Does College really increase knowledge? The PoohBear Drama continues.

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Of course , I don’t usually bark about the high costs of groceries, since most months, I have my EBT Card. Yet because of a clerical malfunction, no SNAP benefits. So here I sit with a bleeding ulcer, and nothing to fill my stomach. Great. Yep a PoohBear blunder. She tells me one thing, but I know what happened. Her brother was about to get his car repoed. So begged PoohBear to cover it. I put my foot down and said no. Seems if PoohBear’s family in any way gets involved in our stuff , shit hits the fan. The only in-laws that I have ever gotten along with is Monkee’s. Her Mom, sisters and all treated me like a King and with respect. And oh yes she did pay dues to the Club. Suzi’s parents were out for my money. Simple. There was no real affection there. Except , good old Skipper flat told her she don’t get none of it. So she got knocked up, and even today, I, rake out $200.00 a month to her, for support of my Son, although legally I could challenge that , but the money goes to physical therapy. Marla’s parents just tolerated me, but did all possible to burn the bridge to marriage of her and I. Plus I did not want to move to Oregon. Cici’s Mom liked okay and that would have worked , had powers that were at the time sold my home out from under me and me moving to Boise. She didn’t groove on the big city shuffle, so we parted. Guess what she does? Drives truck. Guess diesel fuel, flows through the veins. Last April, I could have went to driving for SWIFT, guess what? PoohBear said no. Yet she with holds money that she rightfully owes me and the Knytes. Why ? Simple, she created this mess in part, so she ought to help pay for the disaster she caused, so I can get back on my feet. Which leeds me to this:

Does College really increase intelligence? Or is it a ton of money spent on nothing that will do no one any good? PoohBear wanted to come to Twin Falls area, to gain her GED, and take some skills education. So I’m here, she isn’t. Why? Because the only place that was a real house in Wendell, she blew up when she started a fuss with the neighbors. Eventually I had to move, and ya’ll know the rest. The place in Jerome would have worked, except she held off sending money in October, which caused me to get evicted. PoohBear, will not live long enough to pay me and the Knytes off of what she has cost us.

I love the TV ad for CSI, in Twin Falls, where the children are barking about what they want to be when the grow up. The last one says she doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up, but she wants to go to College. Fine. Yet, CSI , has no quantum physics program, has no broadcast program, the drama program is lackluster at best. But the Vo-Tech program is good. And of course it’s a junior College. The only quantum physics courses I have ever discovered in this area is in Utah , at the University of Utah.

Later Ya’ll

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Another droopy Sunday

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Another droopy Sunday. My insides are trying to come up my throat due to not being to eat anything since the old EBT card got screwed up some how. And because my phone is turned off since PoohBear screwed the pooch with her dues money, I’m trying to finger out how and where to make a few phone calls in the morning.

I can’t totally understand how one person, can mess up SSI payments? I have went through this myself, but usually a phone call fixes most of it. For nearly 16 years, I’ve only had hiccups on my SSI. Both of which, again was fixed with a phone call. Why can’t PoohBear do this? I wish I weren’t on the tax payers gravy train, but with all too much manure, that’s gone through the chute in that 16 years, makes that a requirement. So I work for our MC, and of course the Knytes. If I make them money , I get to keep 10% of it. Example, the radio network, made $12,000.00 a month, so I could keep $1,200.00 of it. With the radio network parked, again due to PoohBear’s messes, in October last year, network isn’t making money, and thus, I’m not making any money. So here I reside in a motel room that I’m grateful for, where most of my required needs are taken care of. Yet with the $200.00 still owed on the rent of this room, means I’m going to be in big doo-doo, by the end of this week. The stress is not good for my ulcer, and I surly don’t want to go into the hospital, for something that is preventable.

Any mile, its my bed time.

Good numbers to ya’ll.

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good night long

The End of it, is near.

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The End of it is near. Seems as though the influence of her Aunts , Mother and Brother, has it to where it’s a point of imbalance on the future of PoohBear and me. Something tells me it is the end, so I’m looking elsewhere. Maybe Priscilla or Stacy Sparks , might find that having my boots under their bed ain’t such a bad thing what so ever. I just wish that all that has gone through the manure chute hadn’t. The move back to Idaho, the loss of housing assistance, not to mention everything that Janet at the Wentworth, had to throw away, since I blew up my car in the move here. The turmoil in Wendell, that drove me to Jerome, the loss of Angel, and now the tools to our radio trade, nearly lost. Why? Because PoohBear couldn’t adjust to life on the Wyoming frontier, and Evanston. The really bad thing was the injury to LexiBelle , because of the move here, the friendship damage to Rick and I, the loss of a job at A1, The list goes on, and so now so too do I. Now I need to go to my new Bishop, and tuck tail, to beg for the $200.00 left on my rent here now, and to reignite my phone. Why? Because PoohBear said she was sending money , but didn’t. So now it goes that because no phone, can’t get in touch with ID-H&W, to figure out what happened to my EBT Card, so I get to starve for the rest of the month.

The money she usually sends, goes to the Knytes. I get just enough for rent. That’s it. We were rebuilding the Ayre Crew business together as my Mom & Dad did in building the Montgomery Foundation. Nope, not now. All PoohBear knows of life, is living in a cesspool of filth, in the backyard of her Aunt, and the only interaction with anything that resembles a living thing, is a bunch of feral cats. I give her a way out and all she does is poop on it. Her dues money she sends demonstrates her honor and loyalty to the Club. It’s a thing of if a lady enters the realm of the Knytes, if she loosens her purse strings to the Club, means she will be in retention of the Club. If not, the relationship ends. So that’s my story for tonight.

Good numbers ya’ll.

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Dixie Diesel Journal

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Well friends, PoohBear screwed the Pooch again. Said she was in line yesterday to send her dues money. Says she started bleeding, and is in hospital again. Perhaps so, but hell last weekend I truly was sick, truly was in the hospital, and truly had a bioscope stuck down my throat. Discharged Sunday. Most of my ulcer and all honestly is this farting around that PoohBear causes. It’s either about money or supposedly me looking for love elsewhere. Somehow that thought does not enter into her brain. As considering it all if I were to look elsewhere, I’d have found it, I nearly did in Evanston with Syd, yet I didn’t. Plus I ditched Evanston, controlled rent, LexiBelle, and all and moved to Wendell, because , PoohBear did not like Evanston. In part, the money she pays in dues, is going to the effort to fix the mess she herself caused. Lately though I’m in the mode of doing things myself, and if she does send money great, if not , then I’m not behind the 8-ball. I’ve not always been that gifted money management wise, but I know maintaining a roof over my head, is the main thing each month. I have never been homeless, and I’ll be damn if I will be now. In short doing lots of thinking this weekend.

Yesterday over at the livestock sale, there was this bullhauler there that was so fine, those stacks and the paint scheme was so sharp, that I nearly was tempted in licking the tires. The Chrome was so well placed. The scrolling was dead on. Too bad , I can’t show you it, but since PoohBear didn’t send money , no phone, and that means no photos.

Last for now: Again, USA Network, is doing a attempt of putting a silk scarf around a sows neck. Last of the month, they’re rolling out a series called the Radke’s , the mom Mellissa is so fat that you just know she’s headed for a stroke soon. These shows, like Chrisley, Knows Best. Shows southern people that are fugdugly and stupid. Its fine to show that big tubby women can land a TV show, but must they do it with us southeners being featured. Direct tubby to the Yankees. New England women , need the fat to keep their hubby’s warm. Of course some northwestern women are also in that category.

Keep On Truckin,

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Since when, does networks premier new shows in May? Who the hell is in charge of programming new shows on USA Network?


I always seemed amazed at the ignorance or lack of serious thought that the folks who decide what new shows or any shows need to the axe, or that needs to just find an audience. Like the doomcauffs at the USA TV Network. Chrisley Knows Best, Miz & Mrs. , And now one with super fat gal? Really? Queen of New Orleans is one that needs the finding of an audience. The rest of the line up for the premiers in May are ones that I would give the axe. The promos for these idiotic shows are just about as dorky. The series on USA, called Chrisley Knows Best, did a spoof take off of the Star Wars intro. No real creativity.

Now then; since when does TV Networks , premier new shows in May? Used to be , Spring/Summer was reruns, and new stuff would come out in the fall. Beyond that, talk about copy cats. Wednesday for example is 3 hours of Chicago, Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, That Hank Voight chicago-pd-hank-voight brings out the best of that show. And the SUV 59c62e273414d_CadillacEscalade4.jpg.a6e1c7c839a7c6c82f47eaa413e0f206 is a killer ride. Super cool, 9e63f00a9db9c160f314233ca096d6acyet over at the other network of NBC, is Rescue 911. Staged to be like Chicago Med. Really? Can’t someone come up with something original? Seems the damage that the Writer’s Strike in 2006 was very real, and introduced us to the ugly Reality Shows, unscripted, like American Idol, sucked in, America’s Got Talent among others. These are only partly scripted, as for scene, the rest of it is improv. But quality sit down with the family 1 hour TV is pretty much gone. Yet , just to be politically correct, such TV shows, even reruns, like the Dukes-of-Hazzard dukes-of-hazzard-cast, Chips, B.J. and the Bear, and yes Airwolf. Is not being rebooted, yet trash shows are. Could you imagine the old medical drama House, being rebooted? jennifer1 jesse-spencer-jennifer-morrison-omar-epps-hugh-laurie-lisa-edelstein-BPMX3Mgettyimages-141384755-house-nbc-1525710360It goes beyond imagination. Imagine if HeeHaw was rebooted(HazzardAyre Media is working on it) Then we’d have quality TV.

No matter what you now see on TV, is a shame. And sponsors, and you who watch TV, should Howl, since what is on TV shouldn’t be.


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What gets sewed up can come undone, yesterday was no fun.

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Yesterday started good, but as things would have it, about 13:00 hours some of the sutures that stemmed from surgery on my insides over the weekend tore, so with the aid of my neighbor, and the local meatwagon,

over to Twin Falls we went. Funny, if the fartknockers who dispense money for a County hospital can’t have a hospital, that can fix or heal people and you need to go to Twin Falls, why spend tax dollars on such things ? Just open up a small trauma station, and be done with it. So got to the ER in Twin, they whisked me straight to the surgery center, sucked all the food out of me, and down with the bio-scope they went. A laser zap or two and now its sealed shut. No big. So had to stay overnight, Shae was there, took charge of my in hospital care, and they punched me out at 11:00 Hours this morning. Once I got home, saw that Eric had replaced my TV, and looked over my inbox. 55 inbox messages, 40 of such were between PoohBear and the other one from some skank near Wendell. Where was the skanks concern when I was there?

PoohBear, thinks I ignore her if I’m not just parked on the FB fb-blimpexit all the time. Thing is outside of right now waiting for her to get her dues and such money out to me, and get a verifi number, I just have no big interest in FB any more. Facebook was, and I say WAS the one sure shot of Internet gossip. When FB published real news stories, and things of real interest, hey I was there, and by rightly credit, I met PoohBear there. But I also met a bunch of fillies there that not only were street walkers, but many who were not even female, no matter how they dressed. Then with all too many challenging, my credibility and reputation, and screwing up a relationship with some fellow pilots in Jerome, plus where I wanted to get married to PoohBear and all, if Rick isn’t on fb, or I don’t see PoohBear on there, or if some good thing that makes my eye, I don’t even stay on fb very long.

Then of course, my EBT-Snap card is messed up, but I can’t call H&W to fix it. Reason? Until I get the $’s from PoohBear, have no phone. So until she gets out of the hospital , I’m screwed. I think too, not saying it wasn’t what she said it was, and all, but a bunch of her visits to her hospital, is she needs to get away from the feral cat manure pit she lives in, where it’s a real bed, real food, a working toilet, etc. It’s no damn reason she’s sick all the time. One can’t sleep in poop, eat near poop, do her poop, along with her mother, pee in the same place and not be sick. It isn’t a healthy environment. She says her brother and her mother are looking at moving to Colorado. Fine, I say, like the Mountain Dew TV ad says, just Dew it. I mean her Brother drives for Freymiller, all he needs to do is broker a load out this way, load her mother, herself and her brother and haul out here. What there isn’t in Florida, is in Colorado. More over, Idaho and Wyoming.

It’s liquid lunch time, more in the evening.

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Knyte Grooves

HazzardAyre KTOW JournalKnyte Grooves

Tuesday, it was rainy, chill, and with no TV I just went in and sacked out. What few understand, SuperWolf here, is old. 60, old. When I go through events like over the last week or so, my body needs time to heal and recuperate. So catching as much sleep as I can is required.

I like where I’m at residence wise. This apartment, is managed right, meaning , managed by people with a heart. They understand that shit happens, and a bit of leeway at times is the plan. Not nailing people for simple shit. That and its quiet here, cept for the trains coupling and uncoupling during the day. No sirens, nobody slamming doors, no big meth couple fights, just quiet. There are days that go by that I never leave the place, cept to fetch food or snuff. Plus it gives me a chance to catch up on bills, as long as PoohBear sends $’s on time, combined with what I pull in, I’ll be able to get in a good house before long. Which will be needed once she and I get hitched next year, or so. PoohBear, worries way too much about crap that don’t matter, including damage control. My thoughts on Nicole what’s her name and all, if that’s all they have to do, then its their problem. I have way too much stuff on my plate to concern myself with that kind of rumor mill junk. Like I said in my last post here, want to know, really know me, talk to Bro.

My property manager here, is going over to fetch me a TV Wednesday, my thing is , I need to get busy finding a place for the radio station and all. According to my attorney, the people who have it all locked up, are not legal. You can’t keep the tools that someone uses to make a living with all locked up. So come this time next week should have that being hauled over here. A bunch of people are going to pay, and pay deep after what they have done to me and the Knytes. From the Cook, crooks, to the storage jerks. claiming things that are not true, are actionable litigations, and after some attorney money is paid, my net results will be in the mid $20,million range. Yes I am awake , long enough now to take meds, but as I close, you again gotta wonder about healthcare types. How the hell are you supposed to get any rest or sleep, if they keep waking you up to take vitals? With that said, there was one, c-n-a, there last weekend named Shea. who took good care of me, so I’m thinking of sending her something nice. Too bad there isn’t more of her, in healthcare.

See ya’ll menyanna.

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Things you take for granted, but shouldn’t.


It’s a Tuesday, PoohBear is still in the hospital, and outside of $3.00 in the bank account, means no phone. My local property managers are being kind and not pushing on rent. So I’m content, up to the point of no TV. Got cable okay, but the old TV that I have here, gave up the ship. So I sit here, having STNG, Voyager, Law & Order SVU and Chicago PD withdrawl. That’s about all I watch on TV cept for the news and lately, the nerds that do that up in this area, are just slightly elevated above a High School TV Journalism class. Damn it, lets get Idaho back or at least advanced to the 21st or 22nd Century.

Okay then. Just like my TV , there are things you just take for granted. As long as it works you pay it no mind. Yet even your car or what ever motorized chariot you have, if you don’t take care of it, it will get the illness’s. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, filters, you have to service your car. Its like the faith I have in Jesus Christ and the Church. Unless you read scripture, take sacrament , and worship, pretty soon you find and feel the distancing of our Heavenly Father. The friends, we cultivate, need to at least be serviced as well. Even if it is a once a week or so a quick greeting on FB or by phone text, at least say hello how ya’ll doing. Don’t just think, ah they are fine, and ignore them, as the day will come when you’ll need them and they just will no be there. Example, last weekend at the point of discharge I really needed a ride, from the hospital in Twin Falls here to Burley. Because I had paid most of my bills cept fer phone and the half of my rent I was broak broke. No money for a taxi, the one I thought would was down, so called my friend near Wendell for a ride. Situation was she had Sunday family things that is really more important, so after lots of inquiring, got a ride from my Ward in Twin and all was okay. Kathleen and family is at least to me the finest people you could ever meet. they have a heart, and love for others, that can’t be matched very close. Of course to me the one saint although he thinks he isn’t, but Charles Legg, of A1 Towing and Heavy Haul, is one that I truly think can walk on water. Getting back, because of the distancing of relationships like Kathleen, here I come with a slight big task. In some part of her, must have been , your calling for what? Where have you been? Etc. Thing is because I haven’t massaged that relationship, there wasn’t the big overjoy to do something for me. I look at things like that, as I do with planting a farm field. It’s great to drop a seed or so on the ground and get it planted. however if you don’t, water it, give it attention, what ever crop that field was to produce will not produce. Even business’s. You can create a business, but unless you work it and tend to its affairs, it too, will not produce revenue.

This here, is a bit personal.

This weekend is Mothers Day. I reflect on my Mom, in ways most can’t imagine.

I consider all the time that I didn’t give attention to and with my Mom. My Mother was not or acted unlike any other. Not only was she my Mom, but Mothered a helluva lot of people in this Tragic Valley. The money we gave, the gifts we gave it was a thing of pride, that I called my mom, MY MOM. Even with it being 36 years since she passed on to be with Heavenly Father, I still reach back and ask, Mom now what do I do? Mothers Day, Memorial Day, and my Mom’s Birthday on the 28th of this month. I really miss my Mom. I miss the meals, the big house, and her ultimate knowledge of the Universe, from anything medical, to being able to tear into a tractors engine, to teaching Sunday School, on Sunday. My Mom could and did, everything.

Now last here. Someone asked me last week, if there was anyone on Earth that truly knew me, and how I think etc. As well as my family. There is one and yet I have lost track of him, his name is: Lester, Allan, Culbertson, Junior. Not only were we MC kin, I think too we had to be blood kin. In reality no, but it felt like it. Bro as I called him, was closer to me than any Brother kin, type. The things we did together, the real true adventures went beyond normal. And yet, because I didn’t keep in touch, I lost him forever. But for the few that want to know me, ask Bro.

See Ya’ll this evening.

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How Bizzark is it that a big hospital does not have at least one jar of Mentholatum in the whole place? And does FB really know about you?

HRJ MAIN1pAppys corner

How Bizzark is it, when an entire mega hospital with all the advanced medicine, doesn’t even have a small jar of Mentholatum download? The one thing I considered is it might just be some big Pharma, said don’t you even dare  have that available. In reality the thought is if your problem of trying to breathe, in a room or a hospital room, where the air is so damn dry,it’s called living in a mountain desert, you can’t keep anything down food wise, but those vapors from the Mentholatum could at least aid in respitory relief. Of course not all is praiseworthy, and I don’t really fault the young women there attempting to be nurses, and C-N-A’s there . It’s what the Doctor on staff at the time says for them to do. Problem is, its not always the underling nurses, and c-n-a’s , it’s the head witch nurse calling the shots, and there’s many of them , if the witch nurse gets a thorn in her ass about you, nothing or very little you request will be honored. Thing is; and I’m not completely faulting St. Luke’s, as overall, they are a fine facility, problem is if you need to be admitted , your in bed, a very uncomfortable bed at that,even with the multitude of angles you can adjust the damn thing, the frigging mattress, is just about a few cliques from a military cot . Want food? as long its not on a restricted diet, your wish is their gift. Trust me, it ain’t no gift, your paying for it. From ice cream, to cream of chicken soup, is on tray from the basement. Now too we are talking of an area that is in a age group, of 25 to 45 maybe, of people wanting to get into and stay or make a career in healthcare. It’s a training part residency, hospital. Most of the patient support staffs are women, who have multiple problems themselves, not just biologically. that don’t have a lot of if much of any experience. Two examples; My very first visit to St. Luke’s was one of, are you that fucking stupid?

The hospital had been pumping me up all day, with a liquid diet. But they had the damn bed rigged so if I got out of it, the alarm went off. Well I had to piss, Couldn’t get out of bed, asshole staff ignored my nurses call button, after awhile I just fell asleep. Mid morning found my bed was wet. Yep, pissed the bed. Now it does not take too many brains to conclude if you’re a nurse, that sweet smelling urine, from a type 2 diabetic meant I pissed the bed. Could they be bothered to change the sheets and give me something dry to wear? Nope, not until the next morning after shift changes. I had adult diaper rash for nearly a month after. Good heck St. Luke’s nurses, pay attention to the damn patients. Next, this episode, I went in hurling much worse than the time just described. They gave me some sort of medicine in a IV, which took four of them, to figure out to start an IV, Sorry, my blood is thick, it does not flow like water, more like raspberry jam, and it takes awhile to get going. However the medicine was going in and coming back up in puke. As a result I suffered small acid burns on my lower lip. Here was this young gal working, too busy farting around on the computer, and not even noticing. Again nurses and c-n-a’s watch the patient.

fb-blimpOkay then. Why is it, that facebook always puts up pages and fan pages of girls that are not any older if they’re lucky , that 20 years old? Now over the last few weeks up until today since the fire kid that came with the meatwagon the other day poked the wrong button on the TV, but I’ve been watching lots of Law and Order SVU, and Chicago PD. NCIS, and a bunch of others. If some fuzz was to start looking over some things on my FB feed, and saw young girls on it. The attitude of some fuzz types about me would be all the wrong way. Sure I supervise casting for the Club’s videos and TV ads etc, but even me, I wont even talk to a girl under 21 years old and that better be verifiable. Yet FB wants to put those friend suggestions up. Doesn’t FB look at your current status and take into consideration, that A; your married, B; that your way the hell over the 40 year demographic and even look at your other postings, such as on your WEBSITE, not theirs. Its setting some guy out there up, to have explain some things to the fuzz, and perhaps even get convicted on a Stat-Rape charge at least. It’s been said that FB’s algorithms are supposed to know so well, when in fact , they don’t. It’s a not so much a big mystery to those of business, as well as entertainment and such business’s, that fb is going down like a blimp with a hole in the bottom,fb-blimp

and yet the dang social media Goliath has no real leadership. Zuckerburg, is just a figure head, he does not do very much and his minions, have no clue to the real world. Especially the United(so-called) States. and worse states between California and NYC. I don’t like ragging on FB, as they are trying, but like rural healthcare, both have yet to mature and bloom. I just hope its no me that get’s called on the carpet about having underage girls, even starlets on my FB feed. Hopefully later today New Leaf Properties will bring me a replacement TV.


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I hate being the secret shopper at the hospital, modern rural healthcare is in real need indeed.

Hazzard Gazzette Header fronthjr hedder 4

Good Monday morning to ya’ll. Ever feel like you got drugged through a manure pit? Here’s the gig, Wednesday last was the infamous pay day for most of us military alumni, so after going partly hungry for three days, only because I was too damn lazy to go to the store. Hey I’m mostly content here now. Any mile took my butt to the bank, Denny’s and eventually to the store. Figuring, PoohBear would get her money by Thursday last , I got undressed and hit the sack. After of course grooving on a STNG Marathon, that included mucho Voyager and even more Kess and 7 of 9. But Friday was another thing entirely, started hurling at 02:00 and continued into early Saturday, figured I best go to hospital, here in Burley since part of my barf contained serious blood. I’d have better to have driven myself, took the meatwagon here 8 minutes in response time. Then the ER nurses volunteers, one could not find a vein to plumb an IV. After an X-Ray, and CT scan, Cassia hospital said we can’t treat you. So they sent me to the wonderful St. Luke’s . So early Saturday they stuck a bigger bioscope down my throat dilated my esopfocus and there I was. Now this visitation into another world was not as bad as the last. I had 2 nurses, and 2 cna’s to take care of me. Now they wouldn’t budge on the Skoal thing, but they did provide a better measure of care than what I had in my brain and had , had the last round. As it is , I can go through open surgery to cut out that part of my innerds that has the ulcer, or every other month go to the hospital have the out put tube from my belly that removes gas dialated. I’m restricted to a liquid diet, and absolute no or very little stress. While I can continue wrenching on helicopters, my flight hours are cut back and short distances only.

The mini Cassia area is growing, by wide margins. The abandoned shopping retail Mall they had here , is near full. There is commerce here, and if I dig in here, with HCC as well as HRT(Heavy Rescue Toewing) I’ll be okay, and also do in the short run up, rebuild our radio gig. I would have thought that a hospital loosely tied to Intermountain Health Care out of Utah, would have had to have more in modern capabilities in treatment. As bad as the hospital was in Evanston, Wyoming, they are light years ahead of Cassia Memorial here in Burley. As it is my throat is as sore or more than sore than Linda Lovelace at a Marines stag party, at the mansion under the sea, in California(yes it still exists.) . So can’t talk much.

On the final here; Who was the architect that designed the toilets at St. Luke’s, Hospital, in Twin Falls. They must have only thought that pint sized women would come to the hospital. It’s very difficult to get relaxed enough to drop a load, when your testicles are dragging through the water(yes I’m built large) . When balls get wet is no thrill there. My comment to one of the few bitchy women that worked there caring for me, when she asked did I do the poo, was simply, give me something to eat and I’ll crap.

Next entry, you sure get what you pay for and not much more. Metro PC, needs some input.


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