law, that established towing operators as first responders and tow trucks being called limited authorized emergency vehicles. There is so much to do, and there is no end to it.  The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, is working on a rewrite of the move over law in Idaho to being a felony, rather than just a misdemenors as it is now. Putting some teeth in the law for those that ignore that law and hit tow operators doing our jobs on the side of the road. Idaho is now doing a series on TV of being engaged driving. I say make them aware of what happens when they don’t slow down near a tow scene. This is just what we do. Hey toew

em easy, I’m going for food.

me knyte

It’s a Sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard

Hazzard County Knytes

It’s a sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard, or about as close to Hazzard as your going to get. Ran into a snag with the BLM, on Hazzard City, so working on that.

So as I awoke this morning at 06:30 thought, I’m not going to Church this week, rather go next week. But at 08:00 got a strong prompting to do so. So got to the meeting house, and was chatting with this gal, who had the hottest spiked heels that I had seen in a very long time. The heels were rolled like they had been turned and milled in a lathe. I have seen this before>hot bike but not quite in the same style so we got to chatting up til services were about to start. Saw the Bishop for just a few, thanked him for the help to get over a bad two weeks while PoohBear had to…

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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Welcome to OUR Hazzard County.

Hazzard County Knytes

So woke up this morning with a cramped foot, from having it pointed south, rather than upright under my blankets. Causes all kinds of pains. Plus can’t ever get my pillow to work right. It’s a fight all night long. After awhile I finally find that sweet spot and lift off for dreamland. The Knytes had in their brains to run down to Hazzard City today for a short run, and while it IS sunny out, still there’s a freezing wind blowing, and its just too cold. So stayed home. Ran into a bible thumping MC at our local Smith’s Food Store here. They were raffling off some junk, for $10.00 per hit. They were doing well, but half of the patrons, just shrugged and left the store. Now if the had, a trick Harley there to win, and a biker hottie there they would have sold a ton more…

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My Addiction to women in nylons, and transperancy.

Pappy's Wyngz

It has been asked why I’m so hot and bothered when I get near a attractive woman in nylons, of any type. The answer is relatively simple, as well as complex. While I always say it had to do mostly from one TV ad, that got me into the scent of toes and all in hose, still there is some accuracy to that, my addiction to women in nylons started much younger. 

Baby_Blue_TH_BRM81 I and even I don’t know why. The start of the addiction,was when I was in 6th grade. Our Garage Band, was asked once to play a gig for some kids birthday in a 4th grade classroom. There was this teacher named, Miss Jensen, who wore the super mini skirts which was popular in the late 60’s early 1970’s. And yes nylons. Now most of my guy pals were into breasts and behinds, me to be different said, why not go after the most ignored part of a ladies body, the feet and toes. Others used to say it was my summer babysitters who lived across the street, who were seniors in high school, both wore nylons and one encouraged my fantasy addiction, by having me massage her feet since she worked at a drug store soda fountain place called Kowley’S Drug Store. Others have tried to figure my addiction out, hell I don’t even know. Some have been pro head shrinks and counselors, my addiction was satisfied for a short time by 4 sweethearts, that were not too timid about the subject. One was of course Miss Dixie Diesel Radio of 1993, Robin Whittaker, she made sure she came to our makeshift studio, stuck in a rather large broom closet, in our shop in Rupert Idaho. Of course my wife at the time Janice(aka-Monkee) had the legs and tiny feet, that fit in with the nylon bit, and we’ll just let that ride. Then came, Emme of Gooding Idaho, who was also not too timid in that of satisfying the addiction. But the one that made that all happen, at least for me and put the need for toes and feet in hose, was Erin, aka Nurse GoodBody because she A; was a real nurse, and B; she looked very much like Nurse GoodBody on Hee Haw. 

the grand pairwho also had hot legs. Of course there was Daisy Duke aka Katherine Bach.


Because of studio and all’s censors, she was required to wear nylons. Which at that time, gave me an excuse to excersize my addiction, under the audition etc process of a TV ad the first we did in 1980. But Erin made the final run of the ads on TV real, and so the word tow became toew, and the famous toew smooch IJUSTLOVETOEWSReally brought the gig together, and even today, Erin is on my speed dial on my phone. We still have coffee meetings, all is good there.

The addiction was once justified by renowned sex and relationship counselor Sue Magarvie, who told me and did a radio show directed towards fetishes, said that any of that kind of thing is okay as long as its kept in check. The rest of it was that anything that impacts a young persons or and male corpuscles sexual awarness was due to the pleasure center of the brain, like a mental snapshot will become a attractant. So why do I  just get so drawn to a woman in nylons? Who knows, but what an addiction. 

L8R Aviators