Every day I get the feeling or feelings that today Really could be the end.

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It’s Sunday, caught most o Church conference, Its not surprising in the concept that the Church is finally giving its approval and intent that it’ll build a Temple near Tooele, Utah. Its that I first suggested that in 1998.

Yes I have the flu. Not from the fridged cold, both inside and outside, weather wise. Its because; I caught the flue from the nurses that sort of cared for me at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls. Did not only degrade my honor more than usual during my stay there, for a simple procedure. The fact that went really quick and and painless. It was the going through my stuff in my room while I was in my dream uphoria during surgery, which made me so mad that I left againgst medical advice. Under normal conditions  would have passed on this bit of procedure, it was that I left without any knowledge of what the results of my tests, no meds, and as usual here not solid anchor Doctor.  So thank God, I had a bit of what I had before I finally went to the hospital. I might have even left that as SOP, but St. Luke’s no matter what name they put on the facility , it’s still Magic Valley Memorial, and just about as idiotic. The last is the same thing as the future. But; St. Lukes’s is the only Level 1 Trauma facility for 300 miles in any direction. I can say that if St. Als’s were to open a facility in the area and give the dominant hospital competition, bet your next tank of diesel , that St. Luke’s would do a better job. 

Competition is not bad, sure it may make you a bit more aware of situations, but it makes everyone else less complacent. 

As it is and as I approach the 60 yard stick of life, the ability for me to climb out of my bed, no matter the bed that I’m in, I have to steady my body on the night table. Strongly aim my attention of placing my efforts on my legs, and climb out of bed to just do mundane tasks as pee-ing, or consuming milk, to ease my empty body.  The same thing going into reverse, as I retire every night. Clothes off, can’t sleep in the magic underwear. Night table, and ease into bed, wondering is today the best that I could have done, and is this day the day, that my friend the Reaper comes and I take his hand and leave this life? 


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Damn this has been a long road, and to say to ST. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls Idaho , is an example of watching monkey’s screwing a football?

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Damn this has been a long road and a bumpy flyte. If I had known two and a half years ago that crap would hit the tundra like it has, I’d never lifted off or out of Etown Wyoming. Not that that Etown Wyoming is a great nugget of jewelry but it sure shines bright in comparison to western Idaho. Example ; Etown Wyoming’s health care is eons beyond Western Idaho. Not that its any better equipped, but; it is better maintained. And managed. You can have state of the art facilities but if you don’t have people there that knows how to deploy that equipment with a caring and diplomatic attitude then you might as well revert to roots and herbs for medicine. Example, you go into a medical facility, like St. Luke’s of Twin Falls Idaho. Your insides are at a level that your insides want to flat leave the body, and your masking that with something , albeit crude locker room style , but humor. If the same young filly’s would have been at a bar where there was a comedy night they’d have been laughing. Thing is here they pretended to be offended. Ah, if you can’t run with the older dogs, stay at home on the porch. Now two, if the little prick who got a bit of a power trip going, had just said that the gals didn’t appreciate it , then fine okay. Even though I’m in pain, my stomach feels like I’m on a sea floating carrier and trying not to hurl, so I’m trying to make humor, yet he comes in with a chip on his shoulder. The buttwipe is damn lucky that there wasn’t another Knyte or WolfPack there, or I am here to guarantee he would not have left that hospital the same way he walked in. This not all of it and I’ll go into more of it in the afternoon Saturday. But damn from start to finish, I have never seen such and example of a bunch of Monkeys screwing a football in my life. Administration to nurses, to the real attending physician, has no clue as to what is going on , and reflecting on the several Law suits, based on sheer stupid, says to me, thank goodness I’m out of the reach of St. Lukes. Thing is; St. Lukes is just a mirror of the town trying to be big city, in that the severe drug abuse , simply stated, if brains were leather, most of Twin Falls couldn’t saddle a fly.  As it is: Thank God and my Saturn, I’m gone.

Oh and the cause of this last adventure in medical research? Eating Oatmeal at the Depot Grill. My advise? Don’t eat there.

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It was between Laugh In and HeeHaw, and started by Imus, not Stern.


Hey it’s the 3rd, of April. Last day of residency in Twin Falls, start of sleeping elsewhere. Got my nose in the shop last night. Haven’t been able to get the little truck running yet. It has to be one of the 5. Engine has been sitting too long, Two bad battery(don’t buy Interstate Batteries , they don’t last) bad alternator, bad wires. So starting with an idea, put toggle switch and wires on truck to starter. Flip switch, if it starts then I know its that as well as a bad neutral safety switch. I’ll figure it out. Two months of this, then my butt is headed south-east to ETown. Now PoohBear has been fretting a bunch, over me doing the talent search hunt for our ads to get more of you to tune into the radio network online in a few months. That’s all it is, is a talent search. I have no intention of shacking up with anyone female other than my little PoohBear. See I love my Poohbear. She’s been a pain in my ass for sure, but she’s also been my greatest supporter. She’s not just my lover and mate she is my best earthly friend. So I would never cheat nor abandon her. With that said, long before there was a PoohBear, and even long before Cable TV, there were two popular TV shows which we as a production company are attempting to refire. The idea is: Take the best of both of those and make one helluva TV show. On the subject of bush and tush on the radio in the studio. I remember back slightly before I got together with Stern. Stern’s rival Don Imus, used to have some pretty little liar cheerleaders in the back ground when he did his show as well as the video TV version. So I had this idea, lets find and recruit the hottest , silkiest legged , babes , and put em on the air as background. Then I saw what Stern did with Robin Quivers, and I thought combine those together and since the stations call letters pronounced was like that of the word toe, focus the background shots on the toes. Of course to keep it all sanitary , make sure they wore hosiery of some style. It was not then, nor is it today a path to do the find em and feel em up, get em in the sack concept. Its more like find em, train em, and put em on the ayre. Been struggling with internal stomach nausea for 3 days. I can nearly trace it to where I’ve been eating lately. Just like the last time I went through this, it was from consuming grilled cheese sandwiches. This time, its been from a cup of oatmeal. To be fair I wanted to test the idea, so Monday since the Depot Grill was closed, I went over to Denny’s here. Ordered nearly the same thing, and I was okay. Ordered my cup of oatmeal, brown sugar milk and raisins. Guess what? Puke city. Question is, is it the way or the who here lately at the Depot Grill of Twin Falls cooking there that they can’t make a good meal that doesn’t choke and make me puke? It’s getting to the point, that I’m doing more cooking at home, at least I know what I’m eating.

We have our employment listing out on indeed.com I had to go in and edit, and make it perfectly clear we are only casting for women at this time. NO GUY’S . The reason? Simple, the radio gig is 60% owned by the Knytes a 1% fully Outlaw motorcycle club. Of which 80% are guys. None of us want a foreign guy in the club, nor inside one of our enterprises. As far as the women, they best look hot or no interview.

As soon as it quits raining, I’m going back to sleep.

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Bad Sugar days and patiently dealing with sub warp civilizations

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For those not effected by this illness you have no idea. For us with type 2 diabetes its really a thing of not being able to see long range, walk for very long, needing constant water and of being in constant thirst. When one gets stressed with this chronic malady, it offsets everything else, so you end up with a bad sugar day. So I take a day out of the zoo, and do mundane tasks. Add to that, having to be in the hospital, getting the equivalant of dyalasis where, old blood gets pumped out, new blood gets pumped in, and you get a cookie and a medium bottle of orange juice. Although here at St. Lukes, I have to PA’s that fetches me anything I desire food wize including Hagen Daaz Ice Cream.

Which brings me to the second part here. I am one not willing to give up easily. Yet I had to take a hard look at myself and my life over the last few days. What I came up with was simple, what if I can never fly again? What if I can’t go trailer trucking again, and what if I can’t be going toewing full time again? Then what can I do? I’m not one to be sitting around getting fatter and saying why me? I say, sometimes one needs to change course a bit. Which means giving myself 80% to our radio station network, and a little more to our TV production subsidiary. Split duties to toewing part time and the Knytes the rest of it. What all too many fail to understand, in late June mid July of 2019 at the Toew Jamb toew jamb ad I will take for my Mate, my PoohBear. Which will require longer hours on a limited solar day, to maintain. Which is why such people as our Angel, and a few others as we are able to recruit them, to employ to assist in our reconstruction. I have had a good 4 months of leave of duty, I have went through both hell and peace sometimes at the same time. It’s time to get back to work. I need to get LexiBelle back here to Idaho, as well as reassembling the radio werx. As well as reassembling my life. I’m no longer going to be sitting in the back seat, Its time to take the steering wheel. 

 Even though we are residing in a infantile technology world, fact is anything in the realm of Artificial or advanced intelligence is just that way beyond the simplistic minds of this third rock from a Solar star. Enabling engineers to design AI into a more diplomatic caring ability might help. Everything is not just trapped in a series of 1’s and 0’s . There needs to be an interjection of medium emotion and such. We as a society are not yet ready for all of this, we remain a pre warp speed society, and before we allow machines to govern everything we do, we need , drastically need computer skills, and tech skills to be included in our schools.

Ice cream time.


It’s not all of Idaho, just the immediate Twin Falls area, its too expensive to live here. And: Sorry , I’m not no sheep, I’m proudly a Wolf.


DIXIE CHRONICALSHere tizz Liz, Sunday, prepping to venture off to church. I did a lot of praying, pondering, and while by mid Summer I’ll no doubt be back in Evanston, still after I went over to Burley twice now , sniffing around to see what might be had for a domicile, I got in the Evergreen over there, plus found a shop. As well as office space a plenty, so that’s where I’m heading to reside, until I get everything finished so I can move back into western Wyoming. Not figuring on a ticker tape parade er nothing, but I succeeded there pretty well. The gig with A1, of which I’m thankful to Charlie and all, is I bust my butt, but only get $20.00 for every $100.00 tow. Sorry I can’t do that. If I’m going to kill myself going towing, I want a helluva lot more green in my jeans to do it.

So let’s look at this thing. May 2017 after a heavy duty tiff with PoohBear, over nothing and with one of my cash stash supply veins being cut off, meant no shop. So did some sniffing and after wrangling some found the shack in Wendell Idaho. It’s been said, that for every road that leads away from home there are two that lead back. Problem is the road home, had pot holes a plenty. Looking at it, PoohBear caused a heap of a fuss when she tangled online, but its not ALL her fault. There were many promises made by others which were only I bust my butt, they get the rewards. There was one, that for the first time in my life, romanced my feet. Which gave me the idea that she was interested in this old high octane canine. With PoohBear fussing I thought, lets see what falls out of this fruit tree. Came April 2018, This young lady said she was going to Etown. Groovy. I can go fetch LexiBelle. Except the gal decided to not go at the last minute. After which LexiBelle was violated and just plain assaulted. But by then CenturyLink had pulled its head out of its ass, and the best site engineers I have ever seen, got al running so there I was and HazzardAyre, was on the air. With that I needed people at the studio to put the shoulder to the wheel. Outside of two , Angel being one. Thought we had the ball in play. Nope , I felt funny having a gal coming in where I lived, to work was a bit strange so went searching, found a spot that while it, itself was grand the people who owned it was a right down carpetbagger. So mid November 2018, I was give the boot, and had to find a place here in Twin. Now I had all but figured on going back to ETown, except the winter weather pretty much sacked that. So I came here to Twin Falls. The list and story goes a long way, but after the last two and half years, I have came to the conclusion, that Twin Falls is just too expensive for this old Wolf to hunt in.

Easter is about here. I caught some scripture verses on the subject, and it always says, Sheep gone astray. Damn it, I ain’t no sheep. Even one of the Presidents of the church said so, back in the late 90’s. He said I was the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And that is so true. I am and for always be, anti-establishment, Fight the System, rebel. I never will be assimilated.

See ya’ll after Church.

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FakeBook the land of skanks, frauds, and even worse.

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Some people live for what is on Facebook, some people get off it as there is way too much drama. Yet it is THEE choice of mass market social interweb activity. As for me any more I can take it or forget it. When I stumbled upon, FakeBook 10 0r better years ago, it tweren’t a bad site. However it has become to the point that there is more fake, phony, fraud, lying , cheating, crap on there that I really don’t have much affection, or use for FakeBook. Quite frankly if it were not for PoohBear, Rick, and a few others, I’d cancel out of FakeBook all together. Of course there’s making friends. Really now. How do you know that , the sweet darling that is giving you warm feelings on FakeBook, isn’t an undercover fuzz defective in NYC somewhere or even close , teasing you into a jail cell? How do you know the guy giving you the sweet eye, ain’t some cartel druggie, seducing you into a place where your about to be seeing Grace, long before you had in mind? Of course there’s you and your money. I don’t care if it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of em, few of anyone tells the transparent truth to where you would open your wallet very wide. I remember a few months ago, I signed up with this outfit called Might-Works. It was supposed to be a great alternative to Facebook for business’s. Guess what, they were announcing their existence on: yep Facebook. So why would you sign up with an outfit, that needs Facebook to get YOU to sign up with them? Granted we post on Fakebook, but our money comes from our own site, our own TV network and our own Radio network. Not all together FakeBook. Where does my money for towing come from? Yelp, and Google-My Business. I have yet to get a paying tow from Fakebook. Guess what? I pay Google $5.00 a month, and Yelp about the same. I get more, pay less, that’s how you build a business. Not by paying Fakebook big money for no to very small results. The problem with all these sites is they are clustered as clusterfucks in the greater San Francisco bay area. Most have no idea where Idaho, Wyoming is much less obscure address’s. Google’s only saving grace is that Google has a eye in the sky. But even that can be wrong. What Fakebook needs is a few people in Electric Toyota’s driving around finding those obscure address’s.

Okay finally, next week NAB starts in Lost Wages Nevada. I had every intention, to be going but the few snubs of PoohBear in September and June. Plus the relocation stuff, No can do this year. Now here’s my thing on that. Yes PoohBear has caused a lotta grief. there is no mistaking of that, but I still deep down love that little woman. No she would not win any superficial, beauty contest, but she wins in my heart every day. Yes she has been sheltered and all most if not all her life. Up until mid 1984 so was I, but through the brotherhood of the Club, not the Church but the Knytes, I have waded through one helluva raging river. I am Archie Bunker, and PoohBear is my Edith. And I love her and will stay with her until they plant me.

It’s now 04:28 hours, only got one toew, as such I’m headed to bed.

Night Ya’ll

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Baby poop smells worse than dog schitt.

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So we had dinner. Paul’s corn dogs were not cutting it, so Ginger says let’s do Bar-B-Que. So off to WallyWorld we went. After meandering through the store had the grub. Ate very well, in amongst at least calls from PoohBear, Ginger had some things to take care of, so I did the baby sitting thing. Really now, I know we have the dog and of course Sunny, however while few things, smell worse than poopoo no nasty Cacka, Baby puke is even worse. Even with a towel over your shoulder. So now have a shirt to launder. Talked to some groovy dudes from a renta-cop outfit, so we have that taken care of for the Jamboree. PoohBear is none too happy about all this, and she feels set aside here, but she said she didn’t want much to do with it, so need people to help. With several near single new mothers needing a cash influx, I thought put em to work. This Jamboree is going to be 20 times bigger than what we did in 1975 at the Fairgrounds here. Understand then, it was long before there was a Dukes-of-Hazzard, More like the tail end of HeeHaw. But this reunion is deeper than just a southern fried gearhead jamboree. 3 years ago, I got to thinking what would it be like to get everyone together for one hellashush bash, right where we started. Back then Ron was alive, Ricky was alive, Karl and Alfred was here, what would it be to have all 300,000 members of the Knytes get together and swing one big brotherhood get together. Show off rides, get drunk, eat like there was no end. And as well, PoohBear and I get married there. So PoohBear got to fussing, and my transportation ability was limited. Then there was the deaths of both Ron Tony, and Ricky. Plus me going in the hospital. I thought I’d hate to exit the current life of mine without having my brothers and I together in one place. Plus get married to PoohBear. Then there was last weekend when my Kidney’s decided to become infected. Fortunately I’m okay after a full flush out, but as I lied there on that gurney I thought, since I am here for at least another year or so, I thought schitte instead of leaving with nothing done and both club and my sacrifices, pain, and near death experiences, I thought lets do this. So I called JT. He said go for it. So that’s what is going on here. It’s not for me to have a one last fling with strange women, it’s not for me showing one last time that I and the Knytes are superior(which-we-are) But the love of brotherhood that the Knytes/WolfPack have for each other, through all kinds of battles, deserves one last big bang thing, before there isn’t any one of us left to enjoy or appreciate it.

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More than one way to root out a battle.

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hrj hedder 3So got to gandering at my F page, and discovered that the lady who occupies my old homestead near Hazzard is having a sight problem with the house. So I threw out the concept, that A; if I was there living in the place the house would not move, that in truth Mom and Dad’s spirits do move around the house and so I said, guess what? Why don’t we get together and settle the homestead together for once and for all. Don’t know if that’s going to happen, but the offer is out there.

Saturday morning , I woke up thinking about getting together and go ridding. Yet for the life of me, outside of Keith , Rick,Bro,Ron,Karl,Alfred all I knew aren’t there. Then I got to thinking of John Lowe, California Colt, Jeep, Rusty, and others and I thought, why not do a big heap of a thing of a Knytes Reunion? Bring back together all the regional and local members of the I-80 Club, The U.S.-30 Club, the JR-14 Club, and of the course the TTA , aka Iron Knytes into one place. Say where we had the gig in 75. Basically CB’s, Broads, Booze, Boobs, rigs and rods. Wet Wrangler Jeans contest, A tiny toe contest, plus beauty shows for trucks, bikes, muscle rods the entire gambit of what we drove. Plus it might be a project to wake up some other old memories and spirits. Vanessa told me the other day when we was a visiting, that it’s not completely that the can’t or don’t remember our club, it is that a lot of them especially the women(and a few Husbands) don’t want to remember. The few that do, are too involved with a sig SO, in their lives that get burly if they are taken down that road. So,

I have to go flush out at least one maybe two willing,able, feminitile, do a few TV ads, get it in the trades, and start stoking a fire. Fall 20/20 Filer Fair Grounds ToewJamb/Hazzard Nationals.

toew jamb ad

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How to cure epidemic Diaper Rash in America? Also, don’t be nice to anyone especially women, as it’ll come back to byte your butt.

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pillow talk phootenotesSo after I got done wrangling the shop deal, my the people who own that are going to get a helluva wake up call, I finally went to sleep. And I slept, then slept some more, I was really pooped. Saw my microwave clock that said 21:30 hours, thought two more hours then get up and go fetch some groceries. Except, at midnight or any time after until 08:00 hours there is NO PLACE in TWIN FALLS IDAHO to go buy food, much less a gallon of milk on a EBT card. No Maverick stores open, guess they decided they’d loose a few dollars of being closed than bigger dollars from shrinkage(shop-lifters) same goes for all the Walmarts here. And with Walmart, getting rid of their physically and mentally challenged greeters, guess what? No body to chase down shop-lifters. So might as well stay closed. Of course then got a soda from the vending machine here, took my meds, tried to find something to watch on TV, even with 500 cable channels of which we only get 50 of here at the Towne Lodge, nothing to watch. So looked over my FB newsfeed, some kid, (has to be a kid) asked what he was looking at; I smell 2on there? My do you need to have your hand held fixing trucks? Duh? Of course the epidemic rise in mental diaper rash in America is getting worse. You nearly have to hold the hands and lead these people to show them how to do anything. There is no longer any deductive logic or theory in our youth, which 80% of FB is; they just can’t figure anything else or anything out on their own. No wonder LinkedIn wants me to do mentorship, somebody has to, as KSL once said in a PSA, If I don’t do it, who will? Of course the women of our nation is super paranoid. It’s no wonder, what with TV shows like Law & Order SVU, and others. Trust me things are not that bad and anyone who says that a employee of a company or eat-em-up stop, is doing a fine job, ain’t out to ravish them with carnal desires. Especially when you explain that YOUR MARRIED. Didn’t they get that the first time? Just like the women on FB, they pitch a great gig, but seldom go read relationship status. I’m very much in Love with my PoohBear, and nobody or much of anything is going to part me from her. I had this same thing happen in Evanston once at a wireless cable internet company there. I complimented the gal at the counter for being intelligent and at least knowledgeable of what the company offered. Right away I had hate emails that accused me of improper behavior. Really? Then last week I was addressed by the manager, of the local A&W here, that myself and the MC has been patronizing. Apparently flirting and complimenting these people is bad conduct. For Heaven’s sake, grow the hell up. When I was pumping diesel at the RoadRunner in Bliss years ago, if a trucker told me I was doing a great job, I took it for face value and thanked him, I didn’t go in and tell my manager that some freight hauler was complimenting me and that I felt threatened. Several things beyond that. One I wont do again, is recruit visual(model) Talent on or from FB, anymore. You spend tons of money, but get nothing. Leave that to talent agencies, of which ours is Talent Management Group. I wont go anywhere else. Two; Make damn sure that every split tail, on FB knows your married. Don’t depend on any of the seatcovers to go look at relationship status. Next same goes for recruiting women for driver jobs at a towing service. Of my many years, I only know of about 4 that have measured up to the task, with any idea of what the gig is about. They just don’t fit in there. This BS of women being gave equal pay for equal work, and so on is poppycock. Few women really will go out and do the dirty work required. The bottom line is that our nation is under an epidemic case of adult diaper rash. Our nation needs to grow up, it needs some baby lotion put on its collective butts, or we are going to be in real trouble after Trump leaves office.

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What the DC occupiers and office renters there need, is more Wolves, and not so many Sheep. Also want to get my attention on FB ladies? These are a must.

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So was taking an eye ball on FB a few ago, and saw a photo on Beth-Ann’s newsfeed, that had a pic of wolves dancing around a fountain. Here’s my take, and this comes from one of the finest Church Presidents since David O, was in the big chair. The events leading up to it, is not important right now, but President Hinckley said that I was the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And that being such was a good thing, since it kept the membership(sheep) stirred up and not becoming too complacent. In DC, the only Wolf back there is President Trump himself, the rest are a bunch of sheep, including several of our politicians from Idaho. One jumps , no matter party, they all jump. There is no loyalty to their elected party, nor you their constituents. All they care about is padding their wallets, occupying an office, flirting with an office intern, many of which are fugdugly, Monica Lewinski was so tubby and smugly I wondered why old Slick Willie messed with her in the first place. If your going to snag some office candy , at least snag one that looks good. Okay then, there is no cohesion in DC any more, there is no independence, except for just the lone headed President himself. The rest of em are a bunch of stoolies. The 20/20 elections are on the way next year. With the ton and a half of Democrats running, this next election is ripe for the picking, for us Confederates. Why not put up a candidate representing the Confederate constituents ? Lets proudly raise the stars and bars the cross of St. Andrew and get our cause in front of all voters. Not just the so called Rednecks. That are far from being that in the first place. csaflagFace it Abe Lincoln was a liar, the nation has been sold a bill of goods since the treaty was signed between Lee and Grant. Our children have been taught falsehoods. The Liberals tell you , that you can’t paddle a kid for misbehaving. I’m not into beating a young-ling to near death, but a good swat on the butt, a bar of soap in the mouth for swearing, doing chores to help around the house to better the household, rather than expecting money for it. If these things were put into practice, there would not be the mass shootings and all in our schools. Things that CNP people believe in. Talking in class or wandering around in their thoughts at school, was rapidly solved with that ruler or yardstick across the desk, or thump on the head. Then you read about teens and such being coerced into doing the naughty with a teacher. This is bad? My Dad just felt that it was normal sowing oats, and I just might learn something. And what kid hasn’t ever had a dream or crush on a lady teacher? Maybe if the teachers taught life lessons at school, they might know something of how to treat a lady in life, or at least learn something they are not being taught at home. After all these city kids have not all been raised on the farm. Which if Teens and such were made to do farm work, like moving sprinkler pipe, or pitch hay, first they’d be tired, second they’d loose all the extra weight, and mostly we would not have to attract south of the border migrant farm workers. No they sit at home or such, on their electronic devices which is not healthy.

Okay then talking about lady teachers. That may be although the Jury is still out on the cause, but if you’re a lady, even remotely thinking of getting close to this wolf whether for work or play These are required>89e8b8fd45ed0f1c3b00bb8e7834ea48No nylons, ugly feet, fat beefy toes? Don’t bother me as I don’t have time.

Nor interest.

Until this afternoon.

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