Here’s LOOKING AT YOU , ya’ll.

Hazzard County Gazzette2Heres lookin at ya2

Well here tizz liz, another outage of the mass hysteria, called the Interweb. This time the gorilla is on someone else’s back. See it’s the system and I always fight systems, shyt its in my DNA, but the Interweb being offline, is due to a horrendous storm here that included one mellofahess of a bunch of lightning, so I contacted management. Who came over here to the great Evergreen, with his Cell phone. Maybe that works but the gall dern wifi, don’t or I’d be online. Which costs me money. But I stated a dialog, with a honey down at Keystone Realty here, and there is office space, there for $400.00 a month, which is steep a bit, but it gets me gear here and us back on the air. PoohBear, still hasn’t resolved the big ?: of where the Knytes/WolfPack’s money went. Once that is fixed, PoohBear is going to start sending money through Western Union. Rather than Walmart to WalMart. TJ still hasn’t got in touch, her loss, not ours. But SSGT, Mark Cambell of the WolfPack suggested something the other day. With this entire valley and more so, with both Burley and Jerome, perhaps recruiting more ethnic women for model and talent, not just the Caucasian Blonde, blue eye’d honeys. Mostly Hispanic. Even co-hosting some shows, become Hispanic friendly. Don’t yet know how that would work, for the 214 as well as the WolfPack, But I have a feeling the Knytes crew would groove on some Mexicali moves. If we snag a greater portion of that audience, our online as well as OTA numbers could rise.

I have a big question for ya’ll. What does old man Chrisley have on NBC/USA-TV Network? Be interesting to know how much he pays them to have them produce and air those dorky TV shows of his. Like; Chrisley Knows Best, Growing Up Chrisley, etc. The show has no plot, the way he treats those Children of his, should be a wake up call for some young peoples protection agency somewhere. If I was Chase Chrisley, the first time that old man started in on me, I’d flat punch the bastard right in the jaw. Demeaning someone is not the way to get someone to do or carry out instruction of yours. Demeaning; just means someone is going to incite and harbor anger. I bet the thing is for drama, for TV and all, but I’ll bet there’s more to that story than what you see. But to the question of what does Chrisley have on NBC/USA-TV that excites that network so much? Chrisley is a real estate mogul that went bankrupt 4 times, and what about all the houses? Look at them; , if you look at the cars and SUV’s they drive, shit, I wonder how many are still owned by the bank? Loaned for the TV show only? And how many are free and clear and paid for. Chrisley owns what I’d call mansions, in Nashville, North Carolina for his aging mother, who is truly southern bred, and a mansion just outside of Atlanta, GA, now Atlanta hasn’t been right since Sherman burned it. Then of course there’s that show on the same network, called, Miz And Mrs. That show is mostly about the home struggles of a WWL super star wrestler. Both of them are. But she acts just like a frigging spoiled Brat. Like the last season episode. Shoot she buys $2,000.00 stilettos . $2k for a pair of pumps? Hell , if I have to buy, a pair of sneakers or boots that I have to pay more than $80.00 for, I’m howling. If not ready to bite. I mean really. Now I’m one for a rapid return to a more rural based TV network. Not only the Dukes of Hazzard, which would be great, but also including every kountry show ever made.  From; HeeHaw logo1 to BJ and the bear. Something which shows , real people, that aren’t living with brand new Mercedes and drive a Chevy truck, or Ford car. That magic will come from one source, that being> HazzardAyre TV poster 1That is what we are working on for 2021.

Well , I’m getting pooped, so I’m off to my bunk.

Cruise it Easy.

rebel me 2

If ya’ll cain’t stand the heat, stay out of the dern kitchen. In essence; Don’t poke the Wolf.

So the other day, during the troubles with PoohBear and I over the lost Club funds, this seat-cover named Valorie pokes her head in, telling me that PoohBear was lying to me.  Not that everything PoohBear said was a fib, but I’m sure I’m not getting the entire story. So that said, looked over this Valorie’s profile on FakeBook. Come to find out she’s a model. Really? So I threw a pitch of hey if you want modeling work, give me a jingle. No more , no less. So then this morning I get this PM from her saying, she’s hooked up with a great guy and so on. Fine. I didn’t say I wanted to date you, Valorie, I asked if you wanted a modeling job? For some odd reason, our society, even after the countless law suits last year and year before, of talent search agents, getting a bit too frisky, and such is vibrant. Not only that , but it would seem, that the memories of the casting couch, is alive and well. Can’t a lone male, just audition for on screen talent without every one, getting it in their head that I’m hidding a tactic to getting them in bed? I don’t want to have SEX with no one. I love my independence , I love sleeping alone, under ALL the covers, and living humble. I don’t need a brand new Limo, or that fancy Ford, that I have to make payments on, I love my little Saturn, and my vintage rides. Mine ARE paid for, I have most everything I need in life, and I have something many of the rich and famous don’t have. peace, comfort and compassion of my Heavenly Father and his son my savior Jesus Christ. What else do I need? 

As far as this Valorie is concerned, hey; you stuck your beak in where it was not invited , so don’t bark. 

So the other day, getting off one of our roll backs, I slipped and twisted/sprained my ankle. It hurts like the dickins. Was going to Church for the entire session, but its really swollen, something fierce. So Doc. Crabtree, said for me to rest, keep my foot up, and soak in the tub. So I’m watching the Giants play the Cowboys. 

We caught one helluva storm last night. Winds of 40mph were not uncommon. And the wind did what I’m about to do. Lights Out. 

Oh is that so, others are interested.

So I wake up, grab some Cheerios, and activate my LapTop. I’m taking it easy today, so I can go fetch some of my stuff from Twinky Flatts. So I’m looking over my inbox, and find some gal named Valorie, who left some droppings on my overnight post, concerning the lost funds of PoohBear, that was for the Club. So as the dutiful guy of PoohBear’s I texted her to ask what’s up with that? Now PoohBear is on the war path. This could get interesting. Now I know that PoohBear, might have screwed things up with the money, but to blame it all on Walmart, and/or Walmart’s employees, for a system wide crash, which did not happen, is ludicrious. There is no way that could happen, Walmart has back up systems and procedures in place. That said, and PoohBear thinking that somebody else is sniffing around this old rebel, is also false. I once got a sticker from a gum ball machine, in American Falls, at some choke and puke we all went to there. It read, ” When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. ” In my case if a woman, wants my complete attention and such, the saying is, ” If you have me by the nose against your toes in Pantyhose , I will devote my attention to you” . Now let me shed some light here with a small parable. Back in 2002, for content for thee then AyreWolfFM, I found quite by accident a honey, that did a DR. Ruth style gig on Canadian Radio. Sue MGarvie aka Sex-with-Sue, was the name of the show. After we had moved from Layton, to Centerville Utah to better quarters, we got serious about that show. I told Sue that I had this fetish weakness for ladies in nylons. Sue said that it was normal. That most guys have one fetish, or another. So I then quite jokingly that it’d be kool if she sent me some of her slightly soiled hosiery, Suprisingly she did. Pink, Cocoa, even a leapord print style. At that point, Sue had by full loyalty, and it opened a nice door to a still great professional relationship. So for all these feminitile human felines, you want me? My address is on the hedder of this publication, I dare you to send me, YOUR smelly , nylons. Lets see how loyal you are to me. 

Crazy Cooters PhooteNotes1

For many of you that thought that our concept for our sister company Heavy Rescue Toewing got shelved, what with the conversion to everything Hazzard and all, well stop that way of thinking. Thing is, that is still very active. Likewise AyreWolf and , HazzardAyre Aviation, is still very much alive. But where we are here, big city concepts have to be eased into, kind of like making passion, to a virgin. Otherwise, you risk breaking the hymen, and hurting the cervix. More on that later, I’m going into my domicile, and take a nap.

You wake up at night, feeling your under-britches are wet, you reach in behind and pee-ewe. That’s when you realize it ain’t yogurt.

Cooters Journal 2It’s 05:38 hours on a Saturday morning, kids do you know where your parents are? There used to be this PSA, that ran on KSL-5 in Salt Lake City Utah, that went: ” Parents, do you know where your Children are?” So naturally, I reversed it. Made sense to me, back then ya’ll hardly knew where your parents were. If they wasn’t workin, or mating, you had no idea. Any mile it is a peaceful easy feeling Saturday morning, here in Hazzard. Was on the verge, of being homeless, but a heap amount of praying, and his power being delivered through our Bishop, I’m okay now. At least rent wise. Had PoohBear done what she said she was gunna do, with sending money , that she said got gummied up, through Walmart, in St. Pete Florida. Some of that I believe, what with that hurricane and all, but not being able to recover the money , and blaming it on some throw away woman her brother used to poke, is not something I can grip. Reason? Walmart and the outfit that does that service, keep very close watch on that kind of thing, especially money. All of that data is in a computer, if the funds are not delivered to the recipient, that being me here in Idaho, then it gets refunded. However, she says somebody there at that Walmart gave it to her brothers old squeeze. Nah, if that happened, Walmart, would be open to one mellofahess, law suit. My guess, is that PoohBear kept the money after it was refunded and spent it getting out of harms way, of the Dorien, Hurricane. Why PoohBear can’t tell the truth is beyond me. Sure I’d be disappointed if she kept money that was the Knyte’ to get the radio gig back up, and in a pro facility. What hurts the worst, is the lieing. So overnight, I had to swallow my pride, and help stock shelves at Smith’s here. Thanks to April and Ashley, for arranging that for me. What gets me about the lieing about the funds she is supposed to send each month as her dues money, for SAMCRO-MC, is when it doesn’t come or she with holds that money, it becomes my ass to pay her, dues. Thus why I was damn near homeless. Of course if she’d just tell  the truth about the funds, before hand, at least I could plan, and divert resources from other places of the Knyte’. But when we’re all expecting things and they don’t show. Then its my butt, that gets put through the ringer. 

Okay so last Tuesday, the new season, of the Mayan’s premiered on FX. It wasn’t half bad, but too few bikes made a poor showing. Maybe more of that next week. What I did catch was a guns for cash, being exchanged by two SAMCRO members and lefty, saying something on the basis of Jax, wouldn’t want them running guns. This made me think, hmmm more than likely Son’s or at least the series we’re involved in called the First-9. Which details the formation of SAMCRO. 

Then yesterday morning, some neighbor of PoohBear sent a few texts on PoohBear’s phone, saying that PoohBear had , had a coronary event. I only half believe that. I want to know what hospital, and names of the quak Doctors, taking care of her. When I went into the hospital, by ambulance no less, all of it can and is documented. There I was in a place, where I had some of the hottest looking nurses, taking care of me, even to the point, I could sit there in that adjustable bed, in my BVD’s, with Herman hanging out, and nobody said cover up. I truly got treated like the MC royalty that I am. So then, I went back to sleep, just headed off to another plane of mind, and what happens? Some idiot thinks my room is his room. Walked right into my tiny domicile. I don’t think he realized how damn close he came to having his ass blasted. That 45 right by my side is always loaded, and ready. I leave the door unlocked in case I ever was incapacitated, for some reason. That way medical techs can get in. The only other people allowed in my domicile, with open door privalges, is TJ, and or any member of either, the Knytes, or the WolfPack. Any flyte, this afternoon , going over to Twiny Flatts to start fetching the radio gear, and making arrangements with Charlie to retreive LiL Dixie. So I’m horizontal. As I do, there’s a background tune for some travel company, that goes, “my feet , go boom, boom , boom. Now I got that jingle in my head. Still harboring the flies. I like these little fellers. They are entertaining .

Until L8R Ya’ll this is your friend Crazy Cooter Saying , good numbers to ya’ll and I’m down and gone.

The Law is coming down hard in Burley Idaho.

Hazzard County Gazzette2On The HuD

After a very , long and drawn out previous night, I finally got RealTek software installed on my mini LapTop. Seems as though when the fartknocker who did a recovery job on it, took out my sound program. Thus couldn’t hear nothing. But it shows that there are some people that bill themselves as one thing, but do quite big time the opposite, or completely fraudulent . Read that a local surgeon, got his ass bit by the law, over implanting false boobies into women that were knocker off’s from China. Yet this surgeon, charged some 9 women for real boobies. OOps there goes the top half. So now the surgeon, is going to the big house for a few years, and pay a pretty hefty boobie fine, of   $250K . Had the surgeon, been honest, and told the women, what was up with their falsies, a refund and offer to remove and replace, would be the ladies vengence. Then of course, there’s where, I reside. The Evergreen in Burley, if managed right could be a great place to bed down. It ain’t that bad, but the fly invasion, a bathtub that don’t work, wifi, that is slow as a snail, except way late overnight, Cable TV that has only a few good channels, but not as the place is billed as. Now, that all I can stand, However; PoohBear tried to send cash through Walmart, to Walmart so I’d have rent money, and could apply my check to the office/studio for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM, KTOW Radio. Now then too the malfunction, is, not just was , but is; that , that hurricane back east, has made sending any kind of wire money anywhere an mission impossible. The wire money services and computer servers are pretty thin bandwidth wise and as such, no money, going no where. Much less receive it. The thing is and this applies, while waiting for our Bishop of the 5th Ward of Burley, Idaho , this Sunday, I get a text, from Eric our complex manager saying they gotta talk to my Bishop. Not a problem, but rent has been a few days late before, and no one barked. How is it going to look for the people who own this place, if they throw out a USMC Combat Veteran, just because his rent is late due to a gall dern hurricane that couldn’t be predicated or predicted? You’d think that my credit with NewLeaf would be good with them. Not everything is everything, due the stress of all this and a spat PoohBear and I had last night, she had a almost serious heart attack, more like a Climatic, stroke , due to anxiety. So now she sits in the hospital. Heck I might end up at St. Lukes myself over all of this. In short, in this life some times bullshitjust happen’s. When life gives you oranges, you make orange juice; images then just sit back and froggy but wouldn’t be groovy if folks just told the truth, did what they say and be honest, like us in Hazzard County do? Now I need to point something out to the children of all adult ages, that use that framing option to their photos, that says they are 81 clubThat is dangerous. As HA as well as us in the Knytes, Knytes of Dixie 2 Which is, a sub charter in reality, of the Angels, knows that you do not wear our colors, or sport our logo’s nilly willey. That’s a great way to flat end up dead, or in serious criticle condition. When it comes to the Knytes and/or the Angels, there is one way in and Only one way OUT!! and the OUT, part is not something to look forward to. So ya’ll on FB, that sport the tag of : 81 clubsupporter, unless you really are and willing to give it your all, best not say it. Can ya dig? 

Things I love, and things I’d rather do without.

Heres lookin at yaOkay so impatiently waited for the premier of Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30eon FX. In reality the new season, just does not match the hype, at least yet. For a show that’s supposed to be about a albeit Mexican, but about a MC, there twern’t no or hardly and Harley’s or any bikes. No passionate love scenes, not of the quality of Son’s SOA Blood Patchfrom which Mayan’s came from. Although I did perk up, and it is a fact that Sutter is eye balling the idea of a redoux of Son’s. In the form of a series called the First-9 essentially a series showing the formation of SAMCRO. The reason I say that, there was one scene, albeit breef,that showed two SAMCRO members out with good ole Chucky, exchanging guns. The quotation from Chucky, came from the line, that JAX , said no more muling guns. Of course the Knytes, already know the redoux of Son’s is coming as we are part of that, but it was interesting. Maybe next week we will see more Bikes, less cages. 

Alrighty then: There are things I just adore, and like that others find repulsive and strange. After being here as long as I have, and residing next to a livestock auction arena, there are flies. That being said, I’ve become kinda attached to the little critters.

To me I think they’re cute. They are not as dirty or filthy as one would think, and has been convicted of. Next they will not bite you. They have no teeth. They’re extremely intelligent, very emotional, and just plain fun to have around. Then there’s my other great thing, that I adore that others find crude, and just plain yucky. I know kind of where  the fetish started, it started when I was 9 years old. There was a super foxy honey that worked at a hair salon, next to Kowley Drug Store in Layton Utah. She was hitting 28 years old so it was the older woman attraction. Mike Piper and his brother dared me to go in the salon, and mess around with this lady. So since everyone else talked about booty’s and jugs, I went for a unheard part of the anatomy. The aroma of her feet and toes, in nylons stimulated me to the point, it became engrained in my brain. There is two things you will always see in any pictorial that I work up here for the Gazzette. First, me huffing a woman’s feet in nylons,

I can’t explain it, there’s just something about that musky, semi sweaty, aroma that drives me wyld. If a woman wants to tempt me that’s what she needs to wear, as around a woman in nylons, I get weak in the knees. Of course as time has gone by, I figured out how to make money from the fetish. The first time it generated any serious cash, was when after hours of teasing with one of Big Indian Rick’s main squeezes he decided to play a practical joke. He contacted YESCO Sign company, and put up a billboard photo, of me smooching his old lady’s feet in nylons. Under it , it just read: Pantyhose Kid. Well while it took years to overcome that, my enterprising mind figured out , how to connect TOE , with TOW, and with the popularity of the Dukes-of-Hazzard:

and of course sweet Daisy, whose legs were always in Nylons, gave me ideas. So when our shop opened in 1980 We did an ad where I kissed the Daisy look alikes toes, in nylons, with the tag line, we luv stinky toew

Now to clarify, a stinky toew, is not, repeat NOT a smelly set of human feet. Nope; a Stinky toew is one of those really difficult heavy rescue tow recovery jobs that really is simply: WHEN YOU CAN'T GET IT OUT

For me as well , messing with models feet and toes in nylon stockings, is somewhat self fullfilling. And I do say, there was two that gave me all of that I could handle and then some, to the point, it wasn’t as much a craving. Robin Whittaker of Minidoka, our Miss Dixie Diesel of 1993, and of course Erin, aka Nurse GoodBody, That I named that because of her near look alike, of the same character on the old series of TV HeeHaw. Erin, not only did the infamous toew smooch, IJUSTLOVETOEWS but also let me huff and sniff and toy with her peds, as much as I wanted to. me and Ellie May And yes I did look under the hood more times than I could count, and yes I wanted to, because; Like Uncle Dell taught me, you never, ever, dip your pen in the company ink. Okay, so there’s other things that I love. First LexiBelle; LexiBelle Wynged 2Now to many folks, that is just an old , rusting tow truck. To me its , my heritage and family history. That old truck has taken me everywhere, from my High School Prom, to my graduate school, ceremony to my parents funeral. That truck was the last gift, my Mom bought me before she passed on. That old toew truck has a soul. And is my life, so yes she is dear and loved beyond anything on earth. The only two other things I love more is My Heavenly Father and hos son Jesus Christ. The only things I adore and hold dear more, are: The Knytes-WolfPack, My unit of the USMC , the VMA214 BlackSheep, and of course PoohBear, 0830191740 anything or much of anyone cept for my pal in Etown, Rick, everything else I couldn’t give a rats ass about. I serve the Club, hammering these posts out, and doing up KTOW and of course HazzardAyre Radio. But they are not my passion. My main passion? Climbing in :My AyreWolf and flying the Sensious Lady, aka Airwolf. Or as we spell it, AyreWolf. Now there are things I fully hate.

Women who do not dousche, or clean up the private part areas. Nothing is worse, than sitting in a place ready to consume food that smelling terrible rotting tuna fish. That kind of fish taco, is not on my menu. Or walking into a store to buy food, and smelling some dang woman, who decided to take a bath in parfume. Especially these Mexican and Mexicali, women we have in our town. You’d think that they had not only bathed in parfume, but slept in it too. Whew that crap stinks. I’d rather smell a dairy barn at milking time. Of course there’s others, like walking into our local Denny’s where lovely Alex is employed at part time when she’s not working for the WolfPack, that said, I saw and I only thought us male corpuscles did this; but this otherwise not too bad a lookin gal walks in front of me in jeans one size too tight, digging in her asshole. I though for sure that her fingers must stink like poop, and yet she’s going to eat with that bacteria. See the little fly 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped)isn’t so dirty after all is he/she? 

Until L8R Ya’ll.


I truly hate prick teasers. In fact I hate all that is false and fake. Welcome to FakeBook.

I just hate prick teasers. Seems that is becoming epidemic any more. Get ya’ll hot and bothered then fail to close the gig. It’s not just local, or on the foundation of our TV ad gig , its all over the place. You get a friendship request on FakeBook, micalanious or get that blip that asks here are friends you might already know. So you thumb down or scroll along and see a few that just might prove to be useful as far as model or other talent. Only to find they are only baiting you or spying on you for a friend of one you gave the boot to months ago, or one that says they are in it for you, yet only are fishing for a sugar Daddy. Enough already. How about some honesty? That’s one of many reasons, I flat think it is or should be your choice if you want to add friends on FB, more over if your profile says that your purtty much hitched, why throw these hot hiney’s in your face? If your a guy, and put up a pic of a near bare bum up on your newsfeed, and make it public, you get you FB account frozen, however , if your a woman, they can put up a pic of themselves near nude, and its okay. Its still teasing. 

Who ever that guy Murphy who wrote Murphy’s Law is, I wish he’d get out of Hazzard County.

You know that guy Murphy, the one who wrote Murphy’s Law; the one that goes, anything and everything will go wrong at the last minute? I wish he’d get out of Hazzard. I had the whole plan carved out, snag the money PoohBear sends me, pay for a few weeks more here in Burley, load Rick’s engine and tranny on LiL Dixie, haul that over. Then get in the bus, go to Detroit, get the Reaper, and drive back to Etown. Didn’t quite happen that way. A level 3 hurricane hit St. Pete, Florida, messed up PoohBear’s efforts on sending money, then was bringing LiL Dixie over from Twin, pushed in the Clutch, but Clutch didn’t work. OOps, after looking it over, the cable broke, the slave cylinder was shot. So ordered that because NOBODY in Burley, Twin Falls Idaho had a new one. Then I get some young whipper snapper from somewhere, saying that me fetching the Reaper > The Reaper < was bogus. Let’s see, have a rig headed to Detroit to fetch it, but because of some shytty weather they had to lay over , plus with a holiday, wide oversized loads are shut down. But its getting done. Thing is never, ever question my honor. Or my integrity, since you have no idea what your dealing with. I keep MY word. Thing is, whether its Barn Finds, FB , or any of those, you’ll always find at least one, maybe two people on there that become jealous or envious to the point they feel the need to start a fuss. It’s just we do, went others wont. Here’s an example or two. Bro, bought a Chevy Kambach station wagon. the tranny in it went out. At the same time LexiBelle’s engine went out. So we transplanted the engine from a Vette that Doug Whicham, in Hazzard had into LexiBelle, and the tranny, into Bro’s Vega. Considering the tranny is a Super T-10 Tranny, the drive shaft was just a smidge too short, so what did Bro do? Tore out the E-brake assembly, and drive, with one hand on the spinning drive shaft, and the other on the steering wheel. Many say, couldn’t happen, I say you had to be there. Or the fact Bro, could lift a small block V8 out of an engine bay with just his bare hands. Trust me he could and did many times. Considering he could curl 1500 pounds on just one arm. That was His excersize. On this planet, there are only 3 people who know me that well. Jon Muir of Layton, Utah. Current Exec Pres of the Knytes, Bro, who now lives in Vegas, and Rick who lives in ETown. Even with the numbers of the Knytes, only those 3 know me, that well, and well enough to tell you, that I truly will try something new at least once and if I like it, 4 times. Of course Bro, aka Allen Culbertson Junior, is no stranger to taking a dare either. I’ve seen him climb the side of the Salt Lake Hilton, I’ve seen him scrap with people four times his size, and I even saw the deed of jumping a Kawasaki KZ-1000 Police special over a creek just outside of Eagle Idaho. Even so, that’s just a bit of foolery that we did. If we say we’re doing something, we do it, just might take a bit longer than we had in mind. If that fellow Murphy, would leave Hazzard , we’d get it done much sooner. Okay then: Haven’t heard anything from TJ, guess that was the mirage that I thought it was. Took too much time messing with her , and depending on her, and not on both my company duties, as well as Club duties. As of such, our ad on premier night of the Mayan’s MC on FX wont happen. But if we’re having trouble with flushing out lady model/pitch girl talent for TV ad’s , perhaps other business’s are too. Which could be a thing that could make the Club money, as well as provide, the Club with a resource. Details at 23:00. Don’t forget, however the Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30ewhich is little more than a Latino version of > SOA Blood Patch < 23:00 hours Tuesday night on FX. With that in mind, think of a TV series, that opened the door to a Southern confederate version of SOA, of an MC with direct ties to the Dixie Mafia? Can you say? >Unity Logo the project is currently under construction. More L8R time for dinner.

Some things just are just too advanced for some folks to grasp the first time.

Cooters Corner Blog HedderCooters Phootenotes formal1

There are some things that you have to explain more than you at first meant. The Love Affair I mentioned, was not of a person, or even really , a thing, more of; a place. That Place flew right over some of our readers heads. It’s sad that few, if any of our younger than 50 year old’s can’t expand their minds to grip in their minds anything more than what is immediately in front of them. This is not a coincidence. I remember when the old RoadGang Truckers Radio show was on KSL AM 1160. We went in to put up ads for our heavy truck towing service. The sales-person asked why would we be interested? As I explained that their 50,000 watt signal reached more than the immediate metro Salt Lake City area. Then they understood. When that show was pulled from KSL, I asked them why? They said they were running out of advertisers. I asked why? After all Flying J Oil Company, and the Flying J Truck Stops were headquartered right there in their back yard. Right there in Brigham City. The truck dealers, engine dealers, etc were right there. Yet they could not reach them, why? Because they were only focused on what was in front of them. So in the core of our topic, here, I wanted to point out that we were focused on all things Hazzard County in the resurrection of our subsidiary, Cooter’s Toewing, etc. Yet because I described it as Southern style entertainment, the concept of Love Affair and such got misinterpeted as meaning a affair of the kind that’s part of romance novels. Yankee’s are just too simple to reach past the immediate observations and refuse to reach out of the box. More in the afternoon, I need more sleep.

It’s truly a Love Affair, not just a one nights stand.

Cooters Corner Blog Hedder

From that one hour at the 1981 Salt Lake City AutoRama  when I was told I was on the right path, as well as the love and friendship of everyone on the production staff, the directors , and of course the cast, from Jimmy Best, to Ben Jones, as well as the Knytes, Hazzard County and all of it, has been a guiding light in some of my darkest hours. It’s not just the jumping General, its not just Daisy in her shorts and nylons, its the fact, that, that cast , came to the funeral, of my Mom in 1983. As well as a call from John, that day that engrained that life style into my deepest soul. This is something I had forgotten here as of late. When I posted that bit, about the LDS Church this morning giving me the boot. I got a call from Gy, who reminded me of sworn oaths to 4 deceased cast members that I would never forget or disguard, those oaths of allegence to things Hazzard County. Face it, Its been HazzardAyre Radio, that’s the heart of of KTOW, it was the shop being the only and original Hazzard Garage, that is now Cooter’s Toewing, as well as Cooter’s Kustmz. It’s been Hazzard County Choppers, that has been the corner stone of my life since 1987, so I said poop on it. Its time to put Highway Hooker Toewing, Heavy Rescue Toewing, on the shelf and go full throttle Cooter’s Toewing. For me its time to raise our flag: csaflag and jump the canyon. It’s Hazzard Fever. And I’m embracing it. 

So its time to put this op on the map. So we are in planning stages of a special, Hazzard County Nationals in March 2020. Where, PoohBear0830191740and I will be hitched. Hazzard County and all that means is dear to me. Uncle Jessie’s spirit is beside me all the time. I feel not just lucky, but blessed that it is and will always be a place I was and in my heart I still am. Sure, my Gen.Lee is gone now. It got stolen, Period it got stolen. But I do have my Gen. JaXson,>waiting General, and of course Lil Dixie > mini wolf 1 < and of course Southern Thunder aka LexiBelle > LexiBelle Wynged 2 < which soon will look somewhat like this > slick 65 < . Now I still will continue, the Wolf preesona, and all , however; I feel its time for me to glue my feet to the dirt, and lift this thing we do up, to things Hazzard County. 

Okkie Dokie: Haven’t heard from TJ for a few days. Glad Chip will refund the money I laid out for the wheels of Ice Queen. That’s one thing, that is the foundation of things Hazzard County. You mean what you say and say what you mean. If you say your into doing something for someone, do it. If for some odd reason, contact the person you made the deal with, and say, hey I just can’t do it. It’s common courtesy. In our ways of Hazzard County, its called a spit and shake. Which is sacred. There’s a simple line in Ole Waylon’s song, ” I’ve always been crazy” That goes, be careful of someone or something that is exactly what you want it to be. In science, it’s the Atom theory, that says, atoms of equal or like polarity repel each other. Maybe that’s what it was with TJ. Who knows. What ever it is, it cost, the Knytes and Me the chance to air ads on the Mayans coming up on Tuesday night at 23:00 on FX. I booked that time, had the script pretty much written, just needed the lady eye candy. Thought TJ along with Ice Queen would lend a great ad. Nope, she left us at the podium. So now need to find a honey for money to be Miss Hazzard County > images  < to be our pitch gal on our ads. As far as on air’s once we get there again, we have Alex > Alex < booked for that. This is going to be a 80 degree grade highway hill we have to climb, but hey I’m a Confederate Marine, and I have a inbreeded Hazzard County tenacity, and a fight the system attitude. If you don’t like it tough. d646c1b268cedc1885ea5e01d2d1d4f9 I had a experience this evening and I’ll leave you this for tonight. But I went down to Smith’s. There was this really skinny chik, who really has a chip on her shoulders. Now true there might be something at home that is her problem, but her hello, was one of those that you know was forced. Here’s my response to that and many others. You may not like me much, you may never have shaken my hand, but try to be happy and courties to me; for it will be most likely be me showing up to pull your butt and ride back on the highway, out of a snow bank, or after you wreck your ride this winter. In short always be nice to your toew truck driver.