Still the best and still delivering. Plus: We are looking for a few TV Models for our booster TV ads.

Even though our online radio gig has been down since December of last year, every unit of HazzardAyre/KTOW FM is still very active in delivering the news. Views from the seat of the pants of working towing professionals. KTOW was established in 1984 and has been barking over both online as well as over the air, without restrictions of bias’s . We research, read, and write news for only one person, YOU the guy or gal sitting in that tow truck. That has always been the core of what we do here. toew bros wyngz reverted The Iron Knytes Association and the fraternal Toew Bros Association owns and operates KTOW, as well as HazzardAyre. HazzardAyre saw its first light in the Spring of 2012. It is by its name the melding and blending of Hazzard County Radio, and AyreWolfFM. The original online radio show for those into vintage military aircraft, Warbirds from The Navy and Marine Corps.  Not just the Air Force. From UH-1 Helicopters to super sonic F-18 Hornets, that’s what AyreWolfFM is and was created by myself and our Miss Nurse GoodBody Erin.

That makes HazzardAyre. You already know we have been down since December, duh to a bloober of PoohBear, but we are getting closer to resurrecting KTOW and HazzardAyre Radio. However when I saw our latest Spreaker stats, ( were so low, that I wonder if anyone was tuning in at all. NO MORE. This time we are going in hot. We are busy creating ads for TV that will air During the Mayan’s. 7f2435df3ef2ce074ac80f5148055c7cWhich is a spin off, of;

Which gave birth to;knytes-symbol-1_thumbwhich became;Knytes of Dixie 2who are the second parent organization and owners/operators of KTOW FM and of course HazzardAyre. But I am getting off course. What we are now looking for some very hot honeys to enhance our rides on the TV ads, that hopefully will get more ears to our online radio gig. If your at least 28 years old or older, snazzy looking and can both act as well as model, get in touch. Email us at;, or by phone at 208-544-1893. 

I know lots to digest, but our aim, is to go full throttle on this radio gig, for the benefit, of guys and gals like me out here trying very hard to make a buck driving a tow truck, because we love, Toews.

Sunday at the Oasis .

Sunday at the Oasis. So woke up after a night of segmented sleep. Seems I’m having more episodic sleep rather than obscure dreamy sleep. So went to Church. Of the many LDS Wards I have attended and been part of, the Burley 5th Of Burley Idaho, is about as friendly and warming, as a Rooster greeting a badger, its not that welcoming. Of this only 2 Wards that I have known like this is the Springville Utah 4th Ward, and the Wendell Idaho 1st Ward. Then listened to Testimony meeting, that bored me squatless, but the speeches are getting shorter and more to the point. I still have a problem, with bringing up Primary aged kids. If they are to bare Testimony, they should not be coached or prompted. They have no concept of what they are saying . Sorry, while I’m told that I should forgive as God forgives me, still I’m critical of symbolism in Church. Do it out of heart, not just to present to others of the Holier than thou attitude. Then we went to Sunday School class. Talk about a classroom that is more 80 % of near 80 year olds. It looked like death warmed over. Can I have a Sunday School class just once that has the reverse? How about a classroom, full of 45 to 65 year olds, with a lot more eye candy, mixed in for good measure? That’s all I want. A Sunday School class that invites participation, rather than when you raise your hand you get ignored. Results? Me not going to Church as often. I can worship and read scripture at home. One would think that President Nelson is supposed to be a visionary. I have an idea, President Nelson needs to stay at home not be prancing around the World. If he wants to travel, why not visit some Wards like Burley Idaho’s 5th Ward? Guess this relates. I have usually been accustomed to the finer, things in life. I drive a cool car, when we refired HazzardAyre Radio in Utah, we did it in a small office located where they ran I4 Solutions, a web site server company in Woods Cross, Utah. I had a taste of 1 gig Internet. Then when I moved to Evanston, got with the Unita View Ward there. Mark our Bishop, had a firm, but compassionate way around him, He made you feel Welcome, of course Dave, his Father in Law and others like Hutch, even though I stubbed my toe once there, still I was forgiven. Sunday School Class was better, and I felt like speaking. Priesthood, was more brotherly, not because they had to , but because they wanted to. Other Church Wards could learn a lot from the Uinta View Ward. All I know I constantly looked at the clock today, and as soon as class ended , I was outta there as fast as General JaXson>waiting General< could go. No wonder people are leaving the Church. 

just pappySo Came home and watched another Sunday of SVU, since the race at Daytona was red flagged due to rain. Which is not anything new, its been getting piddly here as well. There went summer.

Sparklight advertising has a new pitch girl on that has a great presentation, so going to look into that. Thing is, now that we have a path to recovery of HazzardAyre/KTOWFM, still this time I want to do it right. I looked over our ratings numbers this morning just before going to Church. We hit a 1.5 , barely being heard. What we need to do is get a more aggressive push of awareness. This would be a bit easier if we were OTA, but because we are digital radio, (Interweb Webcasting) if people don’t know where to tune in or how to tune in, they can’t tune in. So cable TV ads are the platform. Now September 3rd is the premier of the second season of the Mayans. Which is SOA with a slightly different spice. If timed right we can target the audiences we need to increase our awareness. To capture that attention requires a hot looking gal pitching our message. Look its July, that gives us just over a month. 


Midnight at the Oasis at 03:00 soothes tummy disorders.

With a still upset tummy after some badly cooked Chicken Fried Steak at Denny’s here, I was in a steady REM sleep, when hey Herman awoke. Really? This hasn’t happened in a Coons age, and is not usually on the menu of my slumber. Yet there it was. Calling into memory the song Midnight At the Oasis  came into my head and a bit of mayo, and my how that made me feel much better. In the matter of food at resturaunts, it seems that no matter where you go any more there is no GOOD place to eat. At least in my area. There are really no experienced Chefs, just greasy spoon cooks. Why? One of the big courses taught at our area community college, CSI(College-of-Southern-Idaho) is culinary arts. Yet we can’t seem to churn out any good Chefs. Of course it is true my belly has had so much of a turnover as of late that its picky. Which brings me to one , maybe two places in the state of Idaho where quality food can be found. BJ’s Byou in Roberts Idaho, and the Sports Bar in Heyburn. The rest are just overinflated greaseburger joints. Yes the concept of three are still on the boards, Cooter’s Bar & Grill, American Falls Idaho, GearHeads of Twin Falls, and yes the Reaper, in Evanston Wyoming. That said, the ions of lust that happen during heated excursions into the romantic realm , does do a lot of healing if you either have a headache,(forget her excuse) and any other malady. Needless to say I feel better this morning.

There’s a major NASCAR race going off at 18:30 hours today, in Daytona Florida. So will be somewhat offline at that point. As far as TV goes for the 4th , can’t these networks get it together the rest of the time rather than just Sweep weeks? Take TNT, They were to do a Star Wars marathon. Thing is they went to version 4 and not much after that but to repeat it. Why? Did the fact that Disney bought up the franchise and clip the wings of other syndicators?  Seems as though USA has its challenges too. Why is it that the feel they need to rerun only certain eps, of Chicago PD? Hell they’re owned by NBC that has rights to CPD so why not bring out the rest of the newer episodes? And then they wonder why more people are cutting the cord and watching more AOD TV, rather than cable or OTA TV. I sent a quick snyde remark to KMVT, yesterday. They had this group photo of the news crew at the Sagebrush boo-hah, in Buhl. I fired back simple(and its true) KMVT News hasn’t had any serious female eye candy since Michelle Darcy, left that operation, pretty much because of the claim (and I believe her) of The elderest male anchor there of some sexually related activity. 

More this evening, 

Not everybody gets a day off.

dIXIE nATION nEWS sHORThjr hedder 4

Wednesday, did something stupid. Went to our local Denny’s and while the grub went down okay, It stayed mid section, and has been causing me pain since. I don’t blame the servers, but the cooks on staff that night , lets say they leave lots to desire. So resting until mid day Thursday, the kachunk, of fireworks started. Now this I have to say. If people in your neighborhood, are combat Veterans, do not explode fireworks near their homes. The memories of times in a foxhole in the middle of a combat zone are not gone. Those bang,bang, booms, bring back thoughts that are not so long forgotten, might just get you shot. Be kind to our Veterans. On the subject of Independence Day, this nation will not be fully Independent and well assembled until both flags fly together. 

Dixie Nation News , Just Pappy.


As I lay me down to sleep, I find my insides are screaming, after a river recovery, I dropped by Denny’s. Of course Alex Alexwas there, so I scarfed down the chicken fried steak, listened to some old bats say how bad theirs was, then watched a very not in tune family, next to me and since the place was busy, didn’t get to chat too much, but she’s still on our crew so groovy. So earlier to day the day goes that once I had posted things of a southern nature, the grand gurus of the filtering censorship hardly dry behind the ears college youth at Facebook, had pulled nearly pulled all if not all of my pics, and much of anything confederate. Now its no big discovery, to know that the Knytes, myself and Facebook are not mutual friends. Hasn’t been since I once stood up to them just before PoohBear came to be with me. Since that time and since we posted talent recruitment ads, I couldn’t boost or buy advertising on Facebook if my life depended on it. Something that Facebook says they can’t find my address. Really? Hey Facebook punks, get out from behind your cubicles in California , fly to Burley Idaho and frigging look.  Same thing goes for Googles gurus. I have always said both social networks need to regionalize their sites. Yahoo, did that a few years ago , like wise Micro-Crap did that. That way if you saw something for sale, it was in YOUR neighborhood , not clear across the Union. Of course the way these social sites have things so restricted, you can’t get access to YOUR accounts, until you answer 20 questions. Much of which others know any whoo. Here’s a thought, why not ask what hour of the day(or night) you were born? There’s not too many people who other than you, the attending doctor, Hospital and your parents would know. Naw the algorythmic programmers have never conceived of that one. 

Well time to once again to go see Alex Alex

TA TA 4 Now.

Dixie Nation News PT 1


So I’m out getting business done and tune into Zeb Bell’s radio show. When he started barking about the thing with Nike and our American flag, had I not been driving I would have pulled over and gave him a call. Did Zeb, or anyone else think that when all these zealots who support the BLM Movement and all started tearing down Confederate monuments, plus desecraiting our Southern flag images2that these sumbytches were going to leave the American flag alone? Both Union and the confederacy had slaves, something I’m not proud of from my ancestry, however and it’s been proven that Lincoln and the Union, had 5 times the slaves that the Confederacy, plus many Blacks fought right with and belonged to the Confederate militaries. Not just Union soldiers and even then they had hardly any of their servants in their Armies. But it brings me back to a time, in about 2011/12 when the Knytes were in talks to buy KBAR AM which never happened to to protests from some staff members(another story for another time, like I have always said, keep your friends close, but keep your frenimies even closer.) when Zeb, had on his show some guy from Heyburn, Idaho, that was going around to the local schools preaching about the war of Northern Invasion, from the Union’s point of view. I called Zeb and said why is it this guy could go preach to the schools, and us in the Confederacy could not go and teach the truth? I got 2 seconds and shut off. I wanted equal time on the matter but, Kim Lee, wouldn’t let me. Yet here you have some sorta black athlete, who conned a major corporation like Nike, to pull an American flag of Betsy Ross on their sneakers. Something to do with it being offensive. Horsestuff in its liquid form. Every soldier, every life of the south that died in that war, was and is American soldiers and American patriots, their monuments, our southern monuments, and statues down is defacing our American militia. Not just Southeners. 

66235447_2527804237249854_7257344297479962624_nThat’s what I have say about it all. Okay Then: Yesterday I took off a full day a whole day, no chasing toews, (mis-spelled on purpose) I took my meds and went to sleep. And I slept. A full day, no fetching rent money from PoohBear, no nothing. I slept. By the time I woke up, it was 21:00 and so I waited until I thought I’d wait to go breakfast until Alex was working at our local Denny’s, here in Burley, but it was her day off, so I ate. And did not even have that second cup of java. Which brings me to by final(closing) here. The only plus that Evanston Wyoming has, over both Burley and even Twin Falls, is that Evanston has a Walmart open 24/7/365, which means if you need a gallon of milk at 03:00 forget it unless you want to pay the high prices of the local stop and rob, Mavericks and Shell Stores. Stay Tuned.


My Turn; KnyteCyde

My Turn Knyte Cyde

The things I like that you may not. Here I am watching Big Brother overnight on PoP TV, but more fascinated by the tiny moth that has made his home in my home. I think tiny moths are cute. Just like I get groovin, by a tiny skunk. Heck I even like skunk smells, just like I am drawn to the smells of a livestock pen. That Sorgum feed with the molassis, drifts my mind to a more peaceful simple life. Of course I also like the smells of trucks with diesel, those fumes just lifts my spirits. Of course my neighbors hate the freight trains rolling through just next to where I live, and I am starting to live again, but those horns while annoying to some is music to my ears. The thrill of that deep rumble on the tracks. Of course too , I get criticized for living where I do. Hey its not bad. I pay $500.00 a month rent thats it. I don’t have a power bill, heat bill, cable/Internet bill, trash bill or water bill. While it would be nice to have a bit more storage, and a stove, I’m okay. I cook most foods in the microwave, I have a great refidgadeezer, A compfy bed. All I need from pooper, to contentment I have right here. So who needs more? I do not. Most of the religions I know who read the Bible, can attest that as it says to be humble, live simple and expand your minds to what God has created. While some might swat my buddy moth, or snuff out a spider or fly, I wont. Unless its really bothering me or being a pest. After all God created them as well, and they have a right to live too. Its like the old song says, I see through my sunglasses more than you’ll ever see through the windshield of your Acura. 


A maniac Monday and who are you? And why me?


It’s a Maniac Monday. Recovering from a very busy tow wise weekend. I mean it was wyld. Must have been from the factors of SSI and other checks rolling in, and people having money. So the go out and guzzle alcohol. Then think they can drive home. To which good ole Smokey is ready to lock em up as well as summon us to lock up their vehicles. 

Okay then: Being somewhat of a on air celebrity, and CEO of the last conglomerate of OTR Trucker radio, its not unusual for a lady to submit photos for us to hire them. After all, following the tradition of the original Overdrive. We also do a syndicated TV show called Dixie Diesel TV. Covering the world of long haul trucks, of which to enhance the center fold featured trucks we often look for talent. So this young gal , Named Lisa Cox contacts me through Twitter. >Lisa Coxlisa cox. However through conversation she throws that all to common con of being trapped in Africa, needing a plane Ticket, red flag. We did that once and got ripped for some $8K. The question I need to ask, is why us? And Why me? First I’m very much married to my PoohBear I PoohBearlove my PoohBear very much, so I’m not available for anything other than business. I am not ever going to mess around and/or have an affair. Beyond that, even if I wanted to I couldn’t extract someone from a foreign nation like Africa, hell I’m pretty much living on a very bottom feeding income. If it wasn’t for AyreWolf Aviation


I’d be starving to death and living under a cardboard box, and not in this comfortable apartment. So what makes me so attractive or inciting? What makes our media unit so attractive? It boggles the mind. 

Well gotta get this day started, we’ll be here this afternoon.

Good numbers to you, we’re 10-10 on the side.

The EndHazzardAyre Radio logo

I truly despise greedy people.

Well its the first of the month. People including myself got our military pension check, and SSI, benefits. As such many went out to consume boobs and booze. As for me, I was out retrieving all those who didn’t call a cab or a uber to get home safely. 

Now on KTOW FM. We had things rolling in the right direction by October last year. Yet the rent for the place that housed the studio, kept going up, and up, and up to where I couldn’t pay it, and the Knytes could not finance that much of an increase. As such by mid month November last year, we got evicted. Despite all my efforts to remain there, the greedy Mr. Cook , crook, kept stinging me for more money. With no option I moved things into a facility, that was billed and advertised as both a place to live and work. Question became how? Here it was middle of the winter, the place had no heat, and toilet was a trip outside to another spot to go potty. Mid January with stress over the space, I got a bleeding ulcer and a bunch of other things biological that I can’t spell them. So I was in the hospital. Conversations with the owners was brief and was just about paying rent. I had plans there to improve the place, but by early February I was locked out of the place. Stress level rose and back in the hospital I went with the aid of a ambulance. I had to pay $600.00 a month, and for the shop/studio $875.00 which was just over what by the combination of my funds and PoohBear’s it didn’t work. Bishop Nelson helped a few times, yet to date the equipment to mak our InterWeb Webcasts, are locked up. We need to get this situation repaired. Thing is up to this point even if I had the gear I would Have no places to put it or operate it from. So we roll/. With hope that come next week should have a studio, now just need to get Bishop Nelson acting as my attorney on this matter to rescue the equipment. In the meanwhile I keep you up to date here.

Both situations were caused by plain greed. Landlords seem to feel and assume, that just because our media op, is underwritten by a 1%er MC, (Motorcycle Club) that its a bottomless pit. There’s a limit. Look I understand everyone needs to sleep. Me paying them reasonable rents etc, allows them to pay their bills. However the rent should not keep going up just because a Landlord can. Its not legal. Essentially these people took away the tools for me to make a living. As well as supporting through duty the MC. Not to be having to go to Bishops, and any other public aid agency. Which I have been having to do. The only blessing I have now is I have a good but humble place to live, with Internet/cable and all other such expenses covered under $500.00 a month. Which with PoohBear’s contribution each month I can grow this radio op, called KTOWFM/HazzardAyre. 


The bottom line here is making a living is good, scalping people is not a way to do business. Greed ruins reputations, reduces return investments and is evil at its glory. God our Heavenly Father detests Greed. Its our Lord, or money, one cannot serve two masters.

Going where NO MAN has gone before and possible surgery in the very near future.

The day started out okay, a bit cooler, windy and blustery, but it was off to St. Luke’s where I was to undergo a colonoscopy. Colonoscopyessentially going where NO MAN has gone before.Starfleet_Logo more like a Nemesis nemesis_1024 so There I was from midnight last night into day, in the hospital, only getting a liquid diet, and wanting a steak, and near starvation. However this is not the end. Oh no. When I told the Doc, that I was having trouble pissing, he ordered a urinary exam, including my prostate. Which as it turns out has enlarged and cutting off the hose to my bladder. He ordered some meds for that, but told me that if it didn’t clear up by August, it was a surgery session. Oh goody I get to have that walnut sized gland yanked. So how was your day? I didn’t tell PoohBear about all this as she worries too much and would be prancing like a step horse in her tent. So I just shut up. 

a new ayrewolves blog header[2]

While I was being layed out like a just caught trout about to be bread coated, one of the crew tending to me and asked about the WolfPack. THEE WOLFPACK Logowas formed it was completely a calculated accident. The story goes that in the year 2001 I was once again residing in Jerome at a complex for us older folks. I had been put on Active Reserve status and was watching Black Sheep Squadron on TV. When overhead a group of F4-U Corsair’s flew over. After I tracked em down, got to talking with a curator at a air muzeeum, there and when I inquired about how much people paid to buy one of these restored military warbirds, well lets just say I knew I was in the wrong business. Fast forward to 2004, just shy of my formal discharge from the Corps, I was fetching some mirrors from a old truck of the year LexiBelle is, after doing so, sat on the flight line at Bountiful SkyPark, Utah. Watching the aircraft. Shortly after got in touch with cousin Gordon, he, my other cousin Bud, and I, came to the conclusion, that the place to invest the remains of the Montgomery Foundation money that was liquid, into something we called AyreWolf Aviation, Restoration and Repair. To amplify the business, some of the then Hazzard County Choppers Klub, who served in the Corps, along with myself, gathered, a call went out to Ben who was the CEO/ Excec President at the time of the Knytes, and there after the WolfPack aka

With that and the fact my butt is really sore, I bid you all a great Saturday