But can you smell it? Can you taste it, feel it? Your KnyteWolf Afternoon Update.

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What is it, that a simple piece of women’s slinky leggings, makes men at least beefy male corpuscles that are stallions and Alpha Wolvez, weak in the knees? 75348944_778980459193719_609807148972507136_nWhat is it about nylons? Or in its mid 1960’s variant Pantyhose? Both have been around since that mid 1920’s, some seamed, some in silk, but nylons. Was it that many women gave up their hosiery in sacrifice that enabled fabric for parachutes for pilots in two wars? Who knows what’s in hose that , stinky or not , that make men desire above all to have against their lips and under their nose. Could it be the slippery satiney feel, against the skin? Could it be that Pantyhose scrunches up serious muffin tops? What ever it is there is even a page and or group on FB called the Pantyhose Review. And a production company on YouTube called Pantyhosestudios.com Groovy baby. When it gets down undressed for me there is just about the only experiment that I haven’t experienced in brushing up the rushing pulses of nylons is those super white, stockings. The wonderment is, do they feel, smell and taste different from other colors and styles? Further research needs to be done. KnyteWolf University is working at it.


There is the tactile senses that need satisfied, before you buy a product. Example, Campbell’s soup company for years has barked that nothing tastes better than a soup and sandwich. I agree. The main soup? Tomato. But on TV ad’s they had to portray the product to the senses of smell. Which has a lot to do with taste. You taste more with your nose than your tongue. If what ever it is smells raunchy , your not going near it, however if it smells sweet or pleasant your taste buds will water. If you doubt, ask yourself this. Smell is why 80% or better of the exotic perfumes and scent companies count on. Of course, I’m waiting for the diesel or av fuel scent, but I’ll wait. There’s the musk scents. Which supposedly encourages endorphins to rush to the surface. Pheromones, is also included there. Musky smells are mirrors to Pheromone smells, and stimulate one thing, you stimulate the others. Of course smell can help detect other things. A year or so ago, there was this gal, who visited my home in Wendell, along with that dear lady Kathleen. They were getting me into doTerra. The gal, who I will call Windie, giving me an oil rub down on my feet, started sniffing my feet. Of course a week long wearing of work boots and very dirty socks, I was worried about her. The fact that it is usually me doing the sniffing, I was shocked. Later I remembered this little dog that Janet, brought to the office at the Wentworth there in Etown. The dog like Windie, went bazzerk, over my smells. What they were sniffing for was not pheromones, but that of a sweet sugar type smell. I didn’t know then much about my glucose condition, but those with type 2 diabetes, when our glucose, or A1C level is messed up, is our sweat is well, sugary. But I drift off course here.

If your peddling anything, either in Brick and Mortar or online/TV,or print. If you can’t smell, and or taste it with your eyes, that translates into action, then you have just pissd that money down the drain. You have to relate that. As far as radio. Sounds also make a difference. Example, back when we first launched the we LuV Toewz thing for Dixie Toewing, DIXIE A1 LOGO I was doing a promo, at KUPI in Idaho Falls. There was a seat cover there doing the producing. I explained that there is a difference in sound, even a simple kiss. If you do any kind of lip smacking, there is a difference between a simple peck, and a deep tongue jousting, smooch. We taped both, she understood. When we were doing a in office audition at TMG a few years ago now, I asked that all applicant talents wear really smelly hosiery. Only one heard the word. Not only did she wear stockings that I could smell with my eyes as well as my nose, that I immediately chose her as our main focal person. Same goes for Althea, she wore what was asked. Which meant she could and would take on set direction well. Not argue at every suggestion, scripted or not. So in closing, if you can’t taste it or smell it with your eyes as well as your nose, your not going to sell it on TV, Online or in print.

L8R Taters,

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There is no reason, for anyone to be stupid anymore.

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In our modern era, there is no reason, for anyone to be stupid, nor ignorant any more. I talk to many and hear the local radio talk shows. Seems as though so many have an opinion, except much of that opinion is of a very idiotic mis directed knowledge. There is just no reason. The Interweb, the TV, and all combined gives us or most of us a view of the goings on in Government, local, state and Federal. The what’s happening, where its happening and why its happening is so all over the place it ain’t funny. Yet all too many especially our young student aged tweens and teens have no knowledge, nor even desire to hear about politics, and national as well as local. And yet, all the information one needs for the most part, is at your finger tips, at your keyboard, and/or your smartphone. We as parents, and commerce business leaders need to be encouraging our school youth to flat get involved in elections, and such , not just focusing on sports. Yet as parents many provide and contribute to football uniforms, rather than lifting up band and or choir classes. Acting Class’s etc. We just don’t do it. PE or Physical Education is all but gone from our school systems. Farm life is becoming Urban life, 80% of our youth couldn’t hand milk a cow if they tried. Gone are AG or Agriculture Education, or Agri-Science courses. FFA and other similar programs are being cut. These same youth will become the future leaders of this planet. We need to do a better job, of getting brainiacs being cultivated, not just how to throw a football, or dribble a basketball. How the Knytes are involving them selves in this quest, next entry.

L8R Taters.

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So let’s talk about Highway Hooker Toewing.

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On April 20th, 2020 will be the 45th anniversary, of the birth of what ya’ll call Highway Hooker Toewing(mis-spelled on purpose). The name was derived from two sources, one that had something similar as a promo gimmick on a T shirt, the other from a Wrecker of the Month feature in the original format, Overdrive Magazine, called the Happy Hooker. I still remember that daily walk to our mail box a 1/4 mile away at the end of the road on our farm near Hazzard. I remember going into the indoor latrine, and finding that very feature,. What solidified the name, was when I was doing a flat tire change on I-84 at the 162 yard stick, and heard a OTR driver squawk on his CB, that there was a Hooker working on the side of the road. For you misinformed and not knowing, A hooker is CB talk for Tow Truck. From our various subsidiaries, one thing is for sure. Highway Hooker Toewing, is one of the three oldest, originally family owned towing service of the region. From Boise, to western Wyoming, from Sun Valley, Idaho to southern Utah. The only name to know when you all need a Tow is Highway Hooker Toewing, We just luv heart TOEWZ2IJUSTLOVETOEWS

L8R Taters.


Now I lay me down to sleep, ah who am I kidding, I’d like to lay me down beside any She Wolf.

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I’m so dang horny I’d doink, even the sweet blonde poodle down the street if it ever raised its leg. And I’m not talking the 4 legged kind.

So watched Saturday Night Live tother night. Can anyone tell me what the big deal that Taylor Swift is? I’m sorry, maybe she is that great artist and everything else, but tother night, she came off on national TV as off key, and tone deaf. And what is the big fuss anyway? She really isn’t THAT great looking, her personality off stage, and in private is sour, she does not take stage or any other kind of direction well. I mean, let go of the mystique that is the brand; Taylor Swift. I have known many starlets in my career, some on screen and behind it, and off set. On set they are the sweet characters you see on TV or in a movie. Off screen they act like a feline, with a serious case of distemper. Selma Hyack, is another. Worked with her once as a walk on, in southern Utah, on a film of hers. On screen sweet as taffy, off screen and in the directors chair she was a real bytch. And I mean a rabid bytch. There is supposed to be a meeting in Utah at the Utah Film Commission, where we producers etc can pitch ideas and ask questions. Wished I could go, but any mile, I truly wish Idaho would , through its department of Commerce establish a Idaho Film Commission. There was one several years ago, headed up, by one of the Knytes board of directors. Somewhere it shut down. Now I ain’t no Einstein, ner nothing, but if Governor Brad Little wanted to stimulate some cash flow, into the state, then he ought to get behind bringing back the Idaho Film Commission, and allow that commission, to go and pitch Idaho, as a place to make TV shows and movies. Think of such Disney/ABC/Freeform as Andi Mack or the latest, High School Musical, The Series, being done in IDAHO rather than metro UTAH, all the time. While there are several extension services of such a agency , there is no Central; Idaho Film Commission. Seems like I need to take a trip to Boise, Don’t it?


So , spent the evening watching TV then wanted to research an idea, did that, but found that the Sparklight Interweb box a blinking. Called Sparklight, the tech on the other end was so damn sweet, I wanted to climb right through the phone. Guess more than the toilet was flushed when Cable-One converted to Sparklight. Might be time to jump back into the ad review of Sparklight, and in the off season, do MotorTrend TV as well as Power Nation. Might be worth a shot. Getting some green flow into the jeans of both the Knytes and me, would do a lot of good, right now. The hold up on the radio gig is two fer. One is the main computer and all was high jacked and two; the old desk and all I can’t remember how to rebuild it to start laying out the system. Which is today’s project, and going to go finalize the shop, then get things going in the direction of going to fetch LexiBelle. This time, I’m doing the work on it. Two years is long enough to replace a second fuel tank , and fix some wiring, add to that LexiBelle being raped by some half bake VC / Oriental. Mexican Dork. Never have gotten a full police report on the incident. Which I’m going to bring up next month when I go down there. It’s not that my pal Rick, hasn’t tried to work on LexiBelle, but his plate has been rather full, these past couple of years. Sometimes, if you want something done ya, gotta do it yerself. Funny how things work out. Some good, some bad. But in three weeks it will be a year to date, when I was forced out of our place in Jerome Idaho, by the Cook Realty crooks, and we went off the air. We return to the air, February 3rd at 07:00 be on www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf for that. Lots to do, need by Wolf sleep.

L8R Taters.


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If anyone invents or creates a emoji, for completely stupid, it’ll sweep FakeBook.

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If anyone, creates or invents one of those emoji’s for being completely stupid, it’ll completely sweep, and dominate social media, including FakeBook. Comedian Bill Engvall had a hit out with Travis Tritt several years ago about here’s your sign, that handed people a sign, that simply read, “ I’m Stupid” I’m thinking that could be an emoji, {2922729641_a029279039} which would be a intelligent thing to do. So went to sign into FakeBook, a few ago, what did I get? A secure my Account notice. Must be someone , using my old Bessie to sign into sites, that were merely automatic. Eventually that old computer will surface, especially after I file the law suit for a 1/4 million green stamps. The Club will nearly own a serious part of or completely the assets of the people that swiped it all. Karma is a witch, vengeance might be the Lords, but Justice is the Knyte’s, and a severe wound is the WolfPack. I will not stop until I pull the teeth of the assholes, that fully took advantage of not just me but that of the ClubSleeping half-moon(s), Some people know better, more are completely ignorant, or arrogant. Thing is some public education via Knytes honor Guard is required. Today is going to be a day, and I’ll need plenty of rest. Monday its set up the trappings of the radio op, have coffee at the Mall, to scan the public, and get things done regarding the shop. Stuff is going to change, quickly. The wrong do-ers, are going to hurt. More later overnight.

L8R Taters;

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Women, must hate to be photographed on their right side profile, and really hate their feet.


I am convinced that women really must dislike getting photographed on or from their right side, and really must dislike with showing their feet. For that matter few photos of trucks and toew trucks are taken from the right side. Question is why? There are a trailer truck load of photographic mistakes I see. Many involving catching a pic with the afternoon sun at their back, its better to have a morning sun at the front of your subject, rather than the glare of an afternoon sun through a window at their backs. Then too, and many should, taking pics with bare feet. Or no hosiery feet and legs. Enhancing an already course skin area, it just looks like taking a pic, of a rig with peeling paint. Look at this one, that looks snazzy until you look at they’re feet;>a3c262b0f0ec863523b2883c580ed09f

61931315_394079294782986_2213243557261606912_nthose fugdugly heels and no stockings just looks blasé. Some light Kelly green nylons, and sharper heels would have made that photo pop. No fore thought was given there.

Pappys Journal 2So as you may have not noticed by now, decided not to go and consume Church today. Look I know, not just believe, but know the gospel of the LDS Church. What breaks my heart, and sears my soul, is going to a service and finding that the preaching and talks are just lip service. Having Children get up to give testimony of that gospel, when they need to be coached by their parents, is not baring testimony, its being handled like a puppet. The concept of service to others, goes in one ear, and out the other. What service. You have to nearly beg, and even then its only half ass’d. If the Bishop, asks someone to give a talk, the response always, is “ Well the Bishop, called me and urged me to give a talk on, such and such””.” Really ? If a Bishop were to ask me to give a talk, I’d be so over joyed that I couldn’t wait for Sunday to get here. Speaking of Heavenly Fathers plans and relating his son Jesus Christ’s teachings, is a privilege, and should not be a Burdon. Then there is the clothing duplication. Every Deacon, passing Sacrament, looks the same. Reminds me of a flock of Penguins. Sure dress up a bit, since YOU are going into the Lords house, but the Lord has no problem with you in humble threads, like jeans, a suitable T shirt, if you look up OutLaws Prayer, by Johnny Paycheck , you’ll better understand what I’m saying. Too many Church members are into the superficial, part of Sunday meeting, rather than its substance. When a sitting Bishop, says they’ll help you get something done then backs out, that aims me in the retreat get out of there mode. When a LDS Bishop, is too busy to even sit down and counsel you, it tells me I’m not wanted there. So why go? Turn on KSL watch Music and the spoken Word, study scripture and pray. I do not need to socialize with a bunch of hypocrites. When I resided in Evanston, Wyoming a few years ago, and perhaps Mark, spoiled me, Mark always had time to sit down with me to advise me of what I needed or should do in a given situation or tother. I had that in Jerome, at the Jerome 1st Ward, and at the Burley 5th Ward. Here in Twin Falls, I’m a bit soured on going to Church. Not quitting the Church, just preferring a bit of self study, and not going.

More L8R Taters, me needs Sleep.

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The question was asked at the reunion meeting of the KnyteWolvez, Has the big stink been done before?


smut phoote report1Teat was about the 5th tokillia and several lemonades, when the guys, started doing that remberance thing. When it came to the infamous toew smooch, one asked, had I ever went through a full out of mind experience of being completely smothered in stink toews in nylon hose? Beyond Nurse GoodBody speak nothingoopsalasweet toews it happened once and only once. Robin{Miss Dixie Diesel 1993} who let me have all the foot access I could endure, when I was about 16, years old and having to stay with this family whilest Dad and Mom went to this Shriner’s thing, I stayed with this insurance friend of Dad’s. So it was a Sunday, went to a Church, I’d had never been to before, and upon arriving back at their flatt, this insurance friend of Dad’s had to go to his office. So the wife and daughters were there alone with me, talk about a buffet , of hosed toes? The suggestion of, could a man endure near suffocation, if he were smothered by toes in hose? So I proceeded to lay flat on the floor, and daughters, wife and some friend did just that, smothered my face under feet, and I felt that heat. But that’s the only time a full on, get me under foot had ever taken place and BTW, hasn’t happened since. Any Takers? Church today so need to catch some zz’s.

L8R Taters;

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Southern Xposure xposure


knytewolf southern xposure Xposure so It looks like once again, I am in the grand FB Jail. Where you only see, but can’t contribute to topics that you find strongly about. The basic foundation, of Zuckerburg’s social media experiment, was to not, repeat NOT censor contributors or placement of ideals. Yet by them saying not on our site, they are doing exactly that censoring content. Of course the hand and wrist slapping, little golden boy got by congress this year and last year, might be why more examination is being done by FB’s powers that be. The thing is for every two of my questionable postings there’s at minimum of 4 that are placed, usually by women or scummy women looking for a snag in the dark, and not really looking for any kind of serious relationship. Many on there have no sincere knowledge of what a serious, no pull apart he-she mating, for emotions as well as carnal desires. Who cares? FB is aging and becoming a dinosaur of its own making. And soon will be like so many that have faded into the sun, social, interweb sites. It happened to Yahoo , chats. It happened to MSN’s chat rooms, and it happened to MySpace, and it soon will occur to FakeBook.

Okay, slept most of Saturday, I’m convinced that Saturday is the day of rest, Sunday is the day of learning of sacred things and nourishment of the soul. So about 19:00 ventured to the Maverick store I like best, and was shocked to see another hottie working there. Must be that college is in session, and lots of students are hunting ways of generation of supplemental income to fund school. Talk about auburn hair? Whew, took my breath away. So came back to the Wolf Hut, and did some screen art, needing feeding went over to the local Walnut, here. Does everyone just get in a ryde, and turn the key and turn off their brains? Glad I learned Hazzard County driving skills, or I sure would have ended up colliding with someone. I am convinced that if the powers that are would place a drivers ed, manual, in the back, middle or somewhere in the Book-of-Mormon, local drivers might just get the idea of how to drive a ryde, rather than just herd it. So since I was there and it looks like I’m going to end up replacing my aged Bessie, since shy of a gun and a damage crew, Bessie is all but gone. So meandered to the Computer of our local Walnut, and found that, to get a new computer with the horsepower that I need and all , so asked the folks there if I could get what I wanted with an AMD processor. The kid had no idea. I simply explained to the freak working there, that if they can’t people there to help sell these products, maybe they ought to get out of selling these products, mainly Computers. Seems as much as the Tragic Valley advances, the more it goes in reverse. Yes Twin Falls and its surrounding area IS growing, but I think, the valley and its people, needs to crawl or walk, before it runs a marathon. It’s just not ready for this. Question is, and this might be a my location only thing, but are all or most of Walnuts employees stupid, or just mentally challenged? BTW; Found that one of our fellow associates, who was my PSR, is now a Walnut associate. Guess the head shrink schooling he was doing fell in the ditch, or perhaps toilet? I will share more on this in the PM Sunday, but working around the house today, heard the sweet sound’s of a old two lung, poppin Johnny, outside. That’ll be on the Deere-Dazzlerz, Report here in the Gazzette.

Church in the mid morning and the Mayan’s are on FX, L8R Taters.

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Why worry about competition? When there is no competition?

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This is my final entry at least for tonight into early morning Saturday.

So after many weeks which felt like months, I finally have TV, and we’ll see if the wifi and 1 gig hardwire lives up to claims. That all said , after watching TV most of the evening, what I found was the same old fodder, with nearly the same ads, with the same BS as I saw in Burley, on that system. There just isn’t anything new, or for that matter, sit up and watch all night, which was the slogan tag for the USA, TV network a few years back. It was called Rhonda’s Up All night with some grade b movie, that would have never seen on prime time TV. So out of frustration was looking over the cable channel landscape, and stumbled upon, a thing called PowerNation, a revived version of the PowerBlock that saw daylight in the late 90’s on the TNN and then on CMT. Which because of some narrow minded execs, was turned over to SpeedVision. The history there is a long one, but it involved quite closely one of our subsidiaries, SpeedWrench Towing. So watching PowerNation, saw this blonde-ee that peeked my curiosity. Most of what I call the pitch or host models, do not know a spark plug to a lug bolt. They just have no idea. But they do make you give the various shows a look which is why they are there to begin with. To attract some pimpled faced gear head, to watch and perhaps learn. I was reading in one of my two wheeled pubs about the fact that many male corpuscles, can’t replace a flat tire, much less revamp, restore and uprate their rides. If they do, claim a ride, they sure as heck did not build it themselves. It’s a shame. Even here in suburban/rural towns and areas like Twin Falls, who used to have grand auto mechanic programs, even those in the more smaller rural schools, like Wendell, or even Hagerman’s, such things as Shop class, along with FFA, programs have been cut, if not crap canned. While there is no disagreement, that today’s rides, of all types, makes and models are computers on wheels, the respect of old skool rods and customs has been lost on this generation. They flat don’t care. Fill it up and at minimum check oil, is all they know. Where are the next crop of auto and truck under the hood guru’s coming from? Urge your child, tween, to teen, to get their hands greasy, grab a wrench, and catch a whiff of 120 octane nitro methane.

So then crept in and glanced over FakeBook. There just wasn’t anything there. Kind of the same solitude feeling I get when I get nominated and attend the CMA Awards. A big bunch of hoopla for nothing. In FakeBook’s defense, the masses have been migrating elsewhere in droves. No wonder, FakeBook is a social site experiment that has ran its course and needs to sit up, do a bit more, or be washed out entirely. Let some new creative juices flow there. Of course, FakeBook isn’t really motivated to do anything outlandish either. They have no motivation to , after all; who is goofy enough to try to compete with FakeBook? What would push FakeBook to enter in the fast re-moving craze such as self publishing? As my Mom used to say, the bird that flies too high , usually ends up in a bullshitWhich defined for some not able to lift your minds above the ground floor, that when you think your unbeatable, watch out there’s a Jonny Reb, out there ready to do battle, even in the cyber wars. I have found one such that could easily do battle with the Google’s and FakeBook’s, out there. It’s one of the oldest social networks out there, and very simple to work with. It’s called Lycos.com . the Knytes have their main e-commerce websites through them and will be taking the cover off of our revised website, as soon as we get everything done in the photography department, as well as have our really great friend Vickie at TMG agency based in Salt Lake City/Murray Utah. She has great talent, and while they could really use some serious video training, still you can’t argue with success. Not only has TMG supplied a lot of the stand in’s and walk on’s, on many Disney based shows, from Andi Mac, to the new series which premiered on all of Disney/ABC channels, High School Musical, the series. Vickie, knows her stuff and why I’m not only glad and proud to call her my friend and associate, but the Knytes and the WolfPack as well. More in the mid AM, its sleep time.

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L8R Aviators

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With Some business’s attitude and attitude mean altitude.

knytewolf head1Pappys Journal 2

I usually don’t carve much out here on a Friday night, but things are bubbling here, as two weeks from tonight KTOW/HazzardAyre-KnyteWolf Radio goes back on air, at least Interweb Radio. Got the big deal, 1 gig, and TV in today, so feeling pumped. So with that lets truck down the topic tyme. With being gassed on the radio gig, and the fact that only a signature and all is all that’s pending on the new shop. The very shop, Where, LexiBelle, and I first met, is for rent and I’m getting it. Talk about DejaVu. So went to the Depot, in anticipation, of a full burger and fries. Yet I only got a Grilled Cheese, and tots. Reason, the folks serving were about as friendly as a band of badgers. Come on, so you had a long week, so your feet ache, so your tired, big deal , suck it up. Waiting tables is a direct to person, type gig. If your not able or able, to tend tables or greet clients and make them feel better when they come in, for heck sake, stay the heck home. What I saw was a bunch of swine, running around, cackling like a bunch of old hens. For the same money, could’ve went to Denny’s had soup as well, and a better than when I came in feeling. If you want a tip from me, want me to return? Then be a bunch happier or quit, go to work for a grocery store. Okay then, and I’ll get into it further in the early edition, but if your watching TV or reading a rag of some sort, if you see a photo, can you smell her perspiration? Can you smell her Pheromones, can you taste her sweaty feet? Especially if she’s wearing nylons? If so great, the model and photographer is doing their job, if not your not getting the full effect or groove that the producer and/or writer intended. Back in 2013 after I had made the move to Ogden , Utah. We had the radio gig in view and wanted to give the thing a bit of a spotlight to catapult the gig to the next level. So after much tribulation, locked onto Talent Management Group, one of the very few pro talent agencies in the region. There was a mid 30’s something talent that stood out. Her name is Michele Wilson, who came dressed for the audition. The rest were not following instruction. Right down to the slight aromatic smell of her nyloned feet. This I knew would translate onto video. The entire thing is not limited to strictly that of a carnal, physical thing. Take food ads. If you can’t smell the sauces, if you can’t taste the noodles, if you can’t feel the fabric, then whoever is doing the ad, both actress and or writer/producer again is not doing their job. If it’s not carnal, if its not food? Then where else might this be important in an ad production? That in my next report. Until early morning I’ll just let you wonder. I will say this, when we look for on screen talent for our organizations ads for TV and print, I look to TMG. Again, until early Morning.

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